Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catching Up and a Poem

The trees are now putting on their fall display, just a brief flurry of color before the steely skies of winter… Life continues to be very busy and will remain that way for a few more weeks. I’m not getting around to reading blogs like I had been, but I’ll catch up or email me if there’s something you post something you want to make sure that I see. The good news is that the development (a term that is vague!) I’m working on is now over 75% funded. Hopefully, when things slow down, not only will there be a break, there will also be a celebration!

Yesterday, the war came home as a son of friends was shot in Afghanistan. He was hit in an artery to his arm and was in bad shape and they had to take a piece of a vein out of his leg to repair the artery. But they got him patched up and he’s now in Germany. Say a prayer for Carl as well as for everyone out in Southern California.

I’ll be heading south right after Thanksgiving… I edited this poem that I’d written a while ago—about the experience of being on the beach for a moonrise.

October 1985
A glow, at the horizon, betrays the hidden moon
just a day after the full harvest.
Soon, a sliver appears in the distance
and slowly ascends, a ghost rising at night.
With brilliance that drowns the stars
its rays shimming across the crest of waves
directly at me.

Buttoning my jacket, for the air has now turn cold,
I walk amongst the shifting dunes,
digging my toes deep into the cold sand.
The rustle of sea oats and the crashing surf
summons me from self-imposed silence.
Procuring the moment, I’m drawn across time
to those enchanted days of summer
when we were as one.

Now, on different coasts,
We’re separated by more than miles.


  1. Who is "we"? If it's a female, according to my timeline, that could be any number of them.

    (Just wanted to plug my timeline again.) :-)

  2. I feel like I am always playing catch up on blogs I like! That is why I never try to get too big...I can only keep up with so many! Glad to see you are busy...if you are happy with that. Nice picture, as you always have, and I liked your poem.

    BTW...thanks for letting me know from a person who really started with kids after 40!

  3. It is finally turning chilly here. I'm hoping to get a few fall pics before everything goes brown.

    Very nice poem

  4. As you may know, we've had a similar development to raise funding for. I thought it would be long and drawn out but it was over in about a month thanks to the generosity of the people it will effect. I feel for you.

  5. Very nice, Sage! And thanks for the visit.

  6. Can't wait to hear about the development! And thanks for sharing the poem... it's lovely!

    I'll be saying a prayer for Carl & his family!

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  8. 75% funded? Nice cliffhanger... now you have us all in suspense.

    Your poem is beautiful. It makes me wonder, did this happen in Florida?

  9. The trees are beautiful here in PA too. I'm glad I got out last weekend to take some pictures. They are over at my flickr page, if you're interested. Oh and the cookies are wonderful. Make them. You won't regret it.

  10. Beautiful poem! I just caught up last weeks write as well - been doing way too much at work, and so have you by the sound of it!
    The beach in the fall or winter is great - and the moon as ghost, beautiful.

  11. Sorry to hear about your friend's son. Hope that is able to recover 100%. I'll keep him and his family in my thoughts.

    It's turning cold here now. It's a nice 49 degrees out there. Perfect weather for a nice cup of hot chocolate and a movie with my beautiful wife. Of course, I'll love it when it gets colder. I love the winter!

    Very good poem too. I enjoyed reading it.

  12. Thanks for the reminder that our soldiers are still risking their lives, every day.

    Enjoyed the poem. I've never visited the beach in autumn. I'd like to someday.

  13. Sage the poet always amazes. Love that last line!!

  14. The good news is that the weather has changed for the better here in So Cal, and I'm sorry to hear about the soldier - hopefully he will make a quick and full recovery . . . just not so quick that he has to go back

  15. Murf, I think you shrugged her off once and didn't put her on the timeline--I'll have to go back and see what name I used for her :)

    Deana--blessings upon the two of you and your decisions

    Thanks Kontan

    Ed, this on is in an "intensive phase" for 6 weeks--but I've been working on it for 3 years--things are looking good

    Thanks Kenju

    Jaded, if you're interested in the "development", shoot me an email. Carl's in Germany and doing well and his parents are on their way over

    Scarlet--nah, that's the NC coast and she was on the CA coast--Florida wouldn't be that far apart!

    Mistress, the trees are not as nice as normal here, I'll post some pics in a few minutes

    truefaith1963, thanks and thanks for stopping by, interesting name

    Joe, 49 degrees is still shorts and flipflop weather for me!

    Bone, for a miser like me, the rates are cheaper in the fall (but in this case, I was camping on an uninhabited barrier island)

    THanks Paul, you're the poet!

    Diane, glad to here you're getting a break. He's been through 2 operations and probably has a year of rehab on his arm

  16. lol...down here we start breaking out the blankets and stuff at 55 degrees. We know heat here...but this cold stuff throws us for a loop!

  17. Beatiful photos. This is the best time of year to live in the upper Midwest I believe.

    My thoughts are with Carl and his family. Hope things work out there. It's scary business.