Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back home, again!

Okay, I've been gone a couple nights. I even left my laptop at home (only to find that the B&B had wireless...). Anyway, here are two shots. The lighthouse was taken yesterday. The river photo was taken today. Any ideas where?
By the way, just in case you're curious, I'll be gone another week in August.


  1. Let me guess where both pictures were taken:

    The lighthouse: South Haven?

    The river: The infamous Cedar Creek?

    I need to have your job. You barely work during the summer. :-)

  2. My guess is Cedar Creek as well. I think I need to change professions. Any room at the inn?

  3. Murf, wrong on both accounts... you're on the right lake for the Lighthouse, however.

    Ed, Cedar Creek is too small for a canoe--this is a designated wild and scenic river

  4. Sage - I'm sure you didn't drive far so it must be somewhere in the South Haven greater area. So was this a romantic getaway with the Mrs.?

  5. I don't know whrere they are, but I wouldn't mind being in either place!

  6. Murf--first of all South Haven isn't very far from me, so yes, it's at least 2x and probably 3x the distance, but I ain't going to run mapquest to find out.

    Kenju, they're both nice spots--wait till I show the photo of the eagle that I took on the river.

  7. Oh no...were you in the Republican-heavy area of northwest lower Michigan?!? I can't reflect on my trip to Traverse City without remembering the plethora of Bush and 'No Dogs Allowed' signs.

  8. I don't know where either picture was taken, but they are very inviting, particularly the creek.

  9. This looks like a lovely place. Do you come here often?

    The Goddess In You

  10. Do I get a second guess?

    Manistee River.

    If that isn't it, I have four more guesses. After that, you weren't in lower Michigan.

  11. As I can't even begin to guess, I will say that the pictures are good.

    And have fun (*winking*) during your break!

  12. How did I get posted as anonymous?

    That is me *winking*