Thursday, May 29, 2008

A 3 Word Wednesday and a Southern Haiku

The last two days have been great--sleeping in and taking my time and not having to worry about too much... It's nice to be on vacation. I played around a bit with poetry this afternoon. Yesterday’s Three-Word Wednesday assignment was to write something using the following three words (match, illegal, blurred). I don’t know why these words brought the mind Bonnie and Clyde… There have been enough poems and lyrics written about the two and now here is my attempt.

A match made in heaven,
theirs were not.

Petite and refined,
a lover of words and a desire for fame,
Bonnie fell for Clyde and together they ran,
leaving behind a string of illegal deeds
and a winding trail of spent shells
from Clyde’s Browning Automatics
till one day in late May
on a dirt road in Louisiana
the law caught up.

Deafened by exploding gunpowder
and vision blurred by the flying lead
their match were broken with their lives
eternally separating
the two.

As part of Maggie’s Southern Summer Reading Challenge, she’s sponsoring several mini-contests. One is to write a haiku to describe one of the books you’re reading. The winner of her contest receives an autographed copy of Mudbound, donated by the author, Hillary Jordan. My haiku describes Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray.

Crazy ancestors
Cars in Longleaf, wiregrass yard
Rusting, a childhood


  1. Thanks for playing Sage. Words are like games, aren't they? I love the way your mind draws a picture with only 3 words of association. I tried a Haiku w/ your 3 words.

    Bonnie and Clyde, matched
    Illegal turns in the road
    Two lives become blurred.

    You are an inspiration! Read an extra book for me. :)

  2. Don't all Southern writers have crazy ancestors?


  3. Sad to admit, I know next to nothing about Bonnie and Clyde (other than the fact that they were criminals). Interesting read.

  4. I suppose I will have to check out Bonnie and Clyde. I am sadly lacking in that direction.

    I like both your verse and the haiku.

  5. I didn't do Maggie's challenge this year unfortunately. I don't have any Southern books on the horizon.

    I loved the movie Bonnie and Clyde and I loved your Haiku!

  6. ..can't help thinkin abt the movie when i think of bonnie and clyde... it was pretty powerful in it's time... glorifying a life on the run... yr ku was awesome...