Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Forced conversions and younger men

Looking out the kitchen window...
I’ve been converted! Yesterday afternoon, Blogger jihadists finally got a hold of me, forcing my conversion. I was hoping to be the last one standing with the Old Blogger (that award might go to Diane). What can I saw, I was once lost, but now I am found. I haven’t yet seen much difference in the two systems and it appears everything transferred over easily.

On a totally unrelated note, I need to go on the record and say that I have one big problem with Barack Obama. Last night, listening to NPR, I learned that he was born in 1961. He’s just a kid; I’m not ready for a President that’s younger than me. This could be even more traumatic than the first Pittsburgh Pirate game I attended back in the mid-80s. Before the game, as I was brushing up on the stats, I realized that only one ballplayer was older than me. I was 29! I figured then that any chance I ever had of playing major league ball had died.


  1. Congrats on making the switch so painlessly

    My problem with Barack--I have problems with every candidate--is that he is promoting himself as not being a baby boomer--which technicallly he is.

    I understand that he wants to show how different he is from the Clintons, but say it

    Personally I'm a bit tired of hearing about how boomers have caused every problem known to mankind

  2. That picture almost looks like the bird hung himself. I'll go on the assumption that it's only the camera angle and he's really only sitting there and eating.

    My previous boss was a handful of years younger me and I was a little weirded out about it. I can't imagine being 50 and having A LOT of people younger than I.

  3. Pia, I didn't mind being a baby boomer in my 30s, I'm not so sure I still like the label in my 50s

    Murf, you'll get here soon enough, provided however that your smart mouth doesn't get you ran over by a steamroller before making it to 50!

    The bird was on the backside of the suet feeder. I've got pics of some of them upside down eating, etc. But my favorite bird seems to be afraid of the camera and takes off whenever I try to get his picture--it's a Northern Flicker

  4. Wha? Smart mouth? Me?

    I can't believe your favorite bird has the word 'Northern' in it.

  5. Sage, dude you have to face it, you're old. He isn't a baby, you're just old. I'd rather have one young than way too old. Isn't McCain like almost 80?
    Sorry about your pro-ball career. It was kinda like when I got too developed to be a ballerina or a gymnast! And now they won't let me on Idol!

  6. LOL I was thinking something similar the other day when some current athlete's age was mentioned on TV.

    It made me feel so unaccomplished and past my prime.

    My response (albeit inside my little head) was, "Yeah, but does he have a blog? I didn't think so!"

  7. Pensive. Look at your first and last sentence of your post. Together, they set your frame of mind.

  8. sage - they forced me over last night too . . . sigh . . . last election I supported John Edwards, and I still like him, but am also looking at Obama - I was also born in 1961 - I hope he was born before April 28 to keep me younger than the President! (yes, I'm ignoring that the candidates I support rarely win . . .)

    Nice pics too

  9. Murf, you're right, that's weird, I'll start calling it by its latin name, Colaptes Auratus.

    Deana, I really never had a chance at the pros, but it still felt funny looking at all those guys younger than me

    Bone, I'm sure you're goig to make it into the Hall of Fame of bloggers--which will probably be built in some seedy section of San Jose.

    Flic, thanks for stopping by, I think. The only thing worse than having a psych (I looked at your profile) read my blog is to have one do some analysis... But then conversion (1st sentece) and dying (last sentence) do go together. On another note, today I feel like I'm dying. I'd cancelled my morning appointments because my head is crammed full of junk. I took a nap after doing some work from home, then took a shower and felt so weak, I called my secretary (who did not want to see me) and cancelled everything else for today. Normally, I don't feel old, I'm surprise that 50 snuck up on me. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Diane, maybe we tied as the last two to go down! I like Edwards too, although I'm the only one in my family (who's from NC) who likes him, but then most of them liked Jesse Helms and I considered him an embarassment to the Old North State.

  11. I'm an Obama gal myself, love his confidence level.

  12. Just stopping by to say hello and let you know that I'm still alive. :)

    Life has gotten especially busy; but maybe I'll have some news for you before too long. ;)

    It's snowing out tonight and threatening to turn to freezing rain. Hope it doesn't cancel my Valentines Day night plans. :)

  13. Sage, you aren't old, you're just... well, come to think of it, I guess you are old. ;)

    Maybe we can get them to change the term limit law and we can get George Bush back for a third term. :) He is older than you.

    Hey, Diane. We share the same birthday!!! But you are much, much older than me (12 months).

  14. I'm going to have to hurry up and put a post something new--I'm getting tired of seeing the reference to "young men" and don't want anyone to get the wrong idea...

    Karen, he does have a great command of the audience, I need to read one of his books and figure out where he came from and who are his backers (which you may have to read between the lines, but I'm convienced that we have to follow the money trail with all the candidates. And I moved from Utah to take a break from the Mormons and here one comes into my new state (Mitt) and announces he's running for president.

    Tim, you will have us all curious, our best is with you!

    Kevin, I hate to talk trash about your wife's home state, but I think we should have a constitutional admendent banned Texans from being President. Yall have had two shots (LBJ and W) and we could have done without both of them. And why do Texans use intitals instead of names. On a lighter note, maybe I should host a blog birthday party on April 28. I'll let Murf come up with the silly party games

  15. my brother tells me "Life is hard, and then we die" *G*

    It is almost cruel when we realize that all the "might bes" become "might have beens". It is sad if real promise goes unfulfilled, but only if the reason it went unfulfilled was unworthy.

    No Regrets *S*

  16. Mitt is a good looking fellow. I just may vote for him for that reason alone. :-)

    Thanks for the 2 month heads up that I have to plan silly party games. I have one right now that's a lot of fun to play: 'Pin the Tail on the Preacher'. :-)

  17. I have a constant reminder of my age with a 26 year old co-worker. Just the other day, a few of us were talking about our first cars and I was remembering mine with an eight track in it. My young co-worker couldn't believe they made cars with either tires!

    Something similar to this conversation happens at least once a week.

  18. Your first car had an 8 track?!? I knew you must've been older than I am, Ed. Thanks for the confirmation.

  19. Another one bites the dust...lol!

    I was not very happy with changing but I had to before they forced it on us! But its not too bad as long as I do not customise. The choices are atrocious!

    BTW, I talk to you becos you are older than me.

    *evil grin*

  20. Mal, life is wonderful--sometimes I just like to complain.

    Murf, so much for political analysis (Ed, in your election grid you create for candidates, did you have a line for sex appeal?)

    Okay Murf, you have a game for Kevin, how about one for Diane (assuming she's not eaten by wolves in Yellowstone later this month).

    Ed, I remember when the world before 8 tracks!

    Gautami, next thing I know, someone will be accusing me of corrupting the younger generation. Like Socrates, I'll be in good company.

  21. oh good, now that you are converted, commenting is easier. What kind of bird is that? Looks like woodpecker?

  22. Hey Peri, it is in the woodpecker family, it's a northern flicker

  23. Hah. Funny post Sage. And I definitely hear ya on the strange feeling or rite of passage that every young man experiences. Realizing your favorite sports team is loaded with guys younger than you. You instantly feel old.

    I wonder if women go through something similar?