Thursday, September 14, 2006

from out of the Chaos...

I’m just too darn busy!

Work is crazy right now. As I don’t talk about work here, I won’t say much about except that we’re busy working with architects and we’re hoping to bring in a guy from India for 6 weeks starting in mid-October. And he's having problems getting a visa! Besides that, I’ve got a trip out West coming up the middle of next week and have a lot of stuff to do before I take to the skies. Although I have some business out there, I’m taking a backpack and will spend a good chunk of time hiking in the desert. I promise you’ll hear about it later. This is the trip that I’d planned for May, but had to be postponed. By the way, if you don't hear from me, just assume I decided to keep walking.

Bone (check out Kevin AL in the list of blogs to the side, he's got some powerful stories that I'll have you laughing and crying) has a Wednesday project. He gives three words and asks you write a poem, story, etc. I participated for the first time this week. I'm not sure why I did it, considering how overwhelmed I am, but here's my submission. Bone's words for this week: drop, slow, arms.

So slow,
I dropped behind,
and in shame
buried my head
into my arms.

Don’t you think it sounds as if I’m overwhelmed?

Bone is also serving as administor for all the guest bloggers on Courting Destiny. Pia is taking a month off to work on a book, so go look up her site and experience the writing talents from across the spectrum. Sometime later this month, I will be the guest blogger. When she asked me if I’d do a post, I made her suggest a topic. She suggested I write about a train trip. Therefore, come September 21, while some of you may be celebrating the beginning of fall and I’ll be enjoying the desert, there will be a simultaneous posting of a story about a train ride I took along the California Coast some 15 years ago. The story will be here and at Pia’s site. As an additional teaser (to keep you coming back since I ain't writing much), the story includes a very “Bone-like” memory of a lost love (that should perk Murf's attention). Stay tuned!


  1. Looking forward to a train story.

    Bone-like? lol I'm nervous to know what that entails.

    Thanks for participating in the 3 word exercise.

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  3. I doubt that you aren't the type of person that would find a bit of relief in a creative spurt. I hope that made you a bit less stressed.

    I did perk a bit at a train story but you know how I love hearing about your past/present love life. I wonder if there will be cheatin' in it like the last one. ;-)

  4. Goin' to the desert, huh? Here is some advice for you. You must love the desert, but never trust it completely. Because the desert test all men: it challenges every step and kills those who become distracted.

    I think I heard that somewhere recently.

    Kevin Stilley

  5. Bone, sorry, I was joking about some of your sad stories of loss.

    Murf, where did you peak at my story? No, it doesn't involve a woman in a factory coming on to me--which is not cheatin', 'specially when I kept it from goin' anywhere, but why am I still defending myself?

    Appalachianist (I need to change your name from AI), I'll have fun in an American desert next week, don't know if I'd have as much fun in an Iraqi desert, keep safe AI

    Kevin, you got a good memory! Yes, the desert demands attention, but I suppose that's true of any worthy mistres (let's see what Murf makes of that one)

  6. I hope you'll being back photos in the desert, Sage.

  7. Actually, Sage, I started peaking when I saw that there was a new entry and it increased at the news of a train story and then climaxed with the lost love tale.

  8. Just don't walk off the ends of the earth okay? Have fun!

  9. too bad Pis didn't ask me to write a train story... i actually have one of those.

    here from Michele's.

  10. A trip to the desert... the closest I've been was Phoenix, AZ. And I was busy swimming in the pool ;)

    Hello from Michele!

    Sorry you couldn't stop by today... I think blogger's having some issues. Hahahaha. :p

  11. Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy. But some of the things coming up sound fun.

    I'll be checking back!

    [This week, I had too much going on, too and then a couple days ago either allergies or a cold kicked in leaving me somewhat energyless.

  12. Too darn busy? I know the feeling! What is it about this time of year? Have a great trip next week!

  13. That sounds like an interesting way to write a poem. Enjoy your hiking trip.
    Michele sent me.

  14. It sounds like a terrific trip!

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Michele sene me here.

  15. For 3 words, what you came up with was pretty terrific.

    I must check out this Bone guy...

    Here via Michele's today!

  16. I admire your ability to carve out time and space for yourself when you travel. I'm sure the hiking will be memorable. You're bringing a camera, right?