Thursday, January 13, 2005

Waiting in line at the grocery story

Waiting at the check-out line, I scanned the tabloids. The World Daily News or something like that had a startling revelation that our first parents were gay. Instead of Adam and Eve, they were Adam and Ed. THe cover had a picture of two skeletons embraced. Both had a fig leaf stragetically placed over the site where each one's private area use to be before the flesh returned to dust...

I didn't buy the paper, but I thought it must be great to have a job where you could write all kinds of crap and not have to worry about documentation. Mark Twain once mused that if Martin Luther and Joan of Arc were our first parents (he was fond of both), neither would have eaten of the fruit in the garden, but then, as Twain went on to say, they'd probably be no you or me.

After a day of record warmth with rain, the snow has returned.

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