Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Post is Probably Way Too Long!

Right now I have a few reviews cooking, but I’m too distracted to do any creative writing (I’m having to do a lot of writing for work which is cutting into my fun times on the computers). Since I’m too busy to be creative, I decided to do a little tour about blogland and make appropriate comments…

Jadedprimadonna (Angie/SC) has a trivial quiz contest going and invited me to play. When I went to sign up I was given the following options:

"Create an Account" or "I already exist"

I felt it was obvious that I already existed, but according to the quiz site, I didn’t. If I ponder this too long, I'm liable to end up an existentialist. On the good news, I got all but one question right. How am I to know what Boston Red Sock player let a ball slip through his leg in a playoff game back in the 80s. Why do I care? They could have asked who, in the bottom of the 9th, in the seventh game of the 1960s World Series, slapped a homer against the Yankees. I’d known that one! I'll give you a hint, it was at Forbes Field. I'm sure Mistress of the Dark knows the answer. By the way, I need to get me a mouse for these contests—it takes too long to take the test when you’re using a finger pointer on a laptop.

Ed has an interesting first hand look at what’s going on in Iowa. Right now, in addition to planting corn, potential presidential candidates are stepping on each other as they try to shake hands with potential voters. Ed showed us what kind of jerk candidates can be (this time it’s Rudy, but he’s not alone, I’m sure)

The Appalachianist (AI, Iraq/NC) is just about done with his tour of duty in Iraq. His recent post assures him that the Chamber of Commerce in Taji, Iraq won’t be asking him to write travel brochures for them. I’ve also scratched Taji off the list of places I need to visit before I die.

Murf is trying to come up with a book cover for my autobiography. She already decided that the backcover should be the picture I posted last Friday of a two-track road running along the Kalamazoo River. I’m looking for help writing the autobiography—I’ll offer a small percent of the royalties (I figure you got to be hot stuff to have someone else to write your autobiography)

Kevin (our recent birthday boy) just posted a review on a book about mining history. Why should we care, you may ask? Well, as one who devoted a number of years studying and writing about mining history, I care. Thanks Kevin. Diane (our recent birthday girl) is going to Hawaii in a few days. Anyone envious? I would be, except that Tim and I have been promised tickets to Tahiti (Murf, we’re still waiting, my passport expires in 2010). PS: I JUST REALIZED WHY MURF DELETED HER FORMER BLOG--SHE ERASED THE EVIDENCE OF HER PROMISE TO TIM AND ME.

Speaking of book reviews, Seawyf is back in the blogging business with a site devoted to books. Her first review is of a Umberto Eco novel of which I’m not familiar. Eco is known for his novel The Name of the Rose.

Continuing to speak of books, Maggie, another book review blogger and a librarian in Mississippi (hold the jokes about that being an easy job), has a summer reading challenge. It' s easy. Just read three books from southern authors and post reviews between June 1 and August 30. I’m up for the challenge and also encourage you (especially you Yankees, you know who you are) to join in the fun. My three books will be:

  1. Terry Kay, The Year the Lights Came On
    Ted Ownby, Subduing Satan, Religion, Recreation and Manhood in the Rural South, 1865-1920
    Ernest Gaines, A Gathering of Old Man

I am also planning on reading the next book of Taylor Branch’s “America in the King Years” trilogy, A Pillar of Fire, 1963-1965. Click here for my review of the first book in the trilogy, The Parting of the Waters

Now I'm getting tired and can't get around to everyone, so be sure to check out the rest of the folks in my bloglist!


  1. The job's so easy I have 2 titles, Reference and Public Service Librarian! ;D

    Thanks for joining and throwing some non-fiction in there. I'll be watching and reading you, so, behave.

  2. Yes I know the answer...but no I'm not telling :)

  3. You look way too comfortable in the hammock!!

  4. Also, I think I'm going to try that Southern author challenge. That means anyone that comes from south of Toledo, Ohio, correct?

  5. Trailady: Thanks

    Maggie: I am looking forward to all the reviews--this is a good idea.

    Murf: My mind was smoking so that it had burne the hair off my head--this is one of the few pictures of me you'll find where I don't have a hat on!

    Mistress: (I get nervous addressing you this way). When living in Pgh back in the 80s, every year on the anniversary of the Bill Mazeroski's homer, the event was replayed.

    Pat, the problem is that I'm in that hammock infrequently!

    Murf, No it does, unless you can show that Maumee fought with the South in the war of yankee agression.

  6. I've been Googling a bit, trying to find Southern authors and Mark Twain's name keeps popping up. He's from Missouri. How is that 'the south'?

  7. Murf, Twain wrote an account about a 3 month stint in the Southern Army (there is some question about historical accuracy of this, but it's a funny story). Missouri was a border state, but his family was from Tennessee. And he can spin a yarn like a Southerner.

    Go to Maggie's website, she has lots of reviews of Southern authors. Some of my favorite are Willie Morris, Clyde Edgerton, Ferrol Sams and to throw in some women: Flannery O'Conner, Doris Betts, and Elizabeth Dewberry.

  8. who needs Maui when you have that delightful hammock???

  9. Studying for comps has me suddenly realizing I'll be making student loan payments soon... Do you think if I pretend not to exist I can get out of it somehow?

    And yes - I'm jealous! Hawaii! Have fun, Diane!!!

    Hope you're home soon, Appalachainist!

  10. Diane, that hammock is beautiful, but unless the wind is blowing, you can't lay out there in the evening without becoming one big mosquito bite

    Jaded, good luck with the comps!

  11. sage - I just checked out Maggie's blog and love it! I'm going to try to pick out some Southern books to read - any suggestions?

  12. Diane, glad you're joining us. I'm not sure how many of the classics you've read. Have you read any Flannery O'Conner? Two that I may post about sometime--would be Robert Raurk, "The Old Man and the Boy" and Guy Owen, "The Ballard of the Flim-Flam Man" Both are funny, good storytelling, and with moral lessons.

  13. Oh, come on, you didn't know Bill Buckner? That was a great series. I actually really liked that Mets team. Carter, Hernandez, Strawberry, Dykstra, Wilson, Gooden, Darling, Orosco, McDowell, etc.

    I like the two-track road picture, as well. Plenty of those around here. Been stuck on a couple.

  14. Sage - those sound like good suggestions - thanks! From Maggie's site, I also found one with a Mystery Reading list for this summer - how fun! I used to love this kind of stuff over summer vacation as a kid

  15. You look so comfy. Summer vacations for me, I am on a reading spree. Too long a list already.

    I will chk out anyway..