Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Report

The day started out foggy. It was kind of eerie last night, you could see the fog rise from the places were there was still snow on the ground. It was heavy enough this morning that the schools were on a two hour delay. As I was heading to school first thing this morning, the delay gave me time to do other stuff…

Spring is on its way. There are daffodils sprouting up around the house and should be blooming soon. As the snow retreats, I have one of my least favorite tasks--poop patrol. This morning, while waiting, I noticed the brown piles across the backyard. I was hoping it was where the snow plow guy missed the driveway or where moles had dug up the yard, but I wasn’t that lucky. I got busy with the scooper and a pocket filled with plastic grocery bags. There was a lot of poop to scoop, a good three months or so worth of it. By the time I was done, I had filled four grocery bags which I placed into a large garbage bag and will send out in the trash on Monday.

I made sure that I washed my hands before taking my daughter to school. March is reading month and someone thought it would be good to have guest readers in the school and that I’d be a good one, so this morning I headed to an elementary school and read stories to a bunch of second graders. It felt good to read Thomas the Tank Engine stories again, along with other favorites from my daughter’s earlier years. In the afternoon, I took a walk along the old railroad grade that runs beside the river. The ice was mostly melted in the backwaters behind one of the dams and the open water drew in several dozen swans. Out in the river, away from the swans, two sets of Canadian Geese were having a hooking contest. I wonder if those birds ever get strep throat?


  1. I used to read Thomas the Tank Engine stories to all my grandbabies, and my older grandson had the train and we played with it for hours!

  2. Our snow is now completely gone but everything is a muddy mess and I can't quite yet get off hard surfaces to check anything out. (It also rained everyday this past week) I'm hoping for some dryer weather next week to get out and see life without snow.

  3. I would rather hear Canadian Geese than Guinea Hens. When we lived in Tupelo, MS our neighbors had several and our dogs found them tasty. I feel only slightly guilty that I didn't strive to prevent the demise of the hens.

  4. "Poop Patrol:" One of the reason God gives us children.


  5. Spring will be around in just a few days. It's been such a hard winter over here, the coldest in many years. I'm glad it's almost gone.

    Nice to read that you're bringing back nice memories by reading "Thomas the Tank Engine" to the kids!

  6. I can't believe you posted a picture of poop. You've taken blogging to a new level.

    I don't think our schools have ever been delayed by fog. Threat of tornadoes? Yes. Any possibility of snow? Always. But fog? I don't ever recall that.

  7. I was thinking the same thing as Bone. Even I've never done that. :-)

    With your accent, I would've scheduled only you to read out loud for the whole month.

  8. Can't you talk Murf into coming up to clean up all that poop for you?

  9. Kenju, I picked up the complete stories of Thomas when my daughter was around 5--she also had the track and we played many hours with them.

    Ed, the only snow we have is in parking lots

    Kontan, Guinea hens are just dumb!

    Randall, and my daughter has worked hard on the gag reflex as a way to avoid such chores...

    Leni, unlike those to the south of us, this has been a fairly mild winter

    Bone, i'm setting a new standard, I like that! Maybe i should write a companion to your bathroom rules--one for dogs

    Murf, I'd spend all month reading and have not time to scoop poop!

    TC, That would require me to be nice to Murf!

  10. Heaven forbid THAT ever happens. :-) Just in case the mood hits, I've stockpiled Target bags over the winter so you don't need to supply me with any poor quality ones from your Piggly Wiggly there in town. :-)

  11. Sage: During my first conversation with little Trevor Tredaway, he told me about Thomas the Tank Engine!

  12. Oh thank God, you washed your hands! Not sure I could have read the rest without that line
    Continuing on the poop theme. Where did it come from? Do people bring their dogs to your land specifically to poop for some reason? Is it because they know you will clean it? Can you put something up with plastic bags in it and a big sign "poop scoop, please."?

    Was your daughter pleased or humiliated that you read to second graders?
    I have no idea why I'm asking so many questions

  13. I missed this one... but laughed at your "poop pile." Same here, but thankfully they seem to go far enough from the house by the trees or brush that I dont' usually worry about. That is until I get a rude surprise!

    Love the swans in that picture...

  14. I like it! wiahing to see snow too...