Saturday, February 20, 2010

This, that and the other

I had great hopes to do a lot of writing this week. After all, my schedule wasn’t overbook and I had some extra time, but for some reason, my muse just didn’t show up. I should have know by now that I never really feel like writing unless life is chaotic and hectic and deadlines are staring me in the face… So, what did I do this week? I watched portions of the Olympics, trying to catch as much skiing as possible. I started out the Olympics being furious with the announcers who embedded a commercial for some new Dreamworks movie into their script. I wanted to scream, instead I struggled to find the mute button on the remote. Other than that, I have enjoyed the Olympics and the USA is really racking up the metals.

As some of you know, I’m involved with a fairly major construction project that go off slow and way too much work has had to be done in the winter. The good news is that we’re far enough north that we’re getting the benefit of global warming… We’ve had a mild winter and a lot of work has happened so on Tuesday, a couple of guys joined me and we prepared a Dutch Oven lunch of baked chicken, potatoes and cobbler for 44 construction workers. We had enough food, but there were no left-overs! It was a lot of fun and hopefully they know that we appreciate them working through the winter.

The cooking crew... Don't tell Osha that I wasn't wearing a hard hat.

Eating in the partly constructed building...
Another thing on my to-do list was to give the dog a bath.. There is a new doggie bath at the car wash and I decided to try it out instead of messing up a bathroom. It worked well, but next time, I’ll just mess up a bathroom because I can clean it for what it cost. Trisket wasn’t particularly happy as you can see from this photo taken on my blackberry. Or maybe it’s because the camera flashed and the dog doesn’t like that. The good news is that the dog doesn’t smell like one anymore… The have a number of shampoo settings for dogs, including a skunk-scent remover. I’ll have to remember that in case my dog ever decides to get personal and up-close to nature. But if he does, he's riding in the back of the truck, not up front.

Other than that, I hit the gym four days this week. I skipped Friday because I was a chaperon for the Middle School ski club in the evening. Even though the hills here aren’t as large as Vancouver, I can assure you they were just as icy. A night of skiing on icy runs does give a little burn to the thighs. I was hoping to do some more cross-country skiing, but the warmer temperatures have, once again, ruined the base we had. We’re suppose to get more snow this week.

Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll finish my next segment in my Appalachian Trail hike, where I hike over Mt. Washington and the Presidentials in New Hampshire. I also have some more stories to write about the desert southwest… Maybe this week, but that’s what I said last week.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I wondered what you've been doing. You're busy, even if you're not writing.

  2. What a hectic schedule, Sage! Good that you hit the gym. That is always a great feeling for me too. I sense that your dog will never warm up to the idea of a bath. Great pics and great post, as usual!! :D)

  3. That's not too bad for not being inspired! Sage, please, don't get stressed about blogging deadlines. Life is already stressing enough and this is just for fun.

    Really, you're a busy guy. But I'm glad to see that you're working on a project that's progressing. Everybody seemed to like the Dutch oven!

    So after work you probably need to release adrenalin doing some exercise!

  4. Feeding the collection of working men is never a bad idea. Write when you feel like at Sage as long as you're busy the time will come for everything you've yet to do.

  5. Our similar project has officially finished up and we dedicated the building three weeks ago. What a tremendous sense of relief. There is still some landscaping work to do but since I volunteered to take your share of the snow this year leaving us with the snowiest year in our record books, it will have to wait until the snowpack recedes.

    Funny how the muse deserts you at times. I struggle with coming up with a blog post at times and then somedays I will write a couple weeks worth of posts in one sitting. You just never know when...

  6. I hate it when the Muse is late, as it has been for me recently. I think I need to fire it and advertise for a better one, what with the economy the way it is. I'm sure there are plenty of better qualified Muses out there.


  7. Kenju, it does seem that I always have soemthing to do!

    Michael, the gym is a life-saver. the busier I get, the more I insist on making time to work-out.

    Leni, you're right about not blogging is to be fun and isn't something to stress out over, thanks!

    Walking Guy, it was fun feeding them!

    Ed, congratulations and thanks for taking the extra snow!

    Randall, Wonder if Sharon Stone is available... She was a Muse in a pretty bad movie (it may have even been named Muse). Even in a bad movie, she was good looking, I was just glad I watched it on an airplane and didn't pay extra to see it.

  8. I should have know by now that I never really feel like writing unless life is chaotic and hectic and deadlines are staring me in the face…

    Thanks for letting my secret out. Now everyone knows I've had nothing to do for months!

    I was scared when I first saw that dog photo: I thought some "roasting" might be going on.

  9. Awesome dutch oven stack. I haven't seen one that tall before... I'll bet it was good! I need to mirror your workout schedule :o

  10. I've been wanting to try one of those doggie wash places but it seems easier just to take Hooch every other month to the groomer who also is kind enough to pinch his anal gland and give him a bandana for his troubles.

  11. Oh, I forgot about that horrendous what-Olympics-were-like-in-the-time-of-Vikings crap! I meant to include that in my Olympics post.

    Cobbler is always good.

  12. Ed..
    I appreciate that you volunteered to take some of Sage's snow, but I think he tricked you, because this week we're getting it by the boatloads!