Friday, June 09, 2006

Some old pictures

I admit that I’m not as technologically sophisticated as some of you. I don’t yet own a digital camera (when you have a lot invested in old 35s and 2 ¼’s, it’s hard to think about buying new ones. So instead, I now generally use an old point-and-shoot 35 mm, leaving all the extra gear at home and either scanning the pictures in or having a CD made when I have them developed. Last January (you can look back at my blog postings), I spent a week as a relief worker in New Orleans. I lost one roll of pictures which were mostly of the 9th Ward. I recently found the roll and got it developed and here are a few more shots to remind us just how much some people suffered. I would say, enjoy. But not now! Instead, realize that there are a lot of folks still hurting.

I've added another picture from the roll, of my daughter on a hike in early January. This time of the year I look with longing eyes at the snow.


  1. still amazed by the the bottom pic!

    btw, I finally figured out wordpress and have settled in! Didn't break it either! :)

  2. Thanks for posting the New Orleans photos. Even though it has been several months it is good to remember just how severe the damage was (and in many cases still is).

    And thanks for volunteering.

    And the last picture of your daughter on a hike is simply magical. Must be wonderful to have a winter wonderland in your own back yard.

  3. Sobering, sage. Thanks for sharing these.

    I own several film SLRs and a few digitals...but I'm a camera junkie. :-)

  4. Kontan, I'll have to check out your new wordpress site.

    V, this hike was along the North Country Trail which is about 5 miles from my house. When completed, the trail will go from New York state to North Dakota.

    Dawn, I use to be a camera junkie and now wonder why I have so many. I need to get a good digital SLR and get rid of the rest.

  5. I do remember you posting New Orleans photos. It really is unfathomable. And of course, hurricane season has begun again.

    Love that botoom photo!

    Here via michele...

  6. Thanks for volunteering, several people from my temple went to help as well, their stories are hard to hear. Here from Michele's.

  7. Those pictures are sobering. It makes me realize how little I am compared to the forces of nature.

  8. Two or three of the photos didn't load for me, but I think it's because of my connection, so I didn't get to see your daughter.
    I have two twin lens 21/4 and they are my favs.
    Sighs of happiness just thinking about them...

  9. i just realized--i posted the same picture twice, sorry folks.

  10. Michele sent me, Sage.

    The picture of your daughter is quite nice, Sage. The sense of isolation and cold gives it a very interesting quality.

    I have mixed emotions about New Orleans. Great city but with it being below sea level, on the coast, in an area with frequent nasty storms and regular hurricane exposure--how long will it be before another occurance like last year happens again? It'd be great if it's decades or more but that's not something we can count on. Well, now that hurricane season is upon us and repairs are only partially done, we can only keep our fingers crossed.

  11. Michele sent me to say "Konnichi wa".
    Mother Nature is extremely powerful, thank you for posting these.

  12. thank you for posting them sage. yes. sobering.

    the last picture, of your daughter is so lovely. the way children often have one leg sort of off to the side always makes me smile. really beautiful, and peaceful

  13. Sobering photos and to appear as a missing film is like a little time capsule. I hope things have moved forward for some of the folks.

    And I hope some sense is being applied to the areas most affected by this type of disaster.

    Here via Michelle.


  14. Michele sent me, Sage.

    My thinking is along the lines of Murf and Rashbre. It's great to find something that was thought to be lost, like your roll of film, and Winter isn't something to wish for! LOL

  15. It took me a long time to get used to going digital but I swear it is worth can take so many pictures you'd never thought of before because you waste no film. I love it.

  16. Thanks for the reminder.

    And I'm in agreement with others. Love the snow pic.