Wednesday, July 18, 2007

3-Word Wednesday and Stuff

Here’s my Three-word Wednesday piece. It's been a while since I particiapted in Bone's writing exercise. This week’s words are “Cope, Revealed, and Stick.” I often try to use these words in some story I planned to tell anyway. I tried something new this week, creating a dialogue using the words and this is what I came up with.

The silence was awkward. Then Bill cried out from other the covers, “I just can’t cope any more.”

“What’s wrong bro? What’s your problem?”

“This face, it feels like someone hit me over the head with an ugly stick.”

“Man, it can be that bad, let me see.”

Bill pulled the covers back from his face enough that he revealed the scars left from the burns. “I shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel. The gig’s over. Now mom’s never going to see my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stones.”

“Get over it Bill, you weren’t ever going to see you face on that magazine anyway.”

My parents are visiting so I’m not sure when I’ll get around to completing the stories that I’ve been working on… But there’s plenty of time. If I don’t finish them now, I’ll finish them when I retire (in about 15 years). I’m taking Dad fishing tomorrow afternoon, hoping to either get into some Walleyes or to hook a big Great Northern Pike. It’ll also give us a chance to talk. It’s sad to think about, but Dad told me this might be their last visit due to my mother’s deteriorating condition. He has to watch her closer now, which makes traveling more difficult, especially when it’s just the two of them. It’s hard to watch; she hardly talks at all now and never initiates conversation.


  1. I love Dr. Hooks' song of a similar theme, don't you? It's on my iPod, and was just playing in my ear this morning...

    Fun piece. Glad you're back.

  2. I hope the visit with the folks goes well, and I hope the fist are biting!

  3. OT - Daniel Wallace will be in Oxford, MS tomorrow for a book signing. I hope I can make it...

  4. Gay, I thought about putting into the dialogue an intercom call for Dr. Hook...

    Diane, Thanks!

    Maggie, I hope you get to meet Wallace. I loved Big Fish (I wrote about it in one of my early blog post several years ago). I've not seen the movie; that should be a goal of mine.

  5. Enjoy their visit. Sounds like it will be precious.

  6. Good story, Sage. I hope you enjoy your parent's visit. I know it must be sad to watch your parent deteriorate like that. I'm sorry.

  7. I hope you are enjoying the visit. My grandma's going through something similar now, and it's very hard to know what's coming. =o(

    Hope you have a beautiful, meaningful time with them.

  8. Dialogues works well. I am still kind of not too good using dialogues.

    Have a long way to go, I think.

    Have a good time with your parents. Talk to your mom even if she doesn't talk back.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom, Sage. Glad you're going to get to spend some time with your Dad though. Treasure it.

  10. i'm taking care of my dad. he's almost ninety. i know it's hard to see your mom this way. best of luck.

  11. Yeah, have a great time with the folks. I'm sure it will a great time for your entire family. I time to cherish.

    And, I too hope the fish are biting. Or did bite.

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you and both your parents enjoy quality time together.

  13. Spending quality time with your parents is the best gift one can give oneself.

    You are blessed.