Tuesday, January 23, 2007

5 Random Facts

Photo of a friend skiing this past Saturday.

I haven’t had much time nor the motivation to write much lately. I was tagged by Kevin Stilley, one his few select blog-friends, with the “5 Random Facts” meme. I was also tagged by Gautami Sujata Tripathy. Here I go breaking my rule of only doing meme’s for southern women, as Kevin is a southern man and Gautami a woman from northern India. But that’s okay, it gives me something to take my mind off of what I’m supposed to be doing. And it keeps me from having to be creative in my blog! Here are five random facts about me:

1. If I was in the comics, I'd be Dennis the Meance.
2. If I could quit my day job and do anything, I’d become a train engineer.
2. Some people think I’m a Calvinist, but I’m more Zwinglian. (in response to Kevin's 5 things)
4. I use to make up funny things for my answering machine. (I’ll have to blog about this sometime).
5. I was a bald baby and folks called me Ike.

Bonus random fact: I'm only two posts away from 300!


  1. So..#5..you're starting to come full circle, aren't ya, Ike? :-)

  2. #4, OKAY, come on, tell us already!

  3. #1 That doesn't surprise me

    #2 I remembered that!

  4. Dennis the Menace, eh? That made smirk!

    I think I would be Garfield, but I think that might go without saying.

    Congratulations on being so close to 300! If I ever make it to that feat, I think I'll die from shock!

  5. Oh! I had tagged you for this but you have already done it! LOL!

  6. Murf, good observation! But few folks todays understand the Ike reference, do you? Of course, thanks to the American girl doll books, my daughter does and when I told her that people called me Ike as a baby, she said, you mean as in "I like Ike?"

    Kenju, coming to a blog near you soon! Actually, I wrote it up last night.

    Kontan, we all got to have our own idols, Dennis is mine.

    Zeus, speaking of idols... lol What kind of party should I have for 300?

    Sujata (Gautami's middle name, read her post to find out where it came from), I revised my post and included you as one of the "taggers!" Too bad you're not from Bangalore, then you'd meet my normal requirement for doing memes (from southern women).

  7. I did take me about 45 seconds of sitting and thinking before I came up with "I think Eisenhower was bald...".

    Does your daughter have all the dolls or just one doll from an era? Does she have all the books?

  8. I think I'd be Charlie Brown. Or maybe Linus. And if I ever get married, then maybe Dagwood.

  9. I'll be back after I Google "Zwinglian"

  10. Murf, If I had as much money in my retirement fund as she has in dolls, I'd retired yesterday. I'm not sure how many she has, but five or six of them and almost all the books (which aren't bad for a 3rd grader, because she has read 'em all)

    Bone, may you remain Charlie Brown even after you and Lucy tie the knot

    Diane, I'm afraid what you might find or think after googling that word

  11. Wow...that is impressive number of dolls. They must be courtesy of the infamous maternal grandparents. I can't see you forking over that much dough for "dolls". ;)

  12. Being born bald explains why you have to leave crazy answering machine messages. I think Sigmund Fraud was the first to come up with the Crazy Behavoiral Manisfestations Syndrome (CBMS) due to infantile baldness. Enjoyed the read!!!