Thursday, August 02, 2007

Queen Anne's Revenge: A Poetry Thursday Entry

Queen Anne’s Revenge

I spot ‘em everywhere,
in fields and along the highway,
white lace on lithe bodies.
Synchronized dancers,
clad only in lacy slips,
divert my eyes
and distract my thoughts
when they sway in the breeze.

I don't know why I'm doing all the writing exercises this week. But seeing the fields of Queen Anne's Lace got me thinking. I sat in a meeting most of today--and kept looking at the field outside with the swaying Queen Anne's Lace, that diverted my attention from what we were talking about. If my memory serves me right, Queen Anne's Revenge was the name of Blackbeard's ship, which has absolutely nothing to do with the poem...


  1. I miss Queen Anne's lace so much! We had fields of them behind our house when I was a child. I'd always go on the trails into the woods and pick bouquets of that and buttercups for my mother in the such thing out here in the hornets like Queen Anne's lace?

  2. Your poem struck a chord with me - I'm often distracted from meetings by the flowers or the birds outside. Is it bad of me that I'll often choose my seat so i can see outside?

  3. Daydreaming about lacy slips? Is this your mid-life crisis starting? :-)

  4. thanks Diane, the photos were taken in the field behind the building tha I was locked in yesterday for 6 hours worth of meetings. Luckily, my chair faced the window...

    Constance, thanks for visiting

    Non-angel, probably, but there's no place to hang the pinita in that field

    Crafty, I too am easily distracted, but I'm also able to listen to the conversation while watching the flowers and birds and whatever else is going on outside

    Murf, I've been on a mid-life crisis since I turned 25!

  5. There is a local pottery maker that fires all her pieces with a piece of Queen Anne's Lace in it. What remains is a darker impression and is extremely beautiful. My mom owns quite a few pieces of her pottery.

    Queen Anne's Lace may be in trouble unless they come up with a cure for the current bee problem. The Lace flower is very difficult to pollinate and thus is only done as a last resort if there isn't easier nectar to gather nearby. With fewer bees, it may be reduced to a few wild clumps here and there.

  6. Re: your comment to Crafty, I knew when I visited you weren't really listening to me! :-)

  7. Ah! matey you're right...about the name of Blackbeard's ship. The one he purposefully sank to steal the loot from most of his crew, I think. Now to the poem. you should write more, it's beautiful!!

  8. Ed, that pottery sounds beautiful

    thanks Paul

    Murf, I don't have a good outdoor view from my office, besides I can listen and look, I can multi-task!

    Pat, thanks for confirming my memory and for your kind comments on my attempts at poetry.

  9. Very nice pics, Sage and I love the poem. Synchronized dancers - a nice image!

  10. Sage did you actually write that? I am not much of a poetry person but I do enjoy the ones I can understand and relate too and that was just great. I love watching the Queen Anne's Lace blowing in our meadows. It is so dainty and formal to be so wild!

  11. I think you were mentally reorganizing your bookcases when I visited. :-)

  12. Thats Okay, just blindfold me, gimme a stick, and you can go stand in the middle of the field and say "buzzz". I'll find ya.

  13. No Angel - I volunteer to photograph this event. :-)

  14. Oh, how lovely - the poem and the photographs! Thank you for sharing them with us - I never see Queen Anne's Lace anymore, transplant to Southern California that I am.

  15. Thanks Kenju

    Yes Deana, I wrote it and took the photos

    Non-angel, what you're saying is you'd like a swing at your old boss' head! And I'm sure Murf would love to photo that!

    This girl: thanks.

  16. Sage, Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog.

    Nice pictures. The conference rooms in my office building have no such beautiful sights to see.

  17. Swingin at your boss' head is the American dream personified.

    I don't consider you my old boss...that was for like what...2 weeks?

    You're just a pinata wannabe. Say it with me now...BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  18. Nice picture and matching words. 'Synchronized dancers, clad only in lacy slips,' is a vivid description.

  19. Dan, neither does my office (I have a small courtyard). My old office (at the place Non-Angel lives) had a wonderful view of a canyon running up into the mountains.

    Non-Angel, it was four months, wasn't it... (it was just that after a few weeks I'd accepted another job and was on my way out and for that reason you might want to take a swing)

    tumblewords: thanks!

    Mistress, yes it is, maybe next I'll write an ode to the other late summer flower, chicory.

  20. A combination of a pretty picture a well-crafted poem and some highly worthwhile daydreaming. I'm glad Michele sent me your way today!


  21. Words and pictures, poetry and art: who needs more?
    Michele sent me,

  22. revenge and lace: doesn't that sound like a nice title for a mystery novel?

    (whom Michele sent).