Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daydreaming (in the dark)

When I was out running the dog this evening, I noticed the giant square of Pegasus, the fame mythological winged-horse, high overhead. I wanted him to sweep down and let me jump on his back and take me to a place where I can see from horizon to horizon, where the sun rises red in the morning behind desert mountains and sets the same way in the evening, where the wind picks up in the mid-afternoon and blows till sunset, where one can be alone with the vast expanse of creation, a place like this…

I think this photo is from Burns Junction, Oregon, I know its somewhere between Winnemucca, Nevada and Boise, Idaho. I snapped the photo in late August 1990 and copied it from a slide.


  1. It looks like an old western movie set!

  2. Ah, the clear blue sky, the rugged mountains in the background, sagebrush dotted the barren land, this picture is certainly taken on the east of the Cascades, where every hike, every breath, every sight, every touch is intoxicating. Oregon looks forward to your return.

  3. It does look like an old western set. Wouldn't mind being in it now

  4. Oh man, I just realized I forgot to go for a drive and look for the meteor shower last night. Bummer.

    I'm so impressed by your ability to look for Pegasus: I can barely manage the big dipper.

  5. When I pass a place like that out west, I cannot help but stop and have one beer, just to say I did.


  6. I wonder what is the significance of a white horse. I've seen lots of establishments by that name over the years and almost all have been our west.

  7. One mythical creature, I dream about is the unicorn. Since chilhood.


    Have I really grown up?!

  8. Kenju, yes it does!

    Mother Hen, I am longing for such an intoxication

    Pia, I think that bar could be a neat setting for a story...

    TC, I forgot to look for meteors too, but I looked up at about 9 PM and the Great Square was brilliant--go out about 9 PM, look straight overhead and then just to the south and east and you should be able to find it (my directions will only work for those close to my latitude)

    Randall, I agree, I've had many beers in such places, but if I remember correctly, this one was closed when I was there

    Ed, I don't know what the significance of the white horse is, but I've seen the name in other places too

    Gautami, If I can dream of a winged-horse, a horse with a horn isn't that weird!

  9. Ah, yes... Freedom, liberation, the wild blue yonder. Understood completely.

  10. The place doesn't even seem real to me, like something from the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando.

    I would love to step into a scene like that, horse or no horse. ;)

  11. Epiphany, Yes, flying out of here

    Scarlet, yes, it's a real place and there's places like that all over the intermountain west

    Deana, thanks.

  12. I agree with Pia, it looks like old western set. It always attract me most to see an isolated premises somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Not just enchanting, but rather mysterious and unique. I shall spare my breath for a visit to this place. Thanks for sharing Sage.