Friday, September 29, 2006

Washing my hat and some other stuff

At least one reader of this blog has expressed continual concern over the smelly hat I am often seen wearing. As winter is approaching, I’ll soon have to put it up till spring (I’ll pull it back out if I go to Central America this winter). To get my hat ready for storage, I recently washed it. Of course, it was an accident, but I’ll share the story along with a photo. I was hiking with my son and we’d stopped by a creek. I’d dropped my pack and was taking some photographs when all a sudden, the wind blew hard. My hat blew off and landed in the creek at the top of some falls. I sat my camera on a rock and tried to grab it as it was drawn down several small falls and got caught in a large eddy at the foot of the last one. Seeing my hat sink down the hole required drastic measures. I immediately pulled off my boots and socks, my shirt, and was getting ready to strip completely (this is in a remote area and no one was around) and plunge into the cold water (the hole to be at least 4 feet deep). Occasionally the hat would come back up, only to be pulled down again. But right before I got completely stripped, the creek gods showed mercy and my hat washed out. I didn’t have to embarrass myself in front of the wildlife by going completely buff, and only had to wade into ankle deep water to retrieve my hat. My son, at this point in the saga, grabbed my camera and snapped this picture.

For those of you who have read all this and are still with me, let me now change the subject and say that I am not always proud of the extreme dislike I have of our president. Although I believe that followers of Christ can disagree with one another (and I greatly disagree with lots of Bush’s ideas), I try not to hate him. But it’s hard. Very hard! Jane Smiley, author of A Thousand Acres in a recent blog at the Huffington Post reminds me why it is that I dislike the guy so much. She's harsh, but makes some good points and I encourage you to read it.

Finally, I have a request. Can you folks stop changing your urls? I’ve worked hard to update my blogroll, putting the correct URLs. Hopefully all the links are once again working.


  1. Oh boy, I get to be the first one to leave a comment. Yet another sign of the existence of God. So many things running through my head but first I must ask...briefs for hiking, eh? :-)

  2. My link works fine. Thanks!

    Now I am going to go and read that Bush link.

  3. Thanks for (finally) updating my link, by the way. I promise that if I ever delete this one, I won't let you know if I start another. ;-)

    Also, thanks for making my weekend by posting that picture and the story. I'm off to blow the photo up to 400% now.

  4. Murf, to answer your question, no. Somehow I feel you're going to make me regret posting this picture?

    Kenju, your URL has remained constant, thank you for not changing it. Murf and a couple others have gotten into a habit of changing their URLs and I don't like to have to go into the template to redo the links.

  5. I hope I don't. I'm glad you did.

    Changing URLs once is considered a habit? ;-)

  6. great picture!! woohoo sage flesh :)

    and lovely story. good on yer son.

    as for the link thing.. i hated doing that too. i use blogrolling now as its so much easier to change and manage, and a lot less scary than going into your template.

  7. Great photo, Sage. :) And great story to go along with it. You must really value that hat.

    And, yes, I'm sorry Bush is President, too.

  8. Murf, didn't you change it twice? I know one person changed it a couple of times before I got it rght (so you're not the only one)

    Keda, I'm obviously not intelligent enough to learn blogrolling

    Tim, a hat is a hat, but I like the wide brim of that one when outside in the summer--especially in the desert--and to lose it in the desert would mean I'd have to put suntan oil on the top of my head

  9. Sage - Nope, just once.

    Tim - When are you posting a topless shot? :-)

  10. I would have gone over the falls for my favorite hat!

    Now your hat is all the more special. It has an interesting story to go along with it.

  11. I find that I don't typically hate people but their actions or ideas. The people are just people. Hating, though, is just too much negative energy. I don't have room for that in my life.

  12. Oh....there was a story with the picture?

  13. murf, I don't believe in posting pictures of myself especially when you are asking me to do so. I don't need to provide you with any further distraction. ;)

  14. Great story Sage. I also will go a long way to retain my cap. I'm glad you have a hairy belly just like me ... I knew we had several things in common, lol. And as an homage I'll probably post a topless photo or two as well ... so you're not the only one. Hah!

    And the Bush Administration is responsible for some terrible, terrible things. I'll be posting about this too in the future.

    Once again, great post Sage. Take care.

  15. I have my own place now so the URL stays...In an effort to prevent myself from breaking my blog I shall no longer practice with my actual blog, promise.

    And OMG too funny hat story.

  16. Murf and Kontan, now two of the four recent URL changers have confessed! lol

    Kontan, your new blog looks nice, but I don't have that much time to learn how to be that creative.

  17. Better late than never...


    You look great and definitely give Putin a run for his money! Who says men can't be fishing and sexy at the same time!!! :o)