Friday, July 27, 2007

A Photo Journey (and the answer to yesterday's quiz)

The answer to yesterday’s quiz: (Ludington, MI)

A day was spent on the beach, which include a walk to the Big Sable Lighthouse.
And since it was open and you could climb it, up I went.
This is the view from the top of the lighthouse, looking north toward the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area.
Another day was spent on the Pere Marquette River. This obstacle had to be portaged—it’s an electrical barrier that shocks fish to keep sea lamprey from spawning. These fish have come in through the Wellington Canal and have created problems for native species. The fishing wasn’t very good; this small brown trout was one of two fish I caught.
But the real treat was seeing three bald eagles including this one.
Coming home on a section of highway cleaned by the Michigan Paranormal Society, I couldn't help but wonder if they put a hex on litters...


  1. If there was fishing involved, you must've brought along your infamous hat and I guess those two things answers my question about whether it was a romantic getaway or not. :-)

  2. More great photos! did you toss that trout back in?

  3. Yes Murf, I was wearing my very practical and very famous hat!

    Diane, the trout went back in. If I could have had a half dozen like him... (he would have barely been legal)

  4. I love the stair shot. This looks like a fun getaway.

  5. NICE pics! I love the one of the stairs in the lighthouse!

  6. LMAO!! That is hilarious with the highway being cleaned by the Paranormal Society. *sings* If there's something strange, and it don't look good, who can you call? Litter Busters!!

    Okay, going back to my corner of the web now...Michele sent me to post lame jokes and enjoy the view from the lighthouse :-)

  7. You are having all the fun roaming around while we slog here in this heat!

  8. what wonderful pictures! thanks so much for sharing. Michele sent me today

  9. Great photos.

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed my little tale. :)

  10. Sage: Great photography! I have a figurine of that lighthouse in storage somewhere! How incredible it must have been to actually tour it!

  11. Love the Bald Eagle--totally shows how planes were based on birds

  12. Thanks for sharing the pic's. I would have never guessed an inland lakeshore in a million years, as I associate light houses with ocean coastlines. That's what happens when you live your life in Southern California and rarely travel.

  13. Lovely pictures --- I could not physically have taken the ones from the top of the lighthouse, since I get awful fear of heights... so thanks for letting me see what I am missing out on!

    Michele sent me this evening!

  14. Lovely series of photos! Great to see eagles!

  15. Dawn, Kenju, thanks!

    Stephanie, FUNNY!

    Gautami, I grew up in heat and humidity and sought to get out the first chance I got...

    jdaughter, A, thanks

    Michael, i've gotten into buying a christmas tree oranament from each house I visit, one day I'll have a tree of just lighthouses!

    Pia, you should have heard the sound of the eagle--the air moved by his wings--as he left a tree and flew over us

    Kontan, thanks

    Dan, I grew up in NC where people make a big deal about the seven coastal lighthouses--in Michigan there must be nearly a 100, but they're not as tall as the ones on the coast

    Breadbox, I love height

    Scarlet, funny thing, most everyone in Michigan wants to move to Florida or at least south or at least where there are jobs...

    Poet, thanks!

  16. Deana, thanks!

    Mistress, you should visit the NC coast then! (unfortunately, most of those lighthouses are now closed to climbing)

  17. Great pix and travel - enjoyable to see your journey.