Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter afternoon! It is a nice day here in Upper Midwest, the temperature hovering a bit above freezing and a blanket of snow covering the ground with more promised for tomorrow night and Tuesday morning. That Ground Hog must not have been worth the price of his sausage… Easter is all about the open tomb and it looks like we have an open tomb in the backyard, but that’s actually my daughter’s snow cave. She dug it in the snow bank at the turn of the driveway, where snow has been pushed up and will stay long after the rest melts. It’s quite a cave and opens to an igloo like room in the middle (with a tarp on top that’s now snow covered). The cave is large enough the two of us to squeeze into it. Some kids have playhouses; others have to improvise with a shovel and what nature provides.

We did have an Easter Egg hunt. Now my daughter has a nice basket, one of those Longaberger Baskets, which normally looks pretty spiffy when filled with eggs. On a normal Easter, she’ll hold it, wearing a spring-like dress, posing and making funny faces for an Easter photo. So much for that! This year, she’s gets to wear her snow suit and instead of using the overpriced basket that might get damaged in the snow, a plastic movie popcorn pail has to do… By the way, just so you don’t get the wrong ideas about me, I didn’t buy her the Longaberger Basket. I’m way too cheap; that’s what grandparents are for! If I wanted to collect baskets that expensive, I’d taken up basket weaving in college.


  1. What an adorable photo!

    Hope you and your family had a Happy Easter.

  2. I hope you had a Happy Easter, Sage. I still can't believe you left paradise to move to all that snow.

  3. Geez, I nearly got a panic attack at the thought of crawling into that snow cave.

    You guys should go visit the Longaberger factory somewhere in Ohio. She can make her own basket there.

  4. Wow! What a difference from our Easter Sunday.

    I love everything about this post, from the "empty tomb" reference (and photo) to the movie popcorn pail.

    The second, that's a classic!

  5. Never underestimate the value of being able to build a snow cave -- it's quite the overlooked skill these days.


  6. Someone gave Little Abbey a chocolate rabbit in a plastic easter themed bucket just like your daughters. Being cheap like you, we recycled it for the other easter egg hunts she attended. Fortunately she is too young to fully appreciate the candy without bouncing off the walls so I get a new supply of chocolate for the time being.

    Happy Easter!

  7. Diane, I hope you had a wonderful Easter too.

    Karen, it's her father's genes :)

    Joe, go to see you back in Blogland!

    Kenju, maybe I should title my autobiograph Paradise Lost? I think the copyright for the title of the other book by that name has expired.

    Murf, weave a basket? Kind of like build a bear?

    Scarlet, I doubt you see too many snow caves in Miami!

    Mr. Sherman, they're nice to sleep in (if you're bag is waterproof) when it's really cold

    Ed, (in a Murf like way) I take it that instead of Little A bouncing off the walls, her father is bouncing off the walls.

  8. Exactly like Build-a-Bear but I think Longaberger's target audience is 4-5 times your daughter's age but I bet she'd have fun.

  9. Wow, I don't see any eggs. Did you hide them before the snow?!?!

    That could be tough :)

  10. I have thinking of changing my vocation. Maybe I should take to basket weaving!

  11. How cute!!! Did you guys leave the eggs white so they would hide better? :)

    The snow cave...totally cool

  12. Goodness that is a lot of snow. I have never had the chance to even have a snow cave! I hope you and the family had a very nice Easter!

  13. That snow cave reminds me of lots of good childhood memories. Thanks!