Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pictures from the Wasatch Mts.

I’m at Snowbird, high in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. This is my first time up here in the summer. I've skied Alta, which is next door to Snowbird (Alta use to only allow skiers, which meant that the snow was much better to ski on). Anyway, the lectures and workshops ended yesterday morning allowing me a chance yesterday afternoon to take the gondola up to the top and hike around. I headed over to Mt. Baldy and followed the ridge above Alta, before dropping down the 3000 feet back to the hotel/conference center. It was a wonderful hike. From the top, you could see the billowing smoke from a distant fire to the east. Also, up high, as the snow is still melting, flowers are everywhere. Enjoy the shots.
Looking west, down Little Cottonwood Canyon, toward the south end of the Salt Lake valley.
On top of Mt. Baldy. If you look close to my left leg, you'll see a large fly chewing on me! He quickly met his maker.
A snow bank slowly melting under the summer sun.
Indian Paint Brush (the red flower).
I love pictures of trails, this one cutting across a meadow on the side of the mountain.


  1. What great pictures. The last one of the trail reminds me of when I was in scouts, and I used to hike in the Sierra Nevada's.

  2. The photos are magnificent, esp. the top and bottom. The top one made me have a sharp intake of breath, Sage!

  3. Gorgeous photos. And can I just say, Dang that fly is huge!

  4. Absolutely beautiful - what a lovely place to spend some time - thanks for sharing the photos

  5. My ears were popping just looking at the pictures. Also, I was happy to see that no one has yet mentioned this...that's kind of funny that you're visiting a place called Mt. Baldy. Also your shoestrings match your shirt. In the hiking world, are you Mr. GQ for that? ;-)

  6. Truly breathtaking photographs. Seriously people, click on them if you haven't.

    Thanks for sharing them Sage. And glad to hear your trip and hike are going well.

    You're in a very gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing the stunning view.

  7. Thanks! I always enjoy seeing the beauty America still holds! These are awesome, I think the trail pic is my favorite.

  8. Did the fly untie your bootlace before he met his maker?

  9. Dan, one day I need to dig out some of my pictures of the John Muir Trail and post them.

    Kenju, thanks!

    Mistress, it was a big horse fly

    Diane, thanks

    Murf, cute. You didn't mention my hat

    V & Deana, thanks, although there's beautiful everywhere, I love the roughness of mountains like these

    Ed, are by bootlaces uptied

  10. Your shirt is rather distracting so the hat was only in my peripheral vision.

    Uptied? Is that a real word?

  11. Okay Murf, it's untied, not uptied...

    I don't normally hike in silk Hawaiian shirts, but this shirt was already dirty. And having seen your wedding photo, and the shirt Big A was wearing, I think my shirt is rather conservative.

  12. The lace on your left boot looks that way. Murf could tell better than I can.

  13. I was too busy saying a prayer for the poor fly that is entangled in leg hair to notice the shoelaces past the color of them. :-)

  14. Um, no comment on the fly and shoelaces other than you might get less harrassment with velcro booties; although, they posses a certain unmanliness to them.

    Love the photos! I'm running a "sense of place" contest until 7/31 if you are interested. I know you are rather busy with pesky flies and northern books, so I won't hold my breath. ;)

  15. Ed, I don't think it was untied as it was double knotted

    Murf, praying for flies?

    Maggie, I saw that contest and do have an idea for a photo to take once I get back down to Southern Utah. As for my books I'm reading, I'm currently reading "Plain Heathen Mischief" along with a non-fiction work-type book.

  16. Are not all living things worthy of a prayer, Sage?