Thursday, October 27, 2005

Apple Pie Recipe

Christa recently asked about my recipe. This is what I used for the pies--3 deep dish pies. I'm not very precise in my measurements. The recipe was adapted for one I got in a magazine a ten or twelve years ago. My pie pans are pottery, from Jugtown and Seagrove Potters in central North Carolina. This recipe is from memory.

When I fix the pumpkin soup--I'll try to remember to post that recipe too. Right now getting ready to head south for a week.

-6 cups of flour (I shift it)
-4 sticks of butter
-¼ cup of shortening
Mix together with hands till crumbly
Add a few tbs of water and lemon juice, blend with fork
Divide into 6 balls, roll out approximately 8 inch diameter, place on wax paper and seal in plastic, put in refrigerator for several hours or over night

Preparing for pies in advance: soak a cup of raisin or currants in brandy (preferred Apple Jack Brandy)

Pie filling
-peeled apples (those not used in pies were made into apples sauce)
-cup of raisins or currants
-brandy or Apple Jack
(I fill up a large wok, putting 3-4 tbs butter in bottom, heating wok and butter before putting apples in, cooking apples with lid on till tender, adding raisins or currants about after a few minutes. Take lid off and cook out juice (you might also need to add some cornstarch to absorb juice). Remove from heat; add sugar (1/2-1 cup depending on the sweetness of the apples) and a shot or two additional of brandy.

Roll out crust, placing it in the bottom of three deep dish pottery pie pans. (turn oven on 375 degrees). Fill with the apple mixture.

Mix 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of walnuts (chopped), 1 cup brown sugar and 1 stick butter. Place 1/3 of mixture on each of the apple fillings. Then roll out rest of dough and place a lattice topping over the pie.

Bake for 50-60 minutes. Take out and place pan on a cooling rack. Enjoy with a scoop of a good quality ice cream and a dark rich coffee.