Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thoughts while walking in the rain

We’ve been having some rain. It all started this weekend with a series of popping thunderstorms on Saturday. Saturday night I had a bunch of people over, just after a major thunderstorm, and everyone was commenting on how tranquil my dog was. “Well folks,” I told them, “there’s a reason they call those little pills tranquilizers.” My dog was stoned, but at least he didn’t tear the house up trying to find somewhere safe to hide.

It has kept on raining and the grass is now bright green. I’d plan to spend this morning with a few experts in the woods, looking at wildflowers… They all cancelled out. Since I had to work to keep my schedule clear, I decided not to let a little water ruin my chance to be out of the office. I put on a rain jacket and headed out into the wilds. Enjoy the photos. Because the ground was so wet, and I draw the line at wallowing in muck and didn’t take a lot of close up shots. I did get one of a May Apple. If the first sign of spring is Skunk Cabbage (see my earlier posts of them breaking up through the snow), when the May Apples begin to unfurl their parasols, it’s a good indication that spring is here to stay (It better be, my snow shovels are stowed away).

Yesterday, GM announced a restructuring plan. Will it work? Who knows. But what I’d like to know is this: Who are the idiots that brought GM stock yesterday, driving the price up nearly 20% (even with that gain, it was only trading barely over 2 bucks a share, and today it’s back down well under the $2 ceiling). According to the plan, if it works, the government will own half of GM common stock, the union's pension fund will own another large chunk, and then their bondholders will get a block of GM stock, leaving the current GM stockholders with approximately 1% of the company! Now granted, 1% is better than 0%, which is the other option, but that still leaves the question, why would anyone want to buy GM stock and become a current stockholder? The silver lining in all this is there’ll never be another Smokey and Bear sequel. By killing off the Pontiac line, Burt Reynolds will have to find another car in which to run from the cops while seducing Sally Fields.

Listening to all this talk about swine flue, it sounds as if Porky the Pig is getting his revenge or the horses of the Apocalypse are in the starting gate. But then, how long was it after I got back from Mexico that I started hacking? I still haven’t kicked the sinus/bronchial infection. Don’t worry; I’m pretty sure I don’t have swine flu. Just in case, I’ll try not to cough on the keyboard. I’d hate to infect my readers.
Breaking News: Realizing that the name “Swine Flu” was destroying what little self-esteem pigs have, our government is now encouraging us to call the illness H1N1. R2D2, president of the URA (United Robotics of America), called the latest government action an insult to hard working robots everywhere.

Was hiking in the rain while trying to beat an infection the brightest thing I've done? Probably not, but I needed the time to get away and think.


  1. You're not known for your brightness, Sage. ;-)

    Does the dog take the pill well or do you wrap cheese around it?

  2. Love the wildflowers!

    A blog friend of mine calls Swine flu the "porcine peril".

  3. These lovely photos make me want to pull on my rubber boots and go a-splashin!

  4. the photos are lovely. I took advantage of some nice weather this past weekend to go hiking in the wetlands. it's so nice just to get out and about.

  5. Skunk cabbage is your sign brother, that spring has sprung on this side of the state is...window pulsing deep bass of hoopdies rolling through the 'hood.

    Them buying GM stock are those trying to make a few pennies off a temporary increase when other traders see it being bought, then selling at where they think the days peak is.

  6. Thanks Murf, I love you too... The dog gets the pill in a piece of cheese or lunch meat

    Kenju, like that name!

    Jay, there is something to be said about walking in the rain!

    Diane, yes, it's always nice to be outdoors

    Walking Guy, I'll stick with the Skunk Cabbage. My personal feeling is that short term capital gains should be taxed through the roof--the stock market is to raise capital, not to be an acceptable for of gambling for those who don't like casinos. Tax short term gains at least 50%!

    Venus, thanks for stopping by.

  7. I don't understand the run on GM stock either. I think my financial advisor and I would have a few words if I found out he was putting me into GM stock, or chrysler or ford either for that matter.

  8. Poor puppy. :(

    I'm glad you didn't let a little rain and bug keep you enjoying the flowers after all.

    the new name.... we had a good laugh at that yesterday morning too.

  9. Wonderful pictures and ramblings... sometimes getting out is just the thing. At least when I get tired of being sick you reach a point where you say, "Enough!" Or one's spirit does... then you go back and fall on the couch or something :)

  10. Sage: My Mom recently visited me here in Arizona and your post made me more aware of how much she commented on the mountains, the desert vegetation, clouds and so forth. There is LIFE in your photos, my friend. Glad the puppy is settling in. Those who are buying up stock are short-selling it for a buck, Sage. Only the risky people do this. GM is going to file Chapter 11 and that stock will be wiped out.

  11. Great pics.

    Re: GM, the bondholders are really getting screwed. In a true bankruptcy situation the bondholders get paid off first. In the new scenario, bondholders get bubkus.


  12. As for GM Stock, I wouldn't buy it.
    Yeah, we need to stop picking on pigs. H1N1 sounds so much more hipper.

  13. Ed, I just have a great distaste for using the market as a casino, which is what they're hoping to do

    Lisa, the dog's fine--he's no longer a puppy--in dog years he's now older than me!

    Beau, being out in the rain does me good on occassion!

    Michael, Yes, I understand short-selling, I just don't like it! It's a scary time here in Michigan with GM woes.

    Randall, wouldn't GM's underfunded pension obligations take first position in bankruptcy?

    Appalachianist, It's all about sounding hipper!

  14. A ton of schools around here are closing until next week sometime because of two suspected cases of swine flu.

    Kinda glad I'm headed to the beach tomorrow.

    And now you've left me to ponder the high point of Burt Reynolds' career for the rest of the evening.

  15. Hinking in the rain...don't get sick with that Swine flu lurking.

  16. Love the flower photos. I think the white ones are anemones?

    And walking in the rain when you have a cough is sometimes very effective if the cough is soothed by the humidity. Just make sure you have some hot soup or cocoa afterwards.

  17. We've been getting soaked most of the week, too, but I haven't been able to get pictures as artful as yours. Funny you should bring the dog up, as ours has decided he hates walking in the rain. He sits pathetically on the porch, refusing to step off until I pick him up and carry him to the corner. Thankfully there was a break in the rain this morning, as I was getting tired of this ongoing battle of wills with him.

    Tanya sent me today, and I'm so happy she did: I'm smiling for the first time all morning!

  18. Have they made Trans Am in years? I used to love those redneck muscle cars back in the day!
    I really like your photos. We were so green and now we appear to be flooded. I know it will go away soon enough but we have gotten SO MUCH rain. It has beaten down my flowers.