Sunday, December 31, 2006

Rambling thoughts as 2006 comes to an end

It’s raining. This is Michigan and January is six hours away and it is in the low 40s and raining. I have to crack windows in order to enjoy a fire in the hearth. The ten day outlook has us only dropping below freezing four nights out of ten, and only once into the 20s. The average weather this time of the year has lows in the teens and a high around freezing. I haven’t bothered to dig out my skis and haven’t put the heavy winter tires on my truck. If it doesn’t start changing soon, I’ll start spring cleaning next week. I know some of you may think I’m crazy, but watching the pictures of Denver dig out of another storm makes me a bit envious.

It used to take me a good month to get use to writing the new (and correct) year on checks. As now almost everything is done electronically, I wonder how long it will take. I might stay in a 2006 time warp for years.

I’m not much of one for making resolutions. I suppose you can make the case that if I don’t make any, I’ll live up to my expectation! But I do set goals, just not resolutions. I’m not sure what kind of resolution I’d make. People resolve to exercise more, I’d have to quit my job or abandon my family to do that. The next six weeks or so will be trying at the gym as it’ll be filled with “New Year Resolutioners.” By mid-February, it’ll be back to normal. I’ll like to resolve to spend more time on skis, but nature ain’t cooperating. Maybe the best thing I could resolve to do is to recall the motto from my Boy Scouts day and do a good turn daily.

Poor old Saddam Hussein. He may have gotten what was coming, but do we really need to see videos of his hanging? The videos seem to be ubiquitous; everywhere you go somebody has a link to it or a “You-tube” type box with a start button. I would have thought security would have been tighter to keep cameras out. It is my belief that the untimely death of anyone, even a tyrant, is no reason to celebrate. And anybody who thinks that Hussein’s execution is a warning to tyrants needs to seriously reconsider. After all, Pol Pot and Idi Amin escaped the gallows and the nature of their regimes makes Hussein look like a kindergarten teacher. I’m afraid the real warning from Hussein’s death to the tyrants of the world is: “If you want to brutalize your own people, you better remain friends with the US or at least not be in our perceived national interest.” As for the videos, they’re just a form of pornography that cheapens life.

Okay, it’s time for me to update my profile picture. Since it should be too cold to wear sleeveless tee-shirts this time of the year, I’m going to remove the picture of me taken during a Utah canyon backpacking trip and replace it with a recent photo taken in my office. Out with the old, in with the new! Now, I don’t normally wear a Stetson while in my office, but I put it on for this occasion! I’m standing in front of one of my bookcases.

Just in case you're interested, which you're probably not, I'm still hanging in there with the old blogger!

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading all the stuff I write. I value your opinions and comments and look forward to reading your thoughts as we move into 2007.


  1. Have a great 2007 from a Buckeye! Looking forward to a great year. I like the hat.


  2. Glad you're sticking it out with the old blogger. The new doesn't seem to allow links to outside blogger comment persons like myself. Not that it matters, but if you are participating in a game it is annoying. Of course, right now I'm stuck in the Charlotte airport and am just all around annoyed.

    I agree with you on the SH thing. I just can't celebrate someone's execution, even if it is a cruel dictator. However, I guess if it was my loved one who suffered at his hands I might feel differently.

    Happy New Year and good luck with the year writing thing.

  3. I thought I was the only person in the world who has fires when it’s too warm, which necessitates opening a window! Love the new pic, it’s a totally different look from the he-man, Grizzly Adams one! You look completely studious and respectable. Not that you didn’t before, oh you know what I mean!

    Have a great start to your New Year, Sage, and thanks for spending time with me.

    PS. It's you and me, the old blogger hold-outs!

  4. Sage, I like the newer photo! And okay - you're crazy!

    I agree about Saddam; I don't need or want to see him hanging and I don't understand why anyone would. It's just gross.

    I hope you have a wonderful year to come!

  5. Ah! Delhi is not as cold as it should be this time of the year. Infact it is kind of warm in the day time.

    I liked the old foto better but this isn't bad either!

    A very Happy New year to you too!

  6. Kevin, you have a great 2007 too. Love your blog.

    Kontan, I hope you get home to your family before the year ends, but if don't, North Carolina is a good place to begin the new year!

    Moogirl, I think Bone (Kevin from AL) is another hold out. I love your blog and your humorous take on politics.

    Kenju, yeah, I had to get out of NC before I ended up on Dix Hill (living where you do, you should know what I'm talking about)

    Gautami, you know, I like the old one better too. That's how I like to look, but I've resisted any temptation (that that it was that tempting) to put a photo on here with a coat and tie. Does Delhi receive snow?

  7. Happy New Year, Sage - and I like the stetson! I'd love to browse your book cases - you have so many interests . . . here is to a grand 2007

  8. Happy new year, Sage.

    I can't wait to see what your new year brings to us through your writing.

  9. Thanks Sage. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones too.

    Each year brings such potential. It's up to us to do something with it, r just enjoy it as it passes by. Either choice has its pleasures.

    I too enjoy a fire when it's too hot, because it's ALWAYS too hot here in Sacramento.

    Peace and blessing to you!

  10. I'm 123% with you on the Hussein thing. My friend's wife was surprised to hear that I was actually disturbed by the video.

    I told her that despite the fact that he was undoubtedly a nasty c***-s***er, that I found nothing of value in watching his demise. The whole thing is pretty anti-climatic, since Irag remains a sh*thole. Oh well...

    Here's to a great new year.


    PS - I like the new, affable looking pic.

  11. Happy New Year from Michele and I, Sage.

    Your new picture was the first thing I noticed when your page loaded, Sage. It's quite the change. I should update mine also.

    So far I've avoided seeing any footage of the hanging. I have no desire to see anyone die, no matter who they are. I quite agree with your sentiments there, Sage.

  12. Happy New Year, my favorite traveler. You're absolutely right about Hussein. It was sickening to see the videos
    and American's don't seem to understand how far down the hieracary he was, and how there would be a thousand people
    to take his place normally, and now there will be millions. We have pulled the greatest Taliaban PR stunt in history

  13. Did you plan on taking the picture when you just happened to have a blue shirt on or was it all part of your master plan? :)

  14. I forgot to add...cute toes. Don't tell Ed Abbey but you have much cuter feet than he does.

  15. Love the fireplace picture and barefeet! Cozy!! :o)

  16. Diane, the top shelf has Mormon history (having spent over a decade with Western US history, I've got quite a collection), the next shelf is Medieval and beginning of Renaissance and Reformation history. What are you looking for?

    Dawn, I'm not sure just where my blog writings will take me, but hopefully you'll all want to stick around for the ride

    Mike, Good to see you back here. Yes, Sacramento Valley is WAY too hot for me

    Prego, 123%, that's pretty good for us to have that high of an agreement factor on any topic! Let's see, the Bill's aren't in the play-offs, are they?

    Utenzi, I wouldn't recongize you if you weren't in that kayak! I think that kayak would go well with my blue shirt (don't you Murf?)

    Pia, Agreed! What a mess we're in.

    Murf, Over half of my dress shirts are blue, I'm sure it's all part of an unconscious plan to woo the female population by mixing blue shirts with blues eyes. Have you seen Ed's toes? I missed that post and ain't about to go look it up.

    Trailady, I always go for cozy!

  17. Happy New Year, Sage!

    I agree with you on the Saddam thing. Death isn't a reason to celebrate, and I wish that the videos weren't out there.

    Like the new profile pic!

  18. Yeah the weather has been strange this year. Yesterday I was standing outside in short sleeves rinsing off drywall mudding tools and was comfortable. With the warm weather and rain, it is more like spring than middle of winter. My grass is still GREEN!

  19. New picture is nice! I didn't make any resolutions either. And I agree with you about the Sadaam thing. Nothing to celebrate, in my opinion.

  20. Sage tipping his hat to Jaded and Poopie!

    Ed, even here the grass is still green. I should have left the leaves on!

  21. I'm not one to set New Years resolutions either. I like appropriate goal setting better. I agree with you regarding the Hussein videos. I deliberately did not look at it. I like your new profile picture.

    Have a great New Year 2007

  22. I'm glad I raked. In fact, I'm thinking about going out and raking some more!

    I've neglected something...

  23. I think your comments on Saddam's execution video make excellent points.

    If you're interested, check out Christopher Hitchens' recent Slate piece on the same subject.