Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Big News (and why I'm unable to do a joy dance)

I know, I should be all excited and doing a joy dance! After all, the Steelers are headed to the Superbowl and Georgie Boy is back on his ranch in Texas and his frequent flier miles on Air Force One have expired. That said; let me start with the events on Sunday evening. The game was incredible. I was a nervous wreck (but not so nervous that I couldn’t iron shirts) until the 4th Quarter when Troy Polamalu incepted a pass and ran 40-some yards for a touchdown which pretty much assured Pittsburgh the victory. Then I could breathe a little easier and put away the iron to enjoy the remaining few minutes of the game. I hope McGahee is doing okay. On another note, it’s nice to know our President is a Steeler fan and that he received one of the game balls from Dan Rooney, the Steelers' president.

And then there was yesterday. When I first started this blog, Georgie Boy and his henchmen (and women) were often the target of satire. I wrote about Georgie encouraging America to adopt the metric system and how he and his fellow Republicans switched to dark beers. I also commented on Dead-eye Dick’s hunting forays and how Condi in one of her fashionable pantsuits, challenged Satan on his lack of credibility. But then, reality became so absurd that it overshadowed satire and writing about Bush & Company was no longer fun. So it was with great excitement, mixed with fear and anticipation that I watched the inauguration and Obama’s speech. He was wonderful reminding all of us that we have a responsibility in making this great nation work. But as I watched, I got more and more nervous. For you see, I had a meeting with the doctor yesterday afternoon, at 1:30 PM, for some minor surgery… When I set this date back in December, the inauguration didn’t cross my mind. So instead of watching the gala in Washington last night, I slept soundly thanks to the wonders of some little pills.
Today I’m a bit sore. Joy dances, along with shoveling snow and cross-country skiing will have to wait a few days. But don’t worry, I am doing okay. In other news, for the second time in a week, we had temperatures in the positive this morning (it was 16 degrees F). Of course, that was at 8:30 AM, I didn't get up at my usual 6 AM, so I'm not sure how low the temperatures dropped last night.


  1. I really don't mind a US that uses the metric system. And don't forget to change the paper size from Letter to A4 too! Your dark beer post is funny. Did OSU really do a study on that? Anyway it's after 2pm now, and my free redicals are running loose (what a nonsense but who cares), so I guess it's time to go get some beer now! Yeah!

  2. Change is certainly here, I just hope it proves to be positive.

    Hoping you heal quickly and pain free.

  3. Hope you're feeling better now!

    And don't worry: seems like you can't turn around with additional coverage of the big day, so even tomorrow you should be able to find it somewhere and do a dance. Or there's always YouTube several months down the road.

  4. I somehow managed to watch the third quarter of both games and missed the ending. I'm looking forward to watching the commercials in a couple weeks.

    Hope your recovery is going well.

  5. I hope you'll recover quickly, Sage.

  6. Be assured that the overnight temperatures hit the single to minus digits. At least on the East side of the mitten.

    I will be so glad when enough time has passed that I never have to look or hear about the village idiot from TX unless it is in a history book.

    I think I'll pull for the Cards.

  7. Mother Hen, The story that I based my little parody on said they did that study--of course, I took great freedom in defining a "free radical"

    Kontan, this morning I feel a lot better, not like ready to go to the gym, but enough that I'll head to the office

    TC, the truth is, for me to dance, I'd have to have more alcohol than I allow myself or that is good for a person!

    Ed, forgot the commercials, that's when you fix food or drinks...

    Thanks Kenju

    Walking Guy, it was in the 20s here this morning! But it drops back off later this weekend. Cards? Uck!

  8. Obama has tough times ahead with the whole world having so much hope..

    Ah well...

  9. Let's hope things get better before they get any worse.

    I hope you're feeling better!

  10. I'm a huge proponent of both alcohol and dancing.

  11. Finally got those angel wings removed officially, eh? :-)

  12. Excellent point. After awhile, no satire was needed. Simply playing direct clips from press conferences was hilarious enough.

    Also, Murf is trying to convince me to switch from boxers to briefs.

    Please advise.

  13. Gautami, you're right, a lot of people are pinning a lot of hope on him

    Scarlett, I'm okay, I was back to work today

    Fantasy Life, I don't drink enough to dance!

    Murf, but the halo remains

    Bone, (this falls into the same category as your comment on me wearing shirts) I don't care whether you wear boxers or briefs, you can wear either one as long as I don't have to know or look at them!

  14. I hope you are fully recovered now! What kind of bloggie friend am I to let you linger three days without my feel good blessings? I'm so Sagistic! ;) Sorry.<- Notice w/out the exclamation for I think sick people need their quiet.

  15. Hope your surgery went well.

    Oh, and I have a school girl crush on Polumalu.

  16. It's been an absolutely wonderful week. I feel so at peace now.

  17. The Cardinals beat the Ravens, so I'm not liking the Cardinals right now... I'm a PA girl, so by default:


    I hope you're out skiing soon. Hang in there