Saturday, December 03, 2005

An Anniversary

It was a year ago today I set up this blog. Didn’t really know why or even what I was doing, it just looked like something fun to do as I read some other blogs. It took a while for me to gain a voice here. I’ve tried to play around with various genres: poetry, satire, parody, nature, food and travel. It’s been an interesting experience as I try to keep work and family out of the post for privacy reasons and so I can say what I’m feeling without looking over my shoulder or asking permission. Hopefully, some of you have been amused, some of you have been entertained, and occasionally, a few of you have had your conscience pricked. Some of you probably even find me to be a bit of a prick (like only baking pies in pottery pie plates or cornbread in cast iron skillets and some of my other "standards.) I appreciate all your comments and have enjoyed meeting and discovering the uniqueness about each of you that read and post. Thanks! Now lets see where this second year takes me…

Although today is an anniversary, there are no parties planned. Sorry to disappoint you, but if you like, have a drink this evening on me, toasting in my direction as I’ll be at a Christmas party and will need all the help I can get!

By the way, I still don't know what I'm doing. For the life of me, I haven't been able to figure out how to put people's blogs that I read on the sidelines or how to monitor where you all come from and all those other neat things that some of you are so good at.


  1. Hi And Good Morning...I'm here via Michele! I'm so glad to here that you still don't know how too that blogrolling thing..or track people...aftera year of blogging!!(LOL) I am not sure I'll ever get how to do these things, myself...And iI've been blogging almost 2 months. (the first month was at a different addres...)
    Anyway, I'm happy to meet & greet you and I wish you a very appy Anniversary and many more to come!!!!

  2. Michele sent me to visit with you in the snowy midwest, Sage.

    Congratulations on making it a year. I've still got a ways to go to hit that landmark. I started up on the inauspicious date April 1st.

    I can identify with your post below. It seems everyone I know loves Cracker Barrel and wants to eat there. While you normally like them and just didn't want to eat there that day--I really don't like them at all but often have to go. *sigh* Sometimes it's edible, but I really like Wafflehouse a lot more. LOL

  3. Happy anniversary, Sage! You are a wonderful presence on the Internet, and I'm happy I found you.

    I am NOT here via Michele. :-)

  4. First of all...who in God's name is Michelle? Does she own shares of Blogger, or something? Everyone visits here via Michelle, but I've never seen her comment! ??

    Okay, so, I, too would like to thank you for your presence in the blogosphere. You are a down to Earth breath of fresh air, and I admire you for that.

    Thank you for your integrity, too.

    As far as linking goes, you should just check out
    That's where you can most easily set up a link list and then just add people to your list with one click of a button. (otherwise you have to tinker with your template and HTML over and over...which becomes a pain after awhile and you'll just end up at anyway!)

    After you set up your Blogrolling account you just paste the HTML code that they give you into your template (You'll see where the links go: right after your profile. Just erase the 'googlenews' links, etc and paste the HTML in its place).

    If you need more help, just let me know!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    And I wish you many more happy years of bloggin royalty!

  5. Sage! First off, hugs and all that for the link. Any and all news, good or bad, it so greatly appreciated.
    Now, to put the blogs you read on your side bar, go here to subscribe.

    If you want to e-mail me I will help you along the way in getting it on to your blog. It really helps to have the ones on there that you read because you can check it and see who has a new post up.


  6. happy anniversary!!! i enjoy stopping in to see what you have to say and the exciting things you've been up to.

    the things you mentioned learning to do are simple code deals that are easily found. others have made great suggestions. i just write my own in and that works for me.

    kontan jou!

  7. I don't know what I am doing either, Sage, but we do enjoy it all anyway!

    I tried, but after I got it registered, I had no idea how to get it into the blog template. So I wish you good luck!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I will be HAPPY to show you EXACTLY how to get your links set up on the sideline and also to get a free counter going. Just email me by going to my blog, clicking on my complete profile, and then clicking on email. Really. It would be my pleasure.

  9. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for visiting my site.

    I had trouble putting links into my sidebar too, until I got brave and starting hacking around in the template. If you find the section in your template where it shows "Links," you can see how they code for that and then just copy their format and put in your own information. It's intimidating at first, but once you do it you'll see it's not that bad.

    Good luck in year two with your blog!

  10. WAY TO GO!!!! (smiling)

    I think I may just make a little drink...what the heck...will toast to you...okay. (smiling)

    Would have been glad to help you...I helped Lil Bitty with her links...actually they are in her comment section...that easy.

    Good luck with this upcoming year!!! Humm what is on the list for topics...any ideas? (smiling)

  11. Cheers! Congrats on the one-year anniversary!

  12. Congrats! I'm only 4 months in, and I know how hard it is to keep it up!

    If you want me to walk you through the adding of links (without messing with registering somewhere else, etc) just email me through, and I'll try to help.

  13. Hi Sage!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today! Happy Blog Anniversary! :)

  14. speaking to kenju

    I just figured out the blogroll thing took me awhile too. you dont put it in your template! it does it for you. first get rid of your links (but save them of course!)and put in your links where it asks you to in blogroll! and go from there! it took me months! i even gave up once, but when i tried again...i got it! LOL I hope this helped some

  15. I gather from reading past posts, that you keep a journal of sorts. I have kept a journal for years like the men of my family have over the last sixty or seventy years. I always loved expressing myself in my journal but always felt something lacking. Writing a blog has been a good extension of the pen and journal and I suspect maybe the reason for your blog longevity is that you feel the same. Also, most of the men I most admired like Edward Abbey, Aldo Leopold, and distant cousin Ralph Waldo Emerson, etc. kept journals. They all published widely known books eventually so it can't all be bad.

    Happy Anniversary.

  16. thanks for all your offers to help--when I get some time, I may take one or two of you up on it.

    Ed--as far as I know, I'm the only one to keep a journal in my family-and have been doing it ever since I graduated from college. Some stuff have ended up in print, but I've yet to write my great american novel or my memoirs.

    I also like Leopold and am ashamed to say that I can't recall reading much of Emerson except for an essay or two in school. If you like Abbey and Leopold--have you read Mark Spragg's memoirs, "Where Rivers Change Direction" or any of Craig Child's writings?

  17. I haven't but they are now on my list.

  18. Happy 1st Anniversary Sage :)Wonderful to meet you half way across the world.