Monday, October 17, 2005

Autumn Moon

Leaves are quite fidgety here. It’s time of the year. Trees have adopted their fall colors, although they aren’t nearly a vibrant as normal due to the lack of rain this summer. Each breeze brings a new crop of leaves to the ground where they swirl around, tumbling on top of each other, creating that pleasant rustling sound. Walking through leaves, I’m tempted to kick them and am overwhelmed by the dusty dry smell. Out in the fields on the edge of town, the combines work overtime, harvesting corn and soybeans. Last night, at dusk, I watched the huge autumn moon rise above the horizon of a tightly cropped bean field. The air was cool and dry. By morning, frost covered the ground.


  1. Ah yes..what a beautiful picture you set although I am tarnished. I just see eaves full of leaves and me having to climb a ladder to clean them out before it rains. To be young again (or at least not a home owner)...

  2. I love the leaves right now. I think this weekend will be the last chance to see them in all their glory before they fall. I'm planning to take a road trip in an attempt to see all I can.

  3. yeah Murf, kind of know what you mean, I cleaned out the gutters Saturday. I still love the beauty of a tree in techicolor; and besides, all those decomposing leaves make great compost!

  4. Again, still tarnished. I see a small pile of leaves and I know that there is probably dog doo-doo worked into it since he enjoys having something between him and the grass/dirt. I believe dog doo-doo does not make good compost material because they are meat eaters (unlike cows, hopefully), correct?

  5. Oh Wow, I could almost smell the air after the combines were thru for the day. Beautifully worded!

    I miss that autumn MOON.. w/all the surrounding that make it true to the season. Always wanted to go up the East coast this time of year.

    Yesterday was the first time we dropped about 5 other signs though of Fall. One of those drawbacks about living so far south....but come December it is SWEET!! No fuel bills here...for heating!

    P.S. Darn it, just miss ya this a.m.

  6. Autumn is such an incredible time of year. The sights, the smells. The air is so crips. I just love it.