Friday, February 16, 2007

Photo of Masonboro Sound.

I’m getting better (I think). The doc gave me some good pills to fight this sinus infection. I'll be very busy for the next few days so I probably won’t post again until sometime next week. Then next Thursday I’m heading south to visit my parents and check up on my mom and my grandma. Nothing really adventuresome, but who knows, there’s always something down there to write about such as pelicans or hot dog stands.

The slide duplicator came yesterday. I’ve done a few test shots with it. The picture attached picture (which is down the road from my parents) is an example. Looks like I need to clean the slide, but it’ll have to wait as I don’t have time to redo this right now. If you can, suspend disbelief and assume the black specks in the sky are distant birds. Once I learn how to get good duplications, I should have plenty of pictures to share and to illustrate my posts. This slide was taken over 25 years ago.

While I’m gone, check out what’s going on in the blogs on my side bar. Here are some highlights: Tim has some really big news. Congratulations! Diane is taking time away from her knitting to go to Yellowstone and test out her wool sweaters. I’m jealous. Deana just got back from St. Martin’s (and I’m visiting family!). Again, I’m jealous. Murf’s biggest problem in life is a screwed up toolbar on her computer. Again, I’m jealous. Bone is trying to get soap opera ads to focus on men. For once, I think I’m satisfied with life.

I’m off overnight on an overnight mini-vacation, so I’m not really that envious. I just hope I don’t try to overdo it (with those long pointed things under my feet) and get sicker. I'll have to spend more time in the hot tub.

And one more site to check out, it’s not on my blog list, on Saturdays Semicolon has links to all kind of book reviews. Check it out tomorrow.


  1. Well, I suppose I could have written an entry where I go on for a paragraph about how sick I am which would get people to leave comments, wishing that I was feeling better and expressing general concern but I thought that would be a bit self-involved. :)

  2. Yoi can make anything into an adventure

    We, seriously, have about 20.000 slides my father took and I never have the time to sort them and put them on disc

    Would love to know how the duplicator operates, and if it would be worth it

    just thinking of going through the slides gives me a headache.

  3. Hope you feel better! Sinus infections are no fun . . . and that is a gorgeous photo - have a great trip, and I will definitely post about Yellowstone upon my return, and hopefully post lots of photos of not only me in various garish hand knit wool sweaters, but also of some wildlife!

  4. Glad to hear you are doing better. Enjoy your mini-vacation.

  5. have a great time babe, and i really hope you feel better.

  6. Hope you're feeling better. And that is a wonderful photograph, people should click to see the enlarged view.

    Have a great mini-vacation and also a wonderful trip to visit your family.

  7. Pleased to hear your getting better. Sinus infections are the pits!

    Have fun with your family and enjoy the break.

    Michele sent me.

  8. Murf 1 & 2: I suppose you expect me to confess my self-involvement. The tones of the two post reflect your personality.

    Pia, you're right and I do try to make things into an adventure and am sure I'll come up with some kind of story or something in my travels (in addition, I need to catch up on my book reviews, and of course a post on how the slide duplicator works.

    Diane, looking forward to the Yellowstone photos--just hope there are none of frostbite! Enjoy!

    Kevin, it was fun.

    Keda, I'm getting back close to 90%!

    V, people shouldn't clink on the photo--it blows it up so that you really see the dust--I need to get some film cleanser

    Yaeli, it was great! Have you moved to your new island nation yet?

  9. Visiting from Michele's and hoping you are feeling better. Have a nice time at your parents', :)

  10. Sinus infections just suck...hope you are much better by now. So you're headed down this way? It looks like it is going to be in the 60s for you visit.

  11. What a lovely picture!

    When the sinus infection gets me down the only thing that works is a fun. Hope you feel better soon!

    Have a safe trip and great visit.

  12. Haha. I'm glad that reading about my life makes you more content with yours, Sage :) That's what I'm here for.

    (I'm glad I didn't blog that I watched the same Lindsay Lohan movie twice over the weekend.)