Monday, October 03, 2005

Carolina on my mind

Flying out of here in the morning for the Old North State (North Carolina). I'll try to post once in a while. Hopefully I'll get to fish for Blues on Cape Lookout (see lighthouse), see the family, eat plenty of pork barbeque and maybe even an oyster or two (if they're in season yet--it's been a bit warm). Anyway, enjoy yourselves where ever you are and I'll do the same...


  1. Bon voyage and don't eat too many oysters. *wink,wink* Or maybe I'm getting my seafood mixed up..which is suppose to be an aphrodisiac? I know for a fact that it ain't shrimp.

  2. I'm jealous...that sounds like a wonderful trip from the fishing to family and good food!

    Have a blast....and will check on as the days go by!

    Take care and have a safe trip!! (smiling) I understand the FUNNY now! (LOL)

    P.S. We love oysters!! Enjoy a few dozen instead of two!! (smiling)

  3. More (smiling)?! Come on...geez.

  4. I'm guessing this pic is in NC. Really nice setting. Looks soooooo relaxing. Enjoy!

  5. Ooooo - what a beautiful pic! One thing we do have here in the Carolinas is beautiful scenery. Hope you enjoy your visit!

  6. Welcome to our beautiful state! I hope you enjoy your visit.

  7. Have a great safe trip! :)


  8. I'm here;don't know how much fishing I'll get in as a tropical storm off Florida is churning its way up and there are small craft warnings. So I've done somethign I've never done before, I went to the gym with my mom (she worked out with the old folks in the pool as I worked out in the gym. I'm glad she is continuing to do this as some of you know she is ill and exercise helps.

    -Chana, It'll be great. Prayers still with you and your Dad.

    --Kenju, thanks to the welcome, but North Carolina is my state too--I'm a native Tarheel, having spent 20 years in exile.

    Jaded--Yes, the Carolinas are beautiful, but one is superior to the other and my heart goes out for those of you who live in the "lesser of the Carolinas." You know I'm only partly kidding--right? I have an academic question for you too--about a novel written in the 30s about mountain folks in mill towns. I'll have to get the name of it to you.

    Helen, NC is beautiful, but having lived all over the US, I've always found beauty. We just have to open our eyes.

    Murf, maybe if Mr. Dole ate oysters, he'd not need any of his viagara.

    Suzi, keep smiling--never lose your lovely smile--in fact, all of you keep smiling. It'll make some body's day.

    Okay, who's the frowing annyomous turkey?

  9. Have a great time... we just got back from my first trip to NC and it was fun. Our daughter just moved to Chapel Hill. If you care to, check out my blog... we tried to get as much barbecue as we could and record our impressions... hope to make it to the outer banks someday.