Thursday, June 29, 2006

Radical Ramblings

The political rantings of Nevada Jack (whose picture Blogger can't seem to post).

After not hibernating for most of the winter, I’ve been napping a lot lately and haven’t gotten a chance to do any interviews. I gotta wake up or I’m going to lose my sarcastic edge. Furthermore, I now have a competitor for the sarcastic take on the news. Desert Rat has started reporting over on Ed Abbey’s blog. On June 28, DR filed his recent interview of old Georgie Boy himself. It’s a hoot. Check it out.

A year ago I broke the story about the political consequences of Viagra. This past week, the beer guzzling and trash talking Rush Limbaugh was caught by custom agents in Florida with a bottle of the drug prescribed to someone other than himself. It’s been widely reported that his doctor, who prescribed the drug for himself, gave Rush the pills as a way to avoid embarrassment. According to my sources, that’s not quite true. Rush stole the bottle from his doctor’s office after the Doc refused to give him the drug saying that the chances anyone as ugly or obnoxious as Rush needing the drug was pretty slim. The doctor was also trying to protect the human gene pool, just in case Rush got lucky. Although unconfirmed, it’s rumored that Limbaugh was returning from a speaking engagement at the International Conference of Deaf and Blind Women (ICDBW).

I’ve also been a bit troubled about the way Bush and Cheney have been treating the New York Times. They're about as nice to the Times as I've been to Rush and company. As Arianna Huffington pointed out, after publishing all the Administration’s lies leading up to the Iraqi War, someone over at the Times finally realized that their loyalty (and I might responsibility) is with their readers and not the President. After trying his best to dominate the courts and legislature in order to insure that he has a pad of blank checks (instead of checks and balances), Bush and Cheney are upset with the news media. Spiro Agnew (remember him, he was Nixon’s Vice President who resigned in disgrace) was the first guy I remember blaming his problems on a liberal media conspiracy. Anytime a conservative politician has something to hid, it’s always the fault of the “liberal media.” Isn’t it a conservative value to take responsibility for the consequences of one’s own actions? But then, isn’t it also a conservative value to live within your means? How can Bush call himself a conservative?

On another political topic, my fellow Michigander (is that how you spell it? I ain't from here, ya’ll know) blogger Karen, recently blasted Congress trying to give themselves a pay raise while refusing to raise the minimum wage rate. Come on Karen, don’t you know that with Abramoff’s demise, those working up on the Hill are having to live frugally and cut expenses? A few weeks ago, Karen shared her wise husband’s observation of that macho man in the White House. “If Bush had served in Vietnam, we’d won the war.” Ah, if only history could be so different.

Well, ‘nuf said. I have to let Sage get back to the computer so he can work on a letter of recommendation for Murf who’s applying for Grad School. Good luck Murf, you’ll now need all the luck you can get!


  1. thx for the *kudos*, sage!

    so many ramblings, so little time {grin}

  2. Ah, Sage, you ol' blowhard, you don't scare me. You might know people in high places that may be able to exercise some pull and get me in. If you really liked me, you would also try to arrange it so that I would get A's without even trying.

  3. I visited Karen's blog and was blown away by her resume of George Bush. When you add it all up and put it into one place, it makes me believe we all should have our heads examined to see why he is still in office.

    Did you get the comment I left down below about posting pictures? You need to add the picture first before adding any other text and it works more consistently than adding the picture last.

  4. Glad to see people realising what a idiot Bush is. Europe has known that for a long time, or perhaps I should say the people of europe as politicians like Blair still fawn to him on a regular basis.
    Here from Michele's today.

  5. You're welcome Karen!

    Murf, I'm hoping for a creative streak sometime this weekend. And no, I do not have the pull to get you "A's."

    Ed, Karen is the anti-thesis to another lady we use to know. When you open up her blog, you have no questions about where she stands, at least politically.

    I did try your trick, re-pictures. And it worked (but I was in a coffee shop and their internet went down and I lost my post). But when I tried to post it again, blogger wouldn't let me post the picture even before I added the text.

    Thanks for stopping by. Just to let you know, over here we we use a "z" in spelling realizing. (lol)

  6. Rush, what a rush. Unbelievable he hasn't learned he touches perscription drugs, he becomes addicted (especially gross given), he gets caught, and he propells a further addiction: getting caught.

    NPR rallied somewhat, fair and unbiased as they can come across, for/against the Times last night. I forget all the names, who were on board to state the reasons they're for or against what's happened. And I somehow missed the whole shebang ordering the Times for Sundays (strictly). But I feel informed, and as a person who has no idea how one moves, for example, through the forest of capturing somebody's elses 'numbers' to steal that somebody's identity (takes work and a particular mindset I have no grasp of), that's the most I can ever be: informed.

    By the way, Bea Bea cannot be kenneled. She commits the big S. Happened before to the tune of $1200k. But we found the Bea Bea sitter. And I hope he's cute.


  7. Sage - When I see you Monday at the air show, you better be with a pad of paper and a writing impliment.

  8. I think Congress (including those of the conservative bent) are finally figuring out that Dubya and Cheney think they are above the law. This will not be the legacy he thinks he has built. He will not go down as one of our "best and brightest." Heh.

  9. I, too, am very troubled about the NY Times issue. (and, I'm Canadian, so you can see how far this problem is reaching and concerning people).

    I hope that Bush can get it together, because he's currently sounding a bit (a lot?) like he's suffering dymentia.

    Happy Friday! Michele sent me!

  10. Ginab, you have a grand time in Spain!

    Murf, don't know if I'll make it, but if I do, you can bet I'll have something to write with (and a book to read). I don't leave home without a book and something to write with. Currently reading Parting the Waters on the early ML King years. (I don't think I'll have to worry about finishing it before the airshow is over as I just started it this evening and it's 900 pages).

    Dawn, I think you're right about congress becoming wiser and more critical of him. After all, we don't live in a monarchy. Even the Supreme Count has given him a bit of a fit.

    Greetings Netchick!