Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Colors and a Meme

Life’s been too crazy for me to even think about writing stories… I even missed the debate the other night because I was in a 4 hour meeting with architects and construction managers and the like. So I decided to quickly do a "fantasy/I want" meme that came from Mother Hen. I am also posting a couple of photos of local color for those of you who don’t get to feast on the leaves changing during fall. I had a meeting out of town this morning and decided to take the more direct (but it takes longer) dirt road back! The first shot was taken through the windshield. Enjoy.

If I can have any car in the world…

I really don’t lust after cars. Maybe a Model T Ford or a 1969 Opal GT,

If I can live anywhere on this planet

It’s have to be somewhere in the Northern Rockies or maybe Eastern British Columbia or maybe at a hot spring on the Izu Peninsula in Japan.

If I can have the talent for any sport…

I’d lead the Pirates to the World Series and have stars up there in the nosebleed/cheap seats out above center field, indicating where Willie Stargell and I hit home runs. Oh wait, those stars were in the old Three River Stadium and it’s gone, but this post is a fantasy so it doesn't matter.

If I can have anything to drink in this world….

It would be a bottle of well-aged Jefferson Reserve bourbon from Kentucky. Second on my list would be a bottle of Flora de Cana Grand Reserve Rum from Nicaragua.

If I can excel in any profession…

I would be an engineer on a mountain railroad. Maybe I could work for Union Pacific on the old Denver Rio Grande route, making the run from Denver to Salt Lake, climbing up over the Rockies. But there are many others, making the run through the Sierras over Donner Summit, from Reno to Sacramento; or the old Feather River Route, coming off the Black Rock Desert and winding through the northern Sierras. Then there are routes in the east, along the Chessie Line from Charleston WV to Charlottesville VA… or the Clinchfield Route in the Southern Appalachians. To experience the seasons, the colors in the fall, the blankets of snow in the winter, the flowers of spring would be half my pay.

If I can have any man in this world…

I’d shoot myself… Not really, but I'm not interested in having a man... But if it was any woman, I’d take the young Veronica Lake or maybe MaryAnn (of Gilligan's Island, that is before she became the pot-smoker pin-up girl)!


  1. Love the foliage pictures, Sage. I rode that old Chessie route through Charlottesville and went on to NY, in 1960, I think.

  2. The "If I can have any man" line caught me off guard.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Love that second pic especially. I'll be driving thru the forest tomorrow on the way to the Bama game, so I'll be able to see what our foliage looks like.

  3. beautiful lovely...great pics.

    gotta go with Bone, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I was caught off guard...your answers give insight though!

    have a great weekend

  4. Kenju, I rode it in October 1994--from Chicago to Charlottesville, then to Atlanta

    Bone & Kontan, I was just trying to be funny (I hope it wasn't seen as a bash on gays). As for the women, I thought picking a dead actress and "Ms. Girl Next Door Turned Pothead" were safe

  5. Everyone wish for the same, 'ifs'. Luck is not always on our side. Its a good post. And, not mentioning the pictures, great colors.

  6. Your pictures are so stunning. Hope your life calms down a bit :)

  7. I'm gonna do this meme too next week!

    All I can say when I look at those pictures is...lucky you. ...and thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Sage: What FANTASTIC photo skills you have! I have to laugh because I'd rather be in that architect meeting than watching the debates! Far more interesting!! Also, a friend of mine who is 85 called me to say she was cleaning out her closets and came across an UNOPENED 40-year old birthday gift. I asked her to read me the label. She said it was Johnny Walker Red and was it worth anything? I couldn't stop laughing! I told her it was not something she could sell on eBay, but maybe a close relative might enjoy it as a Christmas present!

    Have a great weekend, Sage! :)

  9. I really appreciate the pictures of your local color, because I do not get to see the leaves changing where I live. So, thank you! I also enjoyed reading your meme answer. I always preferred MaryAnn to Ginger.

  10. I've always leaned toward Mary Anne as well. I like wholesome pureness instead of made up fakery.

    Part of me wonders if the druggie Mary Anne would be kinda fun at a party.


    The pics in this and your previous entry, btw, are stunning. The water reflection shot should be framed.

  11. Mary Ann became a pot smoking pin up girl? Being a girl not into--not that there's anything...I must have missed that

  12. Cyclops, you're right about luck!

    Mistress, did you catch my Pgh reference?

    Epiphany, I'll look forward to your email

    Michael, those meetings get tiring!

    Dan, i remember the first fall I lived out west--I drove down 395 to Yosemite, looking for patches of aspen turning color

    Carmi, Mary Anne's mugshot looked like drugs haven't done her any favors

    Pia, yes, she was caught a while back growing pot in her home (I think she's now in Idaho).

  13. Thanks for showing me what a real autumn drive is like. ;)

    I love your answers to "if I could excel at any profession..." (especially that last part where you would like to experience all the seasons!). You and me both!!!

    Btw, it just goes to show you...the quiet ones like Mary Ann are more trouble than the Gingers of the world. Beware of the wholesome types! :)

  14. You have such nice down to earth answers. What a well adjusted guy! And I love your colorful autumn photos.

  15. Once again, educated and enlightened by "musings by sage"! Such interesting answers about some places and things I've never heard of! Love the idea of being a railroad engineer to see the changing seasons. It sounds like a great plan! In my part of the south we are not gifted with such stunning season changes, so thanks for sharing yours!

  16. Can't go wrong when you pick a 'Mary Ann' regardless of how it's spelled. :-)

  17. Love the photos and the meme. Those were some fun questions!

    I'd want a '69 Stang. Red.

    Kaibab National Forest Area.

    I'd play beach volleyball like MM and KW. I mean, seriously, they are amazing.

    Blanco de manzana. It was a drink I had one night in Granada that I've never had again and I guess I want to see if it's as good as I remember.


    A normal one who loves me, his life, his family and the hypothetical children we'd have. I don't have many daydreams for "famous" men I have to say.

  18. Scarlet, yes, I've learned that lesson, too. I think it really means, beware!

    Deana, aw shucks!

    Susie, We use to make trips to Western NC during the fall--I've even been to Montreat during the leaf season-its beautiful.

    Murf, I'm sure I offend her by misspelling her name...

    TC, mentioning Kaibab Forest makes me miss living in SW UTAH

  19. TC mentioning MM and KW makes me miss MM and KW.