Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

What have I done this weekend other than battle sinus pressure? Let’s see, Yesterday I fleeced my dog. Trisket doesn’t like cameras, which is why I had to snap a picture of him running under the table. He associates cameras with flashes, which remind him of lightning, of which he’s deathly afraid. I didn’t really fleece him, but he’s shedding now and if you don’t brush him every day, you’ll never be able to keep enough vacuum cleaner bags on hand.

Look at how much hair I got off him!Today, I did some editing, attended a prayer meeting, and washed my truck and dog. He sheds so bad in the fall, but washing helps him get rid of his old hair quicker soAs that he can grow out his new winter coat.

As for the prayer meeting… I went exploring at the Otis Nature Sanctuary. I’d heard of it, but have never been over there, so I went to check it out. You can tell summer is winding down. The polk berry bushes, whose tender shoots are harvested in spring for salad, are overgrown. There are fields of dying Queen Anne’s lace. I’ve never seen so many praying mantises in my life! The sanctuary is small, but there is a good variety of fields in prairie grass, hardwood forest and lowlands. I should have brought a boat as there was more to explore via water than there was on land. But it was a fun outing. Enjoy the photos.


  1. So, is the sanctuary for people or mantises?

  2. How was the prayer experience? I have stopped praying for a long time now.

    I have a love/hate relationship with God. Half the time I ignore him/her. The other half God does. We are comfortable with it.

  3. Kenju--it's a nature sanctuary.

    Gautami, I pray, but I wasn't speaking here of a real prayer meeting, it was just that the ground was covered with praying mantises--I'd never seen so many in my life--by saying I was at a prayer meeting, I was referring to them.

  4. Very nice.

    Our state Departments of Conservation and Natural Resources maintain these small pockets of wildness in various ecosystems -- from Ozark highland to delta wetlands. They are fabulous places to explore and spend an afternoon.


  5. The sanctuary sounds well worth visiting! Sometimes we overlook these areas right in our own backyard. I've been making an effort to visit some of them in my neck of the woods.

  6. Sanctuary is the perfect word to describe this place. I could feel my blood pressure drop as I slowly worked my way through your photo set.

  7. Love your dog and the pictures are wonderful

    i should have dredged out in my post the orginal draft of The First Amendment where Hamiliton and Jefferson were much more4 eplicit in separation of church and state but I get so tired of that, and really have to focus on being ready to move whenever

  8. Sage, you should hold onto that hair and make a wig out of it.

  9. That is so wierd. Last night I found yet another praying mantis in our basement. I have seen 20 in a week, maybe as many as I've ever seen. Why are they so noticeable this year?

    I'm with ya on the pet brushing. Saves time and vacuuming later on.

  10. Keep doggy's hair for the birdies in the spring, they love it for their nests!

  11. A great puppy, Sage! They do tend to hang onto trauma. A friend of mine adopted a Beagle who had been abused with a rolled up newspaper. The dog shook one day when I unknowingly brought over a newspaper, sat down and started reading it. Once I learned why the dog was trembling, I immediately ditched the paper and came back to offer a doggie food treat. It took about 15 inutes for the poor dog to quiet down.

    Have a good week, Sage!

  12. Mother Hen, thanks!

    Sherman, this one is owned by the Audubon Society

    Diane, there are lots of small nature sactuaries around here and not too far away a large track of state gamelands that you can hike or ski (although I'd avoid it in hunting season)

    Carmi, glad to bring your blood pressure down!

    Pia, get some rest for your big move!

    Murf, I had a feeling you'd say something like that!

    Deana, I don't know why but I too have seen as many praying mantises this year as I've seen in my life--it seemed that every few feet of ground held another one--I love their heads, with their bulging eyes

    Karen, with that much hair, maybe an eagle or two would want to nest here?

    Michael, yes, dogs do hold onto their phobias--this one doesn't like thunder, lightning and rain!

  13. Sorry about the sinus pressure: I too, have been suffering. Hope it improves!

  14. I'd be a much better Christian if I lived where you live. :)

  15. Looks like a place I would enjoy visiting. :)

  16. Fortunately my dog wasn't a shedder and his hair was short so even what he shed wasn't too bad to clean up after.

    Beginning of fall cold season is going through our area. Little Abbey really has it bad right now and I'm sure I'm due mine here sometime end of this week or early next week. I'm guessing the brunt will happen on Saturday so it deprives me the pleasure of enjoying a weekend.

  17. Oh, what a cute pup! I miss having a dog.

    Those are some beautiful pics. Its so nice to be close to such lovely natural settings.