Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Photo of sled dogs. I've still not finished any of the stories I'm working on, so I'll tell a bit about what's going on right now..

An hour after dark I noticed that Orion and his faithful dog are dropping lower in the western sky. Winter is coming to an end. The snow is melting. Where there is no shade, the bare ground is reappearing as mud. Where the snow is piled deep, it’s dirty. Spring is just around the corner. This morning, I was out just before dawn (thanks to daylight saving time moving us back an hour) and heard birds singing.

A friend of mine has taken up fly-trying (he’s the guy I paddled and fished the Pere Marquette with last spring—the trip on which I lost a rod). L’s found a pattern for a Caddis supposedly used by Hemingway. He sent me a half dozen of them. It won’t be long before the ice will give way to open water and trout will be back in season.

What could be more fun on a Saturday afternoon than to be a servant at an American Girl Spa Party? Yes, that was me, in a house full of young ladies and a few older ones, along with a dozen over-priced dolls. I did things like haul water pails for soaking feet and handed out towels while third grade girls lounged around with a mixture of oatmeal and yogurt on their faces and cucumber slices over their eyes. My daughter is getting too old, I’m already missing Barney. But the party was great fun; that is until later in the evening when I found oatmeal and a hint of yogurt on the sliced cucumbers in my salad. I’m not that big into recycling. A year or so ago, my sidekick Nevada Jack railed against America Girl. Personally, I just wish I had their marketing savvy, but I’ll have to say that their birthday kit made it easy to arrange the party.


  1. Face it Sage, if you were to show us a picture of your face, you would have less wrinkles and bags around your eyes about right now!

  2. That is too cute about the cucumbers and yogart!

    As always I love your stories and your pictures.....those sled dogs are such spectacular creatures. (and they always remind me of the movie 8 below and I get teary eyed)

  3. Good point, Ed. I'd wager Sage is back to looking 49 again. :-)

    Did the invitees bring their dolls or use all the ones your daughter has courtesy of her maternal grandparents?

  4. Your daughter had an American girl party?

    I was supposed to take my niece for tea at The American Girl restaurant but by the time we got the reservations she had outgrown her doll :)

  5. Would you do that if I have a spa party? LOL I read your American Girl rant (or Nevada Jack's). I missed that before. But I have written about them too, last August when I went to NYC with my granddaughter and visited that store for the first (and I hope last) time.

  6. Thanks Karen

    Ed, I did not put any yogurt/oatmeal on my face, it makes a mess in the beard

    Deana, you're right, those are neat dogs

    Murf, 29! They brought their own dolls--a couple borrowed one, but most girls had their own and she doesn't have 10 AG dolls, yet.

    Pia, she outgrew her doll, count your blessings, my daughter has been to a "tea" at their Chicago store

    Kenju, Visiting AG stores can be real expensive for a Grandma!

  7. I'm already missing Barney.

    Wow. I never would have thought that possible.

  8. Ain't you a good daddy!! Yeah recycled eye patches and face rubs for salad toooooo much!!!

  9. Bone, I hate to admit it, but Barney wasn't that bad--especially not compared to Lizzy McGuire. And his stuff was a lot cheaper than A.G.

    Pat, You probably know this, I actually made that up about the salad--but I did eat the cukes that were not used as eye patches.

  10. Is a fib acceptable if it was used as an attempt at being humorous? ;-)

  11. Murf, it's too early in the day (the week, the month, the year) to deal with the fine points of fibbing...