Friday, December 01, 2006

The gods are conspiring against me and other news

The winter weather they’ve been predicting all week finally arrived overnight. Around 3 AM, I could hear sleet and freezing rain pound against the windows. At 6, I turned on the radio and sure enough, school is cancelled. I quietly went up stairs and lightly knocked on SY’s door (our exchange student). She was already up, studying for a history test. I told her that school was closed. It was my hope to do this without waking C, in the next bedroom, who under normal circumstances has an hour more to sleep and then require measures boarding on child abuse to get her out of bed. BUT not this morning, “How much snow do we have?” she yells from her room. It’s going to be a long morning and there will be one cranky little girl by the afternoon. Of course, she may be cranky before then. (Now if we could only get enough snow to ski on...)

All my life, I’ve been told to sit up straight. I am a slouchier. I liked to lean back. I like recliners. I like to read in my office, with my feet on my desk, leaning back in my chair. As I written before, when backpacking, by leaning my pack up against the tree, I have a wonderful recliner and have taken many afternoon naps in such a position. Now, after a lifetime of being told by well intended but ill-informed do-gooders, I’ve finally been vindicated. I feel like a prisoner receiving the governor’s clemency. The medical community has finally learned what I knew all along, that sitting up straight is bad for your back, the best way to sit is at a 135 degree recline. If you don’t believe me, check it out. It’s a good thing that I was a defiant rebel growing up or I may be having serious back problems right now.

And one final bit of news, speaking of governors. Kenju, a fellow Tarheel (who still lives in the Old North State), a florist in Raleigh, and one who can read and understand recipes, was chosen to be on the decorating team for the NC Governor’s mansion. Check out her work here. Wonder if she’d want to go on the road and help decorate the homes of North Carolina expatriates?


  1. From a fellow slouchier, victory at last!

    In high school where leaning back in a chair seemed to be a capital offense, the punishment was kneeling at your desk. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time kneeling.

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  3. But just think of how much taller you would be if you hadn't slouched. ;-)

  4. Kenny J's a florist? Nice.

    That snow's supposed to hit us this weekend. In WNY, winters are almost like bookends.

    Lamentably, I don't ski. My one or two experineces with it and snowboarding yielded some comical, if not painful, results... which is why I play hockey instead. I'm surprised you don't. Judging by your profile picture, you look like you'd put quite a scare into a wise-*ss forward.

    On a final note, my second grade teacher in Venezuela kind of put the scare into us on the slouching factor, telling us that she had a student who slouched in his chair, and that he was now 'jorobado', and walked with a permanent, gravity defying 20˚ slouch. Picture George Jefferson's strut without the swaying appendages.

  5. Ed, Sloucher's Unite!

    Murf, sorry if my little subtle joke (which probably one you got) was over the top. I wouldn't want to be any taller if it meant chronic back pain.

    Prego, That forward would be laughing his *ss off at the sight of me on skates. I can get around the rink, but that's about it. I use to use the excuse of having grown up in eastern NC as an excuse for not skating or playing hockey, but now they have the Hurricanes (Kenju's decorations even have a tribute to that team) and I did learn to snow ski and now I learn that someone who grew up in even warmer climates plays hockey...

  6. It's been colder than heck here the last few days. I've had pipes freezing.

    I'm a sloucher, too. Sitting up straight hurts my back so I don't do it. I heard that on NPR and felt vindicated. :-)

  7. The solution is a plank of wood down the back.

  8. That news about slouching is a bit interesting. :)

    As for weather, it suppose to get a bit colder here but not enough for snow at least during the day time. This afternoon, we only got wind and rain.

  9. I've always been a sloucher too.

    Michele sent me.

  10. Whew, thank goodness there's virtue in slouching. I was worried for a while.

    The weather's about to close in on us, too. The honeymoon is apparently over.

    Oh well. Time for more tea and togetherness.

  11. Hey Sage.....

    Snow?? Good Lord - it's reasonably warm and sunny here in the snow. Hard to believe it's just over three weeks to Christmas [wrinkles nose]

    here via our Mutual Michele this afternoon....


  12. When I was told to stand or sit up straight, it wasn't the reclining back my mother was worried about, but slouching forward - rounded shoulders . . .

  13. I’m ashamed to admit I probably acted worse than your youngest with all the snow we got. Something about a blizzard that makes me act like a baffoon!

  14. Being 5'10" at the tender age of twelve, my mom was constantly telling me to stand/sit up straight. I did, and now I have the bad back to show for it. Luckily, I have had a recliner for about 35 years now, and I spend plenty of time in it. Too bad I can't blog from there!

    Thanks for the mention, Sage. Somehow I missed it on my sparse rounds this week. I do appreciate it!

  15. I bet your daughter was excited to be missing school. I used to love that...until high school. Then I'd rather be there than home with a younger brother and sister!

    Good news on the backs....I like leaning too and have a hard time sitting straight up when on the computer....and I way lean back while driving.

    Excellent about Kenju, I didn't know!