Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Presents (or what kind of post can I put up in order not to look at Ford as soon as I open up my blog...)

Okay, about that last post… Every time I opened my page it, it was a blast out of the past. Looking at Ford behind in his desk made me feel like I was in a time warp, back in the mid-70s. So I thought I’d post a picture I recently took of the local courthouse decked out for the holidays. It would even prettier if we had a blanket of snow on the ground! But we’re in this weird heat wave; it’s barely getting below freezing at night.

Bone, down in Alabama, who really likes to receive cash for Christmas, has a neat post where you can complain about cheap or wacky Christmas presents you've received. I really don’t have any complaints this year. I got the following books for gifts (guess which one wasn’t on my list, even though it has been recommended to me?). I also got two gift cards for book stores. And, oh yeah, something else, that allows me to snap these pictures. What did Santa leave you?

Speaking of Ford, I’m not sure what to make over Woodward's revelation about the former President thinking Iraq was wrong, but not wanting to say anything until he was dead (I suppose it was to avoid speaking ill about a fellow Republican). On the one hand, this is upsetting for it seems that Ford was putting his political party of national interest. On the other hand, he was willing to let Woodward reveal this after his death, not after Bush's term is over, so they may be something good to come out of this if it encourages others to speak out.


  1. Moan and groan about the Mitch Albom book but it's surprisingly good for a book that is a) not about trains or b) not about a war or c) not about race relations or d)not about rugged lands or water or e)not written by a Tar Heel or f) not 500 pages long. Don't worry, you don't have to admit that you liked it to anyone when you're done. You have a million books you could hide this among. Heck, I'm leaving this comment as 'Anonymous' because I refuse to admit I liked that book (but I'm sure you know who I am).

  2. By the way, kudos on the digital camera and learning rather quickly how to take the pictures off of that little silver rectangular thing and putting it on your computer. ;) Now it looks like I'll have to get a laptop so I can blog while I travel. I can't have you be technically more advanced than I.

  3. My boss and I were discussing Ford today, and we decided that the info should have been made public after the funeral - and not before. It has to be awkward for the Republicans who attend the funeral (not that I care about any of them) - but it would be nicer for Ford's family, wouldn't it?

    Michele made me come!

  4. Taking pictures and posting them is fun, isn't it? :-) More, more!

    BTW, I have a foot of snow outside my door. I'll share if you'd like.

  5. My favorite Christmas gift is my Zune MP3 player. My husband bought it for me. We did go back and look at several others so I could make sure I wanted to keep it, but I think it's a keeper.

  6. I went to Barnes and Noble and used my gift card today . . . the only gift I got that I maybe could have done without is the second pair of slippers from my mom - the first pair were good - the second are huge green, furry clown like boats . . .

  7. Anon--why don't you come out of the closet about Alborn?

    Kenju, I agree, waiting a few days wouldn't have hurt, hopefully this won't be a pall over his funeral (like that line!)

    Dawn, send me the snow and I'll take pictures of it as I ski through the woods! (I hope you x-country ski)

    Kontan, nice present!

    Diane, Your mother gave you two pair of slippers? Does she think you have cold feet? I think a picture of the second set of slippers would be appropriate, does your dog chew on slippers?

  8. I'm guessing the Mitch Albom book's the one that wasn't on your list....

    Anyway, I'm with you. This has got to be one of the lamest winters I've ever experienced. Here's to a foot and a half by Jan. 2nd.


    here via michele today

  9. I don't think ALL Republicans agree with the war anyway.

    On the subject of Christmas presents, I got books too. Which is exactly what I was hoping for. Oh, and time at the spa too. Also an excellent choice. :)

  10. liked Ford, but sick and tired of politicos who don't/won't speak up here and now instead of after death, etc. that's one thing i lovedlovedloved about Howard Dean, he spoke his mind, damnit!! paid the consequences but did it anyway... he's way up high on my admirable list!!!

    Happy New Year, sage!

  11. I got 4 books also, Sage, along with two additional books of the cookbook kind from the other side of my family. And some chocolate covered cherries.

    Happy New Year, Sage.

    Michele sent me!

  12. Prego, you're right! it doesn't look like it's going to be cold enough for snow to stick around anytime soon.

    Spider girl, what books? No spa's here, and I pay my gym membership myself

    Karen, I agree, happy new year's to you and yours

    Utenzi, what books? and you can any extra chocolate covered cherries!

  13. Your courthouse does look beautifully decorated! As for Ford, I do wish he would have spoke up long ago.

    Have a very happy New Year!

  14. I have no complaints at all about gifts! The courthouse looks fabulous!

    Happy New Year to you Sage! I hope 2007 brings you lots of cool adventures!

  15. I'm quite happy with what I've got for Christmas!

    Michele sent me here.

  16. Michele sent me.
    I got something new to click my pictures with too.... aren't you so excited?

    About Woodward... I don't put much stock in what he says anymore. I think being played by Robert Redford on the big screen went to his head.... or was he played by Dustin Hoffman.... no I think it was Redford.

  17. sage - my mother just likes to shop - the recipient doesn't really come into the equation - the dogs (sadly, in this case) don't chew slippers. And this is better than the time she got me 2 velour zip up the front house coats . . . I was surprised that the Salvation Army would even take those

    p.s. I'll post a pic!

  18. Sage just wanted to wish you a very happy New Years

  19. I made a conscious effort to avoid news for the last two weeks. I hadn't heard the Woodward claim.