Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What a difference a day makes

Here I go breaking my rule on writing about family, but this was too cute not to share. The photo was taken on a from behind the wheel going down a secondary county road this weekend.

Yesterday morning I was driving my daughter to school. School had been closed on Monday as we were still getting snow and the low that morning was -15 F (-26 C). By comparison, Tuesday was a balmy 0 F (-18 C), according to the thermometer on my truck mirror. Tuesday morning my daughter was happy and she made up a little song which she sang over and over that went when something like this:

Zippity Do-dah, Zippity Day, it’s only zero out today.

This morning the temperature had dropped back down to -6 F. It was cold; she was running late. I turned up NPR on the radio and as they covered the state news, they listed a number of school districts that were still closed due to weather. This didn’t make my daughter happy and she yelled:

It’s not fair. We only got one day off of school and they’re going to be off all week. That’s not fair!
What a difference a makes. Or maybe it’s the temperature.


  1. If we had that much snow we would be out so long it would be mid-June before the final day of school. Yes, that is what happens when it snows in my southern world. Of course, we haven't had a decent snow since 1997- and that was only a few inches- so it isn't too much of an issue. *sigh*

  2. I'm with your daughter - it looks like a good day for staying home with a sled and later, some hot cocoa!

  3. The poor kid; I can really sympathize with her....LOL

  4. I don't understand the closing of schools due to the cold. Does that mean that schools are never open during the winter in places like North Dakota or Winnipeg, Manitoba which can get extremely cold as well?

  5. Kontan, growing up in eastern NC, we always got out for snow, but we only had snow every few years. We got more hurricane days, when storms were threatening, but you couldn't do anything 'cause it was raining cats and dogs.

    Diane, she's also a pretty good x-country skier

    Kenju, she is a good kid, but some mornings she just doesn't want to get out of bed.

    Murf, I think the closing on Monday had more to do with the secondary roads being poor (even some primary roads were pretty bad) than with the extreme cold.

  6. Oh, the snow days: How I miss them so! Your daughter sounds like she is pretty clever. I would have felt the exact same way had I heard I was off to school, and others in the area were not.

    Sort of makes you wonder about the situation in Indianaopolis where all of the Catholic schools in the area got the day off after the SuperBowl whereas all the public schools were open...

  7. Oh, I forgot that you probably received snow along with it. Our area did not. Schools were closed just because it was cold outside.

  8. -15 F, -6 F, 0 F? Good gracious it is cold in your neck of the woods. I believe it dips into the low 50s over here. As much as I like seeing the snow, I'm not sure I could handle freezing temps. I guess yall cold weather folks just get used to it, but I'm not sure anyone could get used to -15 F. Wow, just reading the temp makes me shiver a bit.

    And I agree with your daughter. That is not fair. Though the song is definitely catchy.

  9. Happy for a zero? Oh I could never live there....I was upset that we have a day in the low 20s this week. I've fretted and fretted over it! Of course, I am sunburnt so the cold hurts even more.