Saturday, May 19, 2007

Heading Out

Click on the photograph to enlarge I took off for a couple hours of fishing yesterday afternoon. Here I am heading out to the Thronapple River. Lying up next to the gunnels on the far side I have a small (6.5 ft) flyrod and a lightweight spinning rod and reel. I spent most of the time fishing around the confluence of Cedar Creek and the Thornapple, hoping to catch some trout, but no such luck. Cedar creek is a nice but small trout stream. I did catch five smallmouth bass, but only one was large enough to keep. Trisket is sitting up here, but mostly he lies down while I’m paddling or fishing. Occasionally he will rock the boat as he snaps at a mosquito.


  1. Who took the pic?

    That is one gorgeous area!

  2. Living in Delhi, I can't even imagine fishing. Maybe time to move from here..:D

  3. I am hard pressed to come up with a better way to spend an afternoon . . .

  4. I've got to get me one of them hats. :)

  5. You have your own personal photographer? :)

    What a gorgeous place.

  6. Way to fish for fish! Now, how about fishing for you know....people!

    The Traveling One

  7. Great photo! The river seems like a wonderful place of peace and tranquility.

    And Trisket as co-pilot, what could be better.

  8. Hey...look at you...wearing something that's not blue. :-)

  9. It's been so long since I've gone fishing. That picture motivates me to do something about that.

  10. looks relaxing. i had another weekend wrecked by no money and high gas prices. sigh.

  11. Thanks Kenju, It was taken at the launching point by my wife who was shuttling my truck to the takeout point. We hadn't really started the trip and were only 20 feet or so from shore. I wanted a picture of the dog in the canoe but don't like taking an expensive camera along with him in the boat

    Gautami, I've heard there there's good surf fishing along the south coast of India--I don't know about India's rivers, I'm sure a lot are polluted, but how about the head waters up north? The foothills of the Himalayas seem promising.

    Diane, napping in the hammock might be a close second

    Kevin, You beat Murf to the first comment on the infamous hat for the season!

    Bone, when you have your own paparazzi...

    Keda, thanks

    Mark, what kind of tackle do you recommend? I'm sure I need a heavier line

    V, You know, Trisket is giving the perfect imitation of George Washington crossing the Delaware (partly because the mutt won't look at the camera)

    Murf, I don’t always wear blue.

    Dan, go for it. I’d love to be out in the Sierras again hiking, this time with a fly rod

    Mistress, it is relaxing and the only gas was for my truck (which drinks gas at the rate of about 17 mpg around town), but this was only about 8 miles from where I live

  12. That was slightly more relaxing than my weekend. Who am I kidding? That was a lot more relaxing!

    As for tackle used to fish for people, I think you need a lot of love.

  13. The picture looks like an impressionist painting. It's beautiful

  14. Where's the beer?? How do you fish without beer??

  15. Sage I love that picture of you and Trisket. You guys look awesome and the colors are so nice. I don't know if mine would be still enough for that yet. I guess I will find out soon enough when I put a little boat on my pond.

    If you are ever in our area you need to come by and fish with us!