Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This and That

Sadly, the baseball season is over. Making it worse, the Yankees won. That oversized city loves to buy itself the best ball team has also elected itself the most expensive Mayor. Go figure. Speaking of politics, I have gotten to where I hate the news as they seem to always attempt to make news and their reporting on this past mini-election was so overblown. Two governors and one representative election in rural New York wasn’t exactly a vote of confidence on anyone’s agenda.


I spent nearly two hours in the dentist's chair yesterday, receiving my second crown. The last time I had such dental work done, I was rear-ended by a school bus driving home. This time, the only bad thing to happen this time was the Phillies croaking. The last time I wrote what was probably my most popular blog post ever as I sarcastically recalled my visit to a dominatrix. Looking at some of the people who found my blog via google in the weeks that followed, I’m sure many were greatly disappointed. I have a beautiful dentist. She so dainty, but when she approaches your mouth with a handful of metal instruments, her hands suddenly appear to be the size of a catcher’s mitt. Thankfully, she is merciful. I could get used to that gas she offers. I don’t know why it has taken me a lifetime to discover, but this is the first dentist office I’ve gone to that offers the gas and after once trying it, I’m hooked. I just hope I didn’t say anything too stupid.


I was so whipped out after the dentist, that I came home and laid on the couch and watched "Bound for Glory," a 1976 movie about Woody Guthrie… Although I don’t think I’m related to Woody (maybe I should have Ed Abbey check this out), I’m sure I inherited some of his wanderlust.


In a previous post on hiking the Appalachian Trail, several of you were impressed with Daddy Long-legs looking over a small rock outcropping. Not to let DDL get all the glory, I decided to post the photo to the left. This was taken on my last day of hiking the John Muir Trail, when I took a side trip up the backside of Half-dome in Yosemite. A wrong step and you’d have a couple thousand feet to make your peace with your Maker. After I finish my Appalachian Trail posts, I’ll have to dig out my John Muir Trail journals and write about those hikes which I took in 1995-1997.


Although I don’t normally talk about my family, I should at least brag that my daughter has made the state middle school honor’s choir. Of course, that means a lot of weekend trips to various corners of this state. It’s odd to have her in middle school, but she’s doing well. If I had ever gotten the kind of grades she’s earns, I’d been orphaned as my parents would have had massive heart attacks. On a personal bragging note, and one that should cause a dozen English teachers to spin in their grave, I sold another magazine article. Although I've had lots of stuff published over the years, most have been in academic journals that don't pay. It's always nice to get a check, even if it don't make me rich.


  1. I'm stoked for your John Muir series, not that I want the AT to end anytime soon, mind you.


  2. What? Baseball was being played? Who knew!

    As you can see, I don't follow baseball. Or watch the news these days, for similar reasons to yours.

  3. I am getting some dental work done and I know how it feels to be trapped in that chair. It sure feels like a place of no return!

    To boot it all, she is charging a fortune!

  4. Congrats on your article sale :)

    Agree about New York's mayor--nobody I know voted for him, but can't help but love those Yankees. Think part of being a New Yorker is having Yankee fever

  5. Randall, I may take a break on the AT writing, after all 2100 miles is a long way and the JMT is only 220 and about 3 weeks of hiking...

    Charles, I haven't given up on baseball, just the news!

    Gautami, may she give you some of that magic gas to make the work seem less traumatic

    Pia, Congratulations on the Yankee win then, but I still don't like 'em! :)

  6. Wow! Congrats to both you and your daughter, you must be so proud. And maybe a small feel-good to balance the dentist chair, ugh! I've only got one crown, and hopefully that's it... :)

  7. Congrats - I know you are proud!!

    That's a great photo; where were you?

    Congrats on the article and getting the check! That's terrific!

  8. Ver ver good first to the kiddo for her fine accomplishment and to you for braving the big bad dentist.

    And the sale too of course. Well done Sage.

  9. Beau, my daughter has been the source of much joy in my life.

    Kenju, the photo was taken in Yosemite

    Walking Guy, she's not big, but looks can be deceiving!

  10. Wow. You were about half a mile closer to the edge there than I would have gotten.

    Double congrats to you and your daughter. How exciting to sell an article to a magazine!!!

  11. Found you from Tanya netchick..

    Have a great day hope you've recovered from the dentist..congrats to your daughter's achievement.

    Dorothy from grammology

  12. My earlier comment was not accepted, trying again.

    Congrats on your magazine article, congrats to your daughter too.

    The picture up there is... scary. Right at the edge!

    Here from Netchick.

  13. Well, I couldn't agree more about the election coverage. Sheesh!

    I need a another root canal, but have been putting it off because of cost for that - as well as the crown. I've never used the gas. I'm too much of a control freak. Even though I would have no idea what in the world to do should something go awry!

    That is wonderful about your daughter! How proud you must me.

    AND congrats on the articles. It must be truly rewarding to be paid for your writing. Well done!

  14. Sage, I'm late for this post but i hope you still can read my comment.

    Yes, indeed, this picture is beatiful but it looks real scary to me, afraid of heights as I am!Doesn't it look like the stone behind the one you're on is about to fall?? Oh my.

    I hope it wasn't too bad at the dentist. I hate it too, though he's a vvery nice guy and it never hurts, but, gosh, it's not a nice visit.

    And last, but not least: I hope your daughter does fine at school -her grades speak for a very intellingent young lady-.

    And very last, (but not least) congrats on the published article! (You remind me of a doctor friend of mine who often publishes scientific papers. He also claims he won't get rich writing them, but he likes to do that. That's a good reason to go on, isn't it?)

    Take care.

  15. That is an excellent exposure picture. I have a collection of 'instant death' pictures showing me in places just an instant, or more, from death and that one would qualify. That one would in fact beat all of the ones I have.

    Unfortunately, I have a lot of trips that were PJ or pre-journal. I have thought about recreating some from memory. I look forward to yours on the Muir trail.

  16. Congratulations on the article, Sage! Your Dentist sounds intriguing!

  17. I just wanted to add a correction to my earlier comment. I meant to type "imminent death" and not "instant death." I knew it didn't quite feel right when I typed it and now several hours later, the correct word hit me.

  18. Holy crap, you were close to the edge!!!

    (Of insanity.)

    OK, I had to. Sorry.

    Congrats to you and your daugther! Wanna send some of my stuff to the same magazine and highly recommend me? :)