Saturday, September 27, 2008

This and that and the other

I shot the swan photo on a trip to Ludington State Park the week before Labor Day.
This weekend has been busy with a lot of work. I did find time to spend Friday afternoon paddling down our local river, but I took the dog and so no camera and no photos… The weather here is still warm, yet there are now splotches of color on the leaves which remind us that we’re officially in the fall season. Soon they will all be falling. The leaves of the ivy (poisonous and otherwise) are a brilliant red. Although we’ve not had any rain for 9 days, the river is still up from all the rain we had a couple weeks ago. I did a little fishing but no luck. I was just glad to be on the river.

Last night, I watched the debate. Neither one of them exactly reassured me when it came to our economic crisis, but I felt Obama did a better job than McCain on questions of foreign policy. Both of them must be double-jointed in the elbows. There could be no other explanation of how they could pat themselves on the back so frequently.

Speaking of Presidents, I hear Oliver Stone has a new movie coming out in the middle of October. “W” is “based on a true story.” Doesn’t Oliver know it ain’t sportsman like to shoot a lame duck? But maybe he’s trying to be the good guy and put W, whose wings by now have got to be filled with lead, out of his misery.

The other entertainment news is the death of Paul Newman. Cool Hand Luke is one of my all time favorites. I and probably a lot of you folks can be blamed with making that line of the captain’s and later in the film sarcastically quipped by Luke into a cliché. “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That may be true about my blog… My other favorite Newman flick is “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” I think it was two years ago, when I’d flown home to be with my mom, that I last watched that movie and in some ways I’ll now always link it to her. We watched it one morning on AMC, while waiting to go somewhere. The movie was filmed right outside Zion National Park, near where I use to live. I made a comment about missing those red rocks and my mother acted surprised and asked, “Have you been there?” “Yes, Mom,” I said, “And so have you, many times. I lived out there over ten years.” She couldn’t remember and I knew that she had slipped more, but at least then she still knew me… Now I’m not so sure.

Paul Newman will be missed from the big screen, but I hope they keep making his salad dressings, I’d hate for him to be missing from refrigerator.

I need to finish up my last post on the Quetico canoe trip. I hope ya’ll are having a fine weekend. It’s anyone’s guess as to what Monday will bring.


  1. I wasn't overly impressed by either. McCain has experience, Obama has a plan. Goody...WE have little to choose from.

  2. I missed the debates, but there'll be two others. I like Butch Cassidy, but I like The Sting better. Sorry to hear about your mom. Try to have a good weekend.

  3. I saw the debates but I was not impressed much by either one of them.

    Paul Newman is just about the best looking man to ever hit the screen, and all his movies were hits for me. I am sad about his dying.

  4. Rumor has it that McCain took today off of the campaign trail to go home and sit on his porch and yell at the neighbor kids to get off his lawn.

    I'm a big fan of most of Newman's movies, but I do think the Sting is probably my favorite.

  5. Yes Obama did a better job, in my opinion. McCain, whom I once thought had good values, appeared to be locked down in an old century mindset. After the debate, I thought Biden answered Brian Williams' questions very well, but the answers from the "mayor of ny" was downright poor (on NBC)!

    Glad you went out to the river. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. kontan, agreed, but that's often the case. It's just a shame that McCain didn't win the Republican nomination for the 2000 elections

    Dan, I'll be back down to NC in Nov to check on her

    Kenju, I also have blue eyes, but not quite as blue as Newmans!

    Diane, as you saying he's a "Lawn Nazi?" (that's a term that two others here--Ed & Murf--often use to describe their neighbots)

    Mother Hen, I listened to ABC, but didn't listen to much of the after debate coverage--it's like of like listening to the post game show, I don't need anyone else to tell me what I think :)

  7. First of all, I'm glad you had your camera with you the week before Labor Day. Great shot of the swan!

    As for Paul Newman, now that was a classy man. Whan an actor and what a legend.

  8. I watched the debates but sure didn't come away from them any closer to voting one way or the other. I almost wanted to reach in and choke them every time they didn't directly answer a question. I'll probably write more on my views Tuesday when I have a slot available.

    I think the only two movies of Paul Newman's that I have seen are Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I was thinking that I need to rent a few of them as I was looking over all the ones he was in over the years. Sounds like The Sting needs to be up there on my list.

  9. Gautami, they are majestic, but they can also be mean if you get too close (I never understood an animal that sticks it's neck like that having such a bad temperment)

    Scarlet, i wish my dog wasn't afraid of the camera, but it's a problem in a canoe to have a dog in the boat when you pull out an expensive camera

    Ed, the Sting is also good. I'll look forward to your views on Tuesday.

  10. I miss Zion (and Newman, too.)

    I've only been there once but resolved to return for a longer visit. I'm thinking either a Thanksgiving trip or Christmas. How's the weather then? I trust the flash flood risk is substantially reduced.


  11. Both of them must be double-jointed in the elbows. There could be no other explanation of how they could pat themselves on the back so frequently.

    ROFL Nicely done there, Sage. Good commentary :)

    The memory of your Mom is bittersweet. Don't think too much about it: trust that she did still know you, even if she couldn't remember a former home.

    I <3 Zion. Gorgeous, gorgeous area. That trifecta of National Parks (Bryce, Zion and the North Rim) just makes for a fabulous area. Now you've got me all nostalgic and missing it :) It's been a little over two years since I was in Zion. My old boss works there: he won't leave. His wife keeps trying to get him to try out other National Parks, but nope. He's stuck on Zion. This year she left him there and went to Colorado by herself.

  12. Sherman--it depends on what you want to do as to the time to go into the park. I'd recommend earlier in the fall, especially if you want to hike the Narrows or the Subway (the water gets too cold in December, but I've done it then too). The water is often too high in the spring. If you help planning a trip into the backcountry, shoot me an email. I have the guide books/maps and have covered a lot of the country.

    TC, glad you liked my commentary... My mom never lived out there, but she visited me there many times

  13. That's a bittersweet memory of your mom. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid reminds me of my mom because people used to stop her on the street thinking she was Katherine Ross. From what I've heard Paul Newman really was as fine a human as he was an actor.

    Leave it to Oliver Stone to release "W" with that kind of timing.

    It was much cooler here on my walk home from work tonight. Winter is coming. *sigh*

  14. I am sad about Paul Newman - he seemed like such a good person, and I like what he stood for outside his acting career.

    Did you ever see Hud? Another great Newman flick. Also, Sometimes A Great Notion. What an amazing actor, and sooooo handsome! It's a pity, that people die.

  15. Epiphany, I look forward to winter--but then I like to be able to ski out my back door or to spend evenings reading in front of the fireplace

    Ing, I haven't seen Hud. I'll have to put it on my netflix list

  16. The best part of your photos is the composition. Why don't you get a cheapy waterproof point and shoot to use when wafting the down the stream with your loyal dog by your side or in the bow, as the case may be. Then you can venture out with him to Zion and get some great photos of dog and gorgeous landscape.
    As for your mom, she may not have remembered the landscape, but she always will remember the love you showed by sitting with her in those last days.