Friday, August 31, 2007

An Open Window: A Poetry Thursday Submission

This is the last of the Poetry Thursday writing exercises. The good folks over there have something new up their sleeves, starting on September 4th. Since it is the last one, I wanted to participate, so I scribbled out a few words. I know it's no longer Thursday here, but I'm hoping that somewhere, near the International Date Line, it's still Thursday. The theme for this week is “an open window.” I’ve been very busy and didn’t have the time to spend polishing it (I would like to make the two halves more parallel, but that’ll have to wait. Also, in looking for a photo, I wasn’t able to find one with blowing curtains (I know I have such photos, but not in recent “digital” shots, so I’m posting this with a photo through the dirty porthole in the Big Sable Lighthouse on Lake Michigan.

Curtains blow in the breeze
in front of an open window
embracing the goodness offered by nature:
cool fresh air on a warm night,
the sounds of nature’s opera
and the soft rays of the morning sun.
But if you’re not careful
that open window will also let in the riff-raff:
gnats and swarming mosquitoes,
blowing rain and cold,
and, of course, the boogey man.


  1. From that serene feeling, I am jolted out by gnts and mosquitoes.

    I do not think it needs polishing. It has that poetry feel to it, if you know what I mean. Instead of going all about stuff which are dreamy, I like poetry which is more real. This one is.

  2. I like your choice of photo even if it wasn't the one you preferred! The poem is well done - I particularly like the last line indicating that open windows are conducive to more than one outcome!

  3. The dark side of an open window was thought provoking as I ponder the boogy man from my locked window. lol

  4. Everything was going so well and then the bugs and boogey man showed up. How real it is.

    I should write a poem, but I don't know how. :(

    Have a great weekend, Sage!

  5. Thanks you all. Scarlett, I'd tell you how, but I don't know either. I've never studied poetry, but I know what I like

  6. i love open windows, but they do come at a cost.
    here from Michele's meet n greet

  7. 'sounds of natures opera' - what a wonderful line, so evocative...

    The poem is so uplifting, until the last line.....


    Michele sent me to say hello, sage