Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Check-In

The tradition of all past generations weighs like a nightmare upon the brain of the living…
-Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

It’s been nice to have a week where I haven’t felt like I was under the gun! I’ve mostly taken it easy. My brother and sister-in-law came back up on Wednesday and spent the night. It was good to have time to talk one-on-one with him. I also got to catch up on what’s happening with our mother and we talked a bit about the future. We scouted out a trout stream and visited a sculpture garden in which I took the photos. The one above is of a sculpture (I think it is titled “History”). It reminded me of a quote from Marx. And no, to dispel any rumors, I’m not a communist! But I have read Marx. The week ended with fireworks as waves of thunderstorms rolled over the land. I watched with fascination as the night sky turned an eerie white, the constant flashes of lightning defying the darkness. And rain, we’ve got rain and folks along the rivers are worried. But today the sun is to shine and it is to be in the 80s and I will make the most of it and will no longer worry about why I can't center one section of text in blogger (my quote) and align the left margin for the rest of my text! Have a great weekend and don't sweat the small stuff.


  1. Today I will HAVE to sweat the small stuff, since it is to be 100* and humidity to match - and we will be outside most of the day!

    Love that waterfall - best I've ever seen!

  2. I'm not a Commie at all either, but read Marx in a grad course. The instructor had a worn out copy of "Economic and Political Manuscripts of 1844" or some such. He once punched a blackboard when he asked "How many of you have read Etzione? and no hands went up. But I relate to your weighty matters comment. This week I hope to clear some clutter.

  3. Glad to hear you were able to take it easy and visit with your brother. Nice picture of the waterfall. I've had the same frustrations about Blogger not allowing part of my text to be formatted differently than others - it's not worth the worries. Take Care -

  4. I love the waterfall! Don't stress and enjoy the calm!

  5. And a good Father's Day Weekend to you!

    Totally Off Topic. I've decided to head out to Great Basin N.P. and then to either the Mt. Moriah or Jarbridge Wilderness Areas. From your time in Nevada, are you familiar with the two Wilderness Areas? (I've been to Great Basin before.) Any other recommendations. I'll be going in early October.


  6. Kenju, it's hot and humid here--probably 85!

    Michael, may you have good week and get a some clutter cleared

    Dan, I'm not sure why some things that should be so simple aren't

    Kontan, I am enjoying it!

    Randall, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! I haven't be to Moriah or Jarbridge. I've heard good things about Jarbridge and have been around MOriah (a friend and I took the old Lincoln Highway once across central UT and NV--it's runs just north of there, I think, we camped in the Schell Range). I have hiked and backpacked in Great Basin--I've been in snow there in August, so by October... Another place I'd recommend would be the Ruby Mts. south of Elko--the Ruby Crest trail is wonderful--I should do a post on that. I would also check on hunting dates and try to schedule around them. Most of my travels in NV--especially in the east, has been south of US 50

  7. I love the waterfall too, but I like the sculpture and the quote (I'm not a commie either, but I had to read a bit of 'The Capital' at college). The quote under the sculpture pic is beautiful and so true!

    I hope the weather gets better and it stops raining. (we're roasting here, no rain, just sun, facing a real hot summer).

    I promise not to fuss about the Blogger issues -they're a mystery to me!-

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Thanks Diane.

    Leni, I cleaned up the quote-I had written it from memory, but when I was in my office this afternoon, I checked it and didn't have it quite right. I also identified its source.

  9. Love the waterfall pic!

    I'm glad you were able to spend some quality time with your family. We had those gnarley storms blow through here as well. Is it me, or does it seem like the seasons are a little out of order this year?

  10. It must've been nice to relax and chat with your brother again.

    We've had quite a bit of rain here as well and the humidity is unbearable.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

    PS - Good thing you're not a communist. :)

  11. If reading Marx were to make you a communist then I wonder what I would be due to the things I have read?

  12. I read Marx to understand communism better. I tell you it didn't help me a bit!

    I like that photo.

  13. Waterfalls are very good stress-relievers.

    NetChick sent me here.

  14. Thanks. I was at Great Basin in late October and the weather was great, although they closed the road to the Wheeler Peak trailhead even though there was absolutely no snow.

    I'm thinking of flying to Vegas and then heading north on 93 to Ely for several days at GB and Moriah, then west on 50 and north to Elko and Jarbridge with Lamoille thrown in, before heading home. Any recommendations are welcome. Shoot me an e-mail (Address at my place.)


  15. nice pictures of the garden, comrade

  16. The quote looks centered to me. Do I have to walk you through that too? ;-)

    Happy Father's Day!

  17. I think it is good to read even things we may not believe in. How can you argue something that you actually don't even know anything about? People love to do that but you need to educate yourself. Awesome photos and I hope you've had a wonderful Father's Day.

    And thanks for the link!

  18. That waterfall looks inviting.

    BTW happy fathers day a little late :)

  19. Blogger is funny that way. I always have to manually go in and write the html code when something like that happens.

  20. Stephanie, the storms have been strong, but I don't think any stronger than other years-it's always fun to watch them come across Chicago and the lake--as they approach us!

    Scarlet, I think I mentioned to you about the Cuban physic professor in college who accused me of being one!

    Walking Guy, luckily we are not the sum of what we read!

    Gautami, Marx and communistic political system of the 20th century are two diffent animals

    Capt. Picard, yes, even artifical waterfalls like that one (they built those falls--they're not natural

    Randall--I'll email you later today--depending on what you want to do, I can help you in that area. Are you flying into Vegas because it's cheaper than SLC? Salt Lake would be closer to your destinations. There's also a Skywest fly from SLC to Elko (on it's way to Reno) or at least there use to be such a flight.

    David, thanks Comrade! lol

    Murf, getting the quote centered wasn't a problem, it was getting the rest of the text aligned--if you look it's all centered.

    Deana, it was a great Father's Day!

    Mistress, thanks!

    Ed, I hate playing around with html codes!

  21. Nice. I'd like to see the trout stream... :)

  22. Blogger is a pain like that! Oh well, in the end, who cares, right?

    Man, Murf let me down. I was totally expecting a crack on the communism thing from her :)

  23. TC - I like to be unpredictable. :-)