Saturday, October 04, 2008


I took the photo last October on a river trip.

It almost got to freezing last night—it was 33 degrees at 6:30 AM! Knowing that cooler weather is coming, I spent some time this afternoon splitting wood. I don’t like to start the fireplace season until it’s freezing, but that won’t be far off. My weekend has been crazy and with a lot of extra stuff going on with work. Next week won’t be any better. I’m already beginning to long for the week I’ll spend down east in North Carolina this November. Let’s just hope its cool enough for the Blues to start running along the coast so that I can enjoy a few days fishing.

The big news for Michigan is that John McCain is pulling out and conceding the state. I’m not sure if it’s because of the work of Karen, or maybe it’s because he learned that Big A, Murf’s husband, is supporting a Democrat for the first time in over two decades. The good news is that we’ll not have to listen to as many political ads. The bad news is that the state will still be in an economic depression.

Like a lot of you, I watched the debate the other evening. Palin wasn’t the entertainment value that I’d hoped, but she did better than I expected. Her strategy appeared to be, “when in doubt, or when you don’t want to answer a question, talk about drilling.” Biden did a good job, but he never had the potential that Palin had for a total meltdown. I was hoping the Senator would ask the Governor, “In what newspaper did you read that?”

It is amazing that Congress couldn’t pass the 700 billion dollar bailout, but easily passed one that included another 150 billion in additional pork projects including help for wooden arrow makers. Heaven help us! Just in case, I think I’ll reread The Journey of Crazy Horse (which I never got around to writing a review). In it, the author tells about how the Sioux make bows and arrows (believe it or not) without congressional supplements. With a fine bow and a quiver full of arrows, I’ll be ready if the economy goes completely south to harvest a few deer that seem to like my bird feeders. Yes, I do own a few guns, but the powers-that-be here tend to frown on discharging firearms within the city limits.

Okay, enough ranting, someday soon I hope to be back to publishing regular post. If not, I’ll have to start recycling older posts.


  1. I've only seen McCain's ads here in OR a few times. Perhaps he isn't interested in us either. But I'm not complaining though. What's the population of the whole US? 300 million? Why don't they leave out the rich and give 95% of the populations a million each? That will only cost what, 300 billions? With a million in hand, I can pay off my mortgage instantly, buy a beautiful kayak, take a vacation, and instantly all the credit crunch and financial crisis is solved. No need 700b actually. Of course, the people in power aren't paid to think. Gosh, they should pay me right? haha :)

  2. NC in November, huh? I hope you have a great time while you are here, Sage. If you will be in the area, give me a call. Perhaps we could have coffee or lunch.

  3. Brrrrrrrrrr! Cold here too. I've been pulling my plants in the last couple of nights. I'm soooo not ready for sn*w. Or winter.

    I played sand volleyball last night... my feet have not been that cold since I jumped in the Arctic. I honestly couldn't feel what I was stepping on again. Ridiculous.

  4. Mother Hen, Sounds like a good idea, except I think there is a problem with your math. To give the 285 million "non-rich" Americans a million, you'd have to have 285 trillion dollars (not billion), right? Gee, working with these kind of numbers makes my head spin.

    Kenju, I would except I doubt I'll be in Raleigh--I will probably be in the Pinehurst area for a day or two and the rest of the time on the coast

    TC, I love the snow--sand volley in this weather, you're crazy (but that's a good thing!)

  5. It's been getting a bit cooler here too, which is nice.

    And the cherry on top of McCain pulling out of Michigan? Palin read about it (so maybe she does read a paper? or did someone else on her staff read it and tell her?)on Friday. Yeah, McCain consults her regularly and obviously values her opinion.

    Her presentation wasn't too bad - if you don't mind that the person speaking doesn't appear to understand the words she's reading from 3x5 cards. :-)

  6. And it is 32 degree Celsius (90 deg F) here. In October that used to be unthinkable. However, one good thing is we are having autumn break till 12 October.

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  7. It almost touched freezing here in the Great White North last night, too. I love that snap in the air: took a walk with out daughter last night and we spoke about it all the way to the grocery store and back. I love this time of year, and you capture that spirit in your pictures and words so beautifully.

    I watched the debate, too, and although Palin didn't implode as expected, I still think she's a horrible choice for almost-leader of the U.S. She has no depth, continually harping on the same let's-cheerlead-McCain message when she realizes she's out of her league.

    I suspect it won't matter in the end, as the Republican ticket looks like its coming apart well before election day. Too bad, as it's been an entertaining ride!

  8. Loving the cooler mornings around here! I can't wait to take a day trip for a little hiking. I hear Morrow mountain and Uwharries are a good place for day hikes and low impact for the kids. I'm in desperate need of a tranquil outing.

  9. Diane, cool in Southern California?

    Gautami, what a difference a C (celsius) makes!

    Carmi, it's interesting getting the Canadian (and other nation's view) on our politics

    Kontan, a long time ago, when I was in college, I hiked the Uwharrie Trail early in January--it was beautiful (and ocld). I've also canoed the Uwharrie River, that's pretty country you're now in.

  10. I didn't notice her cover by talking about drilling. I just thought she covered by trying to look even cuter than normal, gosh darn it. I enjoyed the split screen that at least C-Span had going and watching Biden's bemused expression for 90 minutes.

    I saw the movie Nights in Rodanthe on Friday where the wild horses of NC are mentioned. Have you seen them?

  11. If only we could tell when there as a change of seasons in this town...and if only I could remember what the roar of a fire looks/feels like up close.

    Have fun in NC!

  12. Murf, more correctly, when she didn't want to answer a question, she talked about energy. As for the horses, I've seen them on Shackleford Banks and Ocracoke Island... I've posted pictures of them on Shackleford--look in my November 2007 or Dec 2005/January 2006 archives

    Scarlet, at least you're coming toward the end of hurricane season!

  13. You're right, there are 12 zeros. Ok, so make it 100 grand per pax. Well, this is called Wishful Thinking :)

  14. Well, when Palin pronounced nuclear "nucular", and I cringed in a way that is normally reserved for when Bush speaks, I had to change the channel. Ugh!

    Good luck w/work this week. Sounds like your having a hectic time.

  15. Hang in there. Just recycle desert photographs. (My wife thinks it's time for a road trip out west for me at the end of the month, inasmuch as I've been so busy. I'm thinking Zion N.P. for a few days.)


  16. I thought Palin was like one of those dolls with a string on her back that when pulled, says one of six pre-recorded messages.

    Iowa hasn't ever been in the mix this year so after we got the first caucus of the election out of the way, it has been pretty peaceful. We still get the national ads but not so many of the localized ones that we've had in past elections when our state was in play.

    I see the 810 billion bailout bought us a stock market continuing to sink with the experts now saying the housing market must first stabilize before the bailout can be put into effect. Makes me wonder what their hurry was then.

  17. I wish I lived in Michigan so I wouldn't be inundated with at least one set of political ads.

    Used to go up to Danbury, NC for Thanksgiving. No wild horses, but plenty of wild turkey (the animal and the whiskey). Great memories. Have fun.

  18. sage - ok, cooler. I'm wearing a sweatshirt to walk the dogs at 6 am!

  19. Wow, Ed Abbey really nailed Palin.

    I watched the debate, but from now on I think I'll just catch the SNL version. There's only so much condescension your average Joe Sixpack can take, doggone it.

  20. I fear the smear campaign now under way. It has worked before. Hey, I wonder who the banker from Floyd was. We have always only had two banks. The Bank of Floyd and The Blue Ridge Bank, which is now Carter. But another has just been added. I can't remember the name.

  21. I so wanted a Palin meltdown but days of coaching spoiled that...I could have used a good laugh. Or a smack down.