Monday, July 16, 2012

Last week's trip to the UP

Marquette Lighthouse
I got back from Pittsburgh and then turned around and headed up north, to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to help out a group of high school and college age youth who were building a Habitat for Humanity home.  For those who have been reading this blog for a while, You know that I often head up there--this was my fifth trip.  I could only give them three days, but by the time I left they were just beginning to roof the house and another crew was working on the exterior.  This year, we were in Ishpeming.  We spent the evenings on Lake Superior, near Marquette (the lighthouse is for the harbor in Marquette).  I really like the western half of the UP as it is stepped in mining history and I feel like I'm back West, only with trees!   
It's a long drive up.  Along the way, I stopped at this point which the northern most point of Lake Michigan, located just south of US 2.

Here is photo of Lake Superior.  Much of Lake Michigan (at least the Michigan portion of the lake) is sandy.  Lake Superior is rocky and rugged and beautiful.
Here's the trusses going up on the project.  With so many helping, we didn't need a lift to set them on top!  Below is a photo of the house as it was when I left the project site?

I will be home for the next month...  This weekend I finally got around to finishing the fiberglass on the sailboat I've been restoring.  I started today to put it back together, but had a softball game so it was late and soon dark.  Maybe tomorrow... 


  1. Oh lucky you! What a wonder and giving thing for you to do, and while at the same time enjoy the wonders and beauty of the area at the same time! Last time I was around there, we stayed over in Eagle Harbor, right in walking distance to so much, and a lighthouse, and we traveled the area, spending much viewing pleasures in Copper Harbor as well! Yes Lake Superior certaining lives up to it's name, absolutely! Thanks for sharing these photos, it sure brings back god memories! The entire trip there from here in Minnesota was just the most awesome world adventure for me!

  2. so cool to have so many people helping out....and that lake looks the silk with the rough of it....enjoy your home time...and way to go as well on the sailboat

  3. It's really great that you and so many other people are involved in those great projects. Also, you have a really good eye and it results in great photos!

  4. How very Amish. Such a pity there isn't a bit more of it.

    Oh, I was telling a few people about your efforts when you mentioned that boat last. They said that you need to take care about UV doing somewhat or other to the hull and other vital areas. Seems it makes things brittle and you might need to give it a proper slamming in a sea trial before doing anything away from the coast.

  5. Great time of year to be in northern Michigan. I have not been as far as the UP. It has long called to me (although pretty faintly at this distance). Hope I do get there some day. Great pictures.

  6. Sage: You've highlighted not only an incredible trip, but an incredible cause in Habitat for Humanity!

  7. You didn't say but I hope you got in some dutch oven cooking again while up in the UP.

    Can't wait to see your boat.

  8. You have really done some travelling this summer!

  9. I have always wanted to help build a house for Habitat. In a gorgeous location, naturally ;)

    Very beautiful. I like how you differentiate between Lake Michigan and Superior. Superior really is rugged - but it's gorgeous.