Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday 2008

My grandfather, the farmer, always planted his garden on Good Friday. That’s what you do Down South, with the belief that what goes in the ground on Good Friday won’t stay there, but will come alive and thrive. I always think about him on this day. I was at church for the noon Good Friday service. When I went it, it was your usual Michigan gray skies… When we came out, less than an hour later, the snowplows were running. After stopping at the gym, I came home early in the afternoon and decided that instead of planting a garden, I’d bring in a load of wood and set a fire in the hearth. (The photo is looking west from the front porch.) My daughter wants to dye eggs. I told her the best camouflage this Easter would be to leave the eggs white, but she insists we dye them so she can find them! So this evening I’ll dye eggs with her and help her figure out some science project involving magnets while catching bits of the Carolina game. Ya’ll have a wonderful Easter weekend. And, by the way, does anybody have an egg salad recipe to share?


  1. I make mine with low fat mayo and a spoon full of dijon mustard. Some finely diced onions mixed in add a new bite, too.

    And your daughter is 100 percent right about needing to dye the eggs!

  2. I don't have a recipe for it, but I'll sure help you eat yours! I would add diced celery to mine. Egg salad is one of my favorite things, especially on toasted wheat bread with lettuce. Happy Easter!

  3. What science project is it? I truly miss doing any science projects. Seems like a long time ago.

    Have a great weekend!

    Today I visit you via Michele.

  4. Since we're just north of where the snow ended, we dodged the bullet here, not one snow flake. We're snow-free at the moment.

    Happy Easter! :o)

  5. Happy Easter!! I wouldn't recommend any planting this year, since Easter is so early!

    I thought the song was White Christmas and not White Easter!

  6. Diane, the dijon sounds like a nice touch

    Kenju, actually instead of onion or celery, I often use grated sweet pickles

    Gautami, she is creating a space shuttle and space station and using the magetics to dock--to draw the shuttle to the station. I tried to talk her into a motor or generation or something, but she wanted to do something in space

    Karen, tomorrow I may post pics of Easter Egg hunting in the snow

    Mistress, I don't have a garden anyway! Did you see my previous post--set in Pittsburgh?

  7. I use pickles too, Sage, but usually dill pickles! Michele sent me.

  8. I'm a traditionalist - just eggs and mayo.

    We got about 8 inches of snow last night. I think I've finally had my fill of it.

  9. Beautiful photo! We didn't get any real snowstorm this year. Just some flakes. :)

  10. That's a beautiful photo no matter what holiday it is.

    I like the tree planting idea. I want to create memories like this for my kids.

    Happy Easter!

  11. I shared your post - the part about how leaving the eggs white would camouflage them better in your snow - with my family. They were amused with your attempt to get out of dying eggs with your daughter. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen table after dying eggs with my daughter.

    Your picture is beautiful. It helps cool me after today - here in L.A. it was in the mid 80's, but felt like 1000 degrees on the softball field.

  12. beautiful pic...sorry, no egg salad recipe. ew.

    we spent the afternoon painting eggs. love it. :)

  13. Kenju, life's too short for dill pickles :)

    Murf, if your snow was like ours, the first two inches was heavy slush--a pain to shovel

    Tim, for PA not to get any real snow is something usual!

    Scarlet, snow is always beautiful. Have a blessed Easter

    Don, good to see you back in the blogging world. It would be a bit difficult to play softball here, right now.

    Kontan, what's wrong with Egg Salad? If you don't eat egg salad, what do you do with the Easter Eggs (making devil eggs seem a bit sacareligious). Have a wonderful Easter.

  14. Here in the Ozarks, the tradition is to burn the woods on Easter Sunday to kill the ticks for the summer. It probably won't happen today, though, inasmuch as it snowed this morning.


  15. Hi Michelle sent me over, hmm egg salad sorry can't help ya there, plant on Good Friday, that would be an interesting concept in Scotland.

  16. We got snow this month as well, though not as much as you did! Spring has definitely sprung down south!!!