Thursday, May 01, 2008

This just in...

I had to go to court this morning… Sorry for those who wish otherwise, but the law didn’t finally catch up with me. I went voluntarily in order to watch my daughter try her first case as a lawyer (I thought I’d raised her better!). The good news is that she won. The bad news is that she won and took away the child from her mother and gave the child to some dwarf that practices magic and witchcraft. Yes, this all happened in our local county courthouse. My daughter represented Rumpelstiltskin in his complaint against the queen. It was all a play put on by her fourth grade class (however, the voting of the jury wasn’t in the script, they had to make up their own minds). May 1 is Law Day and this was part of the celebrations.


  1. For a min. there I thought you had a daughter we didn't know about, the one you had when you were 12 years old...because to have a daughter graduate law school at your age is almost impossible, isn't it?

    Anyway, I'm so glad to hear it was a play and that she won the case.

    "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys," and daddies, don't let your girls grow up to be lawyers! :)

  2. That sounds like it was hilarious to watch. I can see her becoming Judge Judy in 40 years. I don't think they do that around my neck of the woods. Unlike your hamlet where the worse thing someone does is steal lots of mufflers, our courthouses are too busy with real cases, I guess.

  3. Scarlet, thanks for the compliment--I've been asked if my daughter is my grandfather... And I know people younger than me who have grandkids in her grade!

    Murf, you're forgetting about the Meth we manufacture and ship to your side of the state!

  4. Good for her!!!

    (not all of us attorneys are bad! :-))

  5. This week has been too much for me...first you review a lesbian flick and now you use a drug term. What happened to the sweet, poetry writing Sage of old?

  6. That's an interesting concept for children, let them learn theatrics and law at the same time!

  7. Diane, I know that! But you're all such wonderful targets to make fun of...

    Murf, I noticed you didn't comment on the lesbian flick!

    Karen, you should have heard her shout, "I object!" And she's not allowed to watch "Law and Order."

  8. eeeeek! Rumpelstiltskin?? i'm now rather scared that your daughter has the formidable mind power that would be needed to get kids to forsake the idea of 'mother'. wendy would turn in her grave!

    well done that girl anyway ;) must have been a blast! :)

  9. You had me going, Sage! But I didn't think you had a daughter old enough to be out of law school! Too funny.

  10. You stopped me just in time getting cross-eyed! Here I was thinking you had fooled us by claiming to be 50 years old. A lawyer daughters means, you gotta be at least 15 years older!

    Great going for you daughter. Hope she turns out to be a fine lawyer! Are you gonna encourage her?


    PS: It sure feels good to be back in circulation!

  11. Better be careful. It's stuff like this that sent me down that career path.


  12. Keda, she's a smart girl and she wanted to "win" the case!

    Kenju, but I could have a daughter that age!

    Gautami, it would be easy for me to have a daughter that's 25 and through law school... but i'm a late starter.

    Sherman, you and Diane--my two attorney blogger friends.

  13. had me going there for a second!

    Sounds like it was fun to watch!

  14. That was due to the 'shadow of a bare breast'. I did want to ask how many shirts you burned by leaving the iron on them too long when a "good" scene was on. ;-)

  15. Joe, it was great to watch. She was in her element!

    Murf, Did I say shadow? I meant silhouette… No shirts burned.

  16. What do you have with thirty dead lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

    A good start.

    Sorry R. Sherman but I couldn't resist a lawyer joke.

    That's nice that your daughter got to use a nice setting for a play. All ours always took place in the school gym which took imagination on the audience's part.

  17. Funny but I wondered for a quick sec and then thought "school"

    Love the way they used a fairy tale---maybe her teacher was making a statement about the court system

    Been thinking about you on the Grand Strand as the weather is beginning to become beautiful--I have to make today a beach day as I wrote all last weekend, and it's a perfect day

    Was going to send you an email with the picture in my post but don't seem to have your address--so shoot me something

    My custom version of WP doesn't let more than thumbnails--am trying to work around that so I can do basically picture posts for the summer

  18. Careful Ed, Not only is Sherman a lawyer, but so is Diane. And Scarlet is a legal assistant!

    Pia, sagecoveredhills (at) works. I'll love to see your pics.

  19. I was thinking...does he have an older kid that we didn't know about. That is cute.

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