Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Minor League Ball

This is mostly a photo post as I don't have time to do much writing. I did take off long enough this weekend to go to a minor league ball game. For Single A, the Fifth-Third Ballpark is nice. And if if you don't mind being in the outfield, you can bring your own seats or a blanket and enjoy watching the game on grass. For those not from these parts, Fifth-third is the name of a bank... Lots of us wonder if we should trust our money to folks who can't do fractions.

It wasn't a great game, despite a respectable crowd. The home team, the West Michigan Whitecaps got creamed by the cross state rivals, the Great Lakes Loons (from Midland). The fireworks were suppose to start after dark, but with 16 runs, the Loons got a head start.That's the moon, nearly full, behind the stadium.
The second set of fireworks started right after the ninth. I should have brought a better tripod with me, but I hate lugging one of those big ones around and this small mini-tripod doesn't give me the sharpness that I like.
But for $5 (price to sit on the grass), another couple bucks for a hot dog and $7.50 for a decent beer (but that's a large plastic glass!), and a fireworks show, you can't beat it.
Today was a long day, but a good day! Tomorrow is to be another long day and hopefully just as good! Take care.


  1. I suppose the reason 5/3's only pays0.05% interest on savings is because we savers are underwriting their ball club.

    The wife went to a Tigers game last week she said a bottle of water was $6 maybe 5/3 should buy Comerica park.

  2. I've made it to third base before but never fifth base!?

  3. I love my Cardinals but it has become cost prohibitive to take the family to a game. I got some free tickets to a Cubs game recently and the face value was $75.00 per ticket. These were "box seats" 100 rows off the field. Toss in ten bucks for parking plus fifteen bucks per nose for food and it adds up fast. I don't see how families can do it more than once or twice a season, whereas I'd go to ten or twelve games a summer with my parents.

    That's why the minors are so popular: Decent baseball, future stars, and not a lot of cash.


  4. I welcome the distraction of a NASCAR race at this juncture, Sage. Nice post! Have a great day! :)

  5. I thought the photos were excellent, especially that last one. I can never get fireworks to turn out. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that my camera is five years old. And has a picture of Mickey Mouse on it.

    And from what I can tell, your single A stadium looks nicer than our double A.

  6. Walking Guy, the Toledo triple-A stadium is also 5/3, I think.

    Ed, what a name for a bank!

    Randall, I generally get to a couple of minor league games a year--in the mid-80s you could get a seat in Pittsburgh's upper deck for a buck on Wednesday night!

    Gautami and Venus, Thanks.

    Bone, it's a good stadium. Tell Mickey to hold his breath a while when shooting fireworks :)

  7. I love the photos! I need to head back to the ballpark without the dogs this time.

    You got a good deal, btw...and the fireworks shots are great!

  8. Great pictures! It's been a few years, but I can still remember how much fun I had at a minor league baseball game I attended. Currently, it would be a financial stretch to take the whole family to an Angel (or Dodger) game.

  9. The price is right for that ball game. Major league ball is way too expensive these days. Looking forward to more fireworks in a few weeks!

  10. i love minor league ball, so much more action and much less attitude.
    we have a team 1 hour away, and..... I need to get there soon.

    Have a great day, Sage

  11. By the by Sage I asked when I first became a customer of fifth third and I was told that way back when there was a third national bank and a fifth bank of something or other and when they merged the 5/3 became the new name.

  12. Scarlet, you're suppose to enjoy another kind of dog at the ball park, one with mustard and onions!

    Dan, Major leagues are so expensive--Although I'll say that I enjoyed going to a game once at Dodger Stadium.

    Beau, interestingly, there has been debate over the fireworks and the cost on them over the 4th!

    David, Enjoy--you're not much further than an hour from LA, are you?

    Walking Guy, That's what I heard too--the banks were in Cinny or Louisville or somewhere down there, I think. They came into this part of the country by buying Old Kent--another bank.

  13. Those are great pics, Sage. I love a good day at the ballpark. Nothing quite like it. Maybe once the sun decides to make an extended appearance in Chi-town, I'll head out to see the Cubbies or the Sox.

  14. good shots of fireworks!
    nice of Netcxhick to send me on a restful sunday afternoon

  15. You always post the most spectacular photos!