Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Modest Proposal

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that ABC is showing a docu-drama about 911 on the fifth anniversary of the horrible event. The Democrats are up in arms about the show and the inaccurate portrayals contained in the uncut version. From what we’re told, the show tries to pen the problem on Clinton, who is partly to blame, but not completely as the 911 Commission Reported. Even the executive producer of the film admits they conflated some of the events and one of the lead actors complains that he didn't sign up to do fiction. The network is planning on running this show without commercials breaks, except for one 20 minute break for a speech by George Bush. Normally I think not having commercials is a good idea, but if the final cut of this docu-drama is as biased as some suggest, it would be nice to be able to take our complaints to advertisers who could then “punish” ABC in the capitalist way, in the pocketbook.

I have a suggestion. If ABC wants to be fair, show the uncut version of their show, but follow it the next night with Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911. Maybe show ½ of their docu-drama, then Moore’s movie, then the remaining half of their docu-drama. As someone who hasn’t seen either movie, and have heard people call both movies fiction, I’m sure the truth is somewhere in between. Bywatching them together, ABC can make everyone mad and we'll all be happy.

Of course, if I watch anything on Monday night, it’ll be football. Did you see the Steelers on Thursday?

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  1. The Media, Politics...who knows?

    I'm here from Michele's today.

  2. ugh i'm so glad i'll be spared that. people using tradgedies to score political points isn't my idea of a good memorial.
    very sad.

  3. "Did you see the Steelers on Thursday?"

    Yep, saw the Steelers! They sure look like the Super Bowl champs!!

    Doesn't look like I'll be watchin' much of ABC anymore. :(

  4. Thanks to great quarterbacking from a fellow Eastern Michigan University grad no less. That is another proof that it is a blessing to be cut from the Detroit Lions.

    I'll invite you to Murf's Michael Moore Movie Marathon.

  5. no did not see the steelers, is Michael Moore playing center fror them now?

  6. I think your proposal sounds fair enough though I probably will not ever view either. I have too many other things to do with my time.

  7. I won't be watching the ABC "dramatization", Sage. It is too soon (IMO) and I am also not watching the program on A&E tonight about 9/11. Maybe I can bear to see them in 10 years or more - but not now.

    Michele sent me tonight.

  8. I'm so bummed about ABC. unfortunately they hold my addiction to the LOST series. I seriously hate the political bull___t in this country. I say Kill the TV! I'm here from Tia - my Mrs. Cool blog, I'll be around...

  9. If anything is biased, it's something Michael Moore does. He's made a lot out a bad situation. Things shouldn't be politicised this way.

    Michele sent me here.

  10. 9/11 is becoming a political tool. How hungry for power these people are to whore themselves so and us such a tragedy to try to keep their power!
    I won't be watching. I think I'll watch "Weeds"....

  11. Spin, spin, spin............

    I will look forward to counting sheep in NZ. In the mean time, I'll skip the docu-drama and the other hype that will be on TV tomorrow.

  12. I think it is very eye-opening that the same people who paraded Michael Moore and his film of lies as being the best thing to come from Hollywood, are the same ones who are so up in arms over this film. Sorry, but Clinton and his administration has to take some of the blame for 9/11. They had chances to get Bin Laden and didn't do it.

    Frankly I think as a group Americans have become too politically correct, too tolerant in a bad way, and basically no longer think of freedom as a privilege and something to be fought for but as something we are entitled to simply by being born.

    I'm just surprised that ABC or any channel in the mainstream media has the guts to air something so opposite of their usual liberal dribble.

    Here from Michele.

  13. Theo, does a "who cares" follow?

    Keda, I agree with you on attempts at scoring political points on 911, which is why I haven't watched Moore's movie, but I am also mad at the way our Administration has handled everyhing since 2001.

    Karen, you must be joking about them looking like Superbowl champs (and I am a big Steeler fan!), but they won so that's all the matter in hte long one.

    Murf, is that where that guy is from?

    David, LOL

    Tim, most good ideas go unheeded, but maybe instead of Moore's movie, maybe ABC should show the "Iraq for Sale"

    Kenju, in 10 years, we'll probably know a lot more than now...

    Brucimus, I haven't watched "Lost"

    Capt Picard, both sides are making a mess of this and in some ways Moore is less a threat than the Administration and their follies for they are in power.

    Deana, is Weeds a show, or are you going to watch your garden or does this refer to something you're smoking? (I hope you have a sense of humor)

    Tia, If it was watch the movie or pack, I might take the movie! Good luck with your packing.

    SRP, there is no doubt that Clinton and his administration made some mistakes, some of their own doing and some by his enemies who couldn't stand it that the American people voted him into office twice and tried every way to do him in. (admittedly, Clinton gave them plenty of ammo) But his Administration's mistakes pale compared to Bush and company taking us into Iraq! Is the world a safer place now, heck no!

  14. I always find it amusing how people blame an administration. Sure, Clinton's administration could have done more. But the same can be said for every administration dating back to Reagan and Carter.

    Truth be told, the seeds of 9/11 were planted over a generation ago, and there's plenty of blame to go around.

    Michael Moore is merely the flashpoint for a society that doesn't seem to know the difference between fiction and reality. In the 80s and 90s, we had Oliver Stone. Same silliness, as far as I'm concerned.

    It makes me glad I live on the other side of the border.

  15. I was all set to watch the movie so that I could make an informed comment on it but in our time zone, it was delayed until after the ten o'clock news due to tennis and 60 minutes. I opted for the second best option.... bed.