Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thunderstorms, Banana Pudding, & Stuff

“The night has been unruly.” Last night and this the wee hours of morning were like living a production of McBeth. Waves of thunderstorms rolled across the land, driving my dog nuts. Even with tranquilizers, I found myself clearing up dribble this morning. It was pouring rain and 64 degrees at 6 A.M. Needless to say, the snow is gone. Spring is coming. A few daffodils and crocuses are poking their heads out of the ground. I’m sure the dandelions can’t be far behind, to be followed by lightning bugs and mosquitoes.

It’s been a hectic week and this is my first free night at home. If it was cooler, I’d build a fire and sip scotch while reading a bit by the hearth. But since we’re in this heat wave, I decided to make of my favorite comfort foods, banana pudding. I use the recipe right off Nabisco’s Nilla Wafers box, except that I add more bananas and increase the vanilla.

I’m working on a couple of stories and a review. Hopefully I’ll get one of the stories posted tomorrow. But first, I’m going to fix a bowl of pudding. Let me sign off with a benediction from the Youngbloods:

Come on people now,
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try and love one another right now


  1. banana pudding and thunderstorms, now that would make for a romantic novel. :+)

    annnnnnd, I Got Firsties!!

  2. An excellent benediction, Sage. Enjoy your pudding.

  3. We've had pretty violent thunderstorms for the fourth night in a row down here. I'm getting tired of waking up at dark thirty in the morning wondering why I woke up until the next bolt of lightening strikes.

    March came in with about 18" of snow around here so I'm guessing that it needs to get its act together if it is going out like a lamb.

  4. You even browned the meringue. Impressive. Did you do it with your blowtorch or with the broiler? ;-)

  5. Karen, are you going to write that novel?

    Kenju, the pudding is good.

    Ed, I use to sleep through thunderstorms, then I got a dog... I'm awake long before you can hear it--then I take him down to his kennel that's in a pantry room without windows, lock him in and hopefully back to sleep in time for the storm to get intense. If it's a good storm, I'll look out the window and watch the lightning.

    Murf, the meringue wasn't as "fluffy" as I'd like--it appears that he eggs weren't as fresh as I'd like when I separated the yokes from the whites. I browned it in the oven on bake.

  6. Storms exhilarate me! I see them as nature's way of orgasmic release. I wrote a poetry about that not too long ago.

  7. Oh no, a writer I'm not, but you would be excellent at it! {grin}

  8. I, too, have a favorite banana pudding recipe that does include Nilla Wafers . . . I may need to make some of that up soon