Monday, January 14, 2008

This and That and the Other

I haven’t done a hodge-podge post lately, but there are some things I want to share with you and other things to get off my chest. The photo was from the New Year Eve’s storm. We’re getting more snow as I write.

Tomorrow is Michigan’s primary. I’m at a loss as what to do. On the Democratic side, there is only Hilary Clinton as a candidate (Edwards and Obama are not running because the state broke the party’s rules about primaries). Furthermore, the Democrat National Committee has threatened not to allow Michigan’s delegates to be seated. Some Democrats are voting undecided, so that someone in the party can select non-committed delegates for the convention. I don’t like the idea of voting for no one, but I also don’t like the idea of not having a vote. Many Democrats, it seems, are going to go over the Republican side and vote. I even got a computer call today suggesting that all Democrats and Independents should do this… It’s appealing to go vote against Mitt Romney, but it would mean that I’d have to go to the dark side for at least a day and that the Republican party would get my name as having voted in their primary… I’ve never skipped a primary, but that’s my other option. Any suggestions?

I only caught part of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion” this weekend—the section titled “Lives of the Cowboys.” Someone was trying to get Dusty to join a cowboy organization, but he didn’t want to have any part of it. When they started telling him about their charitable work, Dusty said that he prefers to do his own… “My cause is fallen women” he proclaimed and went on to say the he makes sure his contributions get to the right place by giving them directly to fallen women. I about ran off the road laughing.

In a not so laughing matter, did you read that the FBI has lost wiretaps because they didn’t pay their phone bill? Instead of being surprised that Bin Laden hasn’t been caught, we should be amazed when they actually do apprehend a criminal. Somewhere I heard it joked that the phone companies will take the FBI’s word when they say the court order is in the mail, but they draw the line when they say the check’s in the mail.

In another laughing matter, I’m going to finally get my Christmas letters out this week. That’s right, I even missed the Orthodox Christmas celebration (but I think I’m still within their 12 days of Christmas). A few years ago I stopped worrying about getting my Christmas letters out before the holiday—which should be okay for I find that I’ve had more time to read those that have arrived since Christmas than the pile that arrived in mid-December. I’m not going to bore you with my entire letter (besides, it says stuff on topics I refrain from talking about here), but I will let you have a peak at my first paragraph.

It should now be obvious to all of you that my Christmas cards and letters never made it. As late as it is, I can’t even blame it on the inefficiencies down at the Post Office. So this year, instead of writing a Christmas letters like almost everyone else, I decided I’d add a new twist. In Christmas letters (according to some etiquette I’ve read), you’re not suppose to brag about your great feats, nor are you to try to convince folks that your kids are the closest thing to perfection since that child born in Bethlehem two millenniums ago. So in an attempt not to upset the descendants of Amy Vanderbilt, I’m creating a new genre, the birthday letter. It’s my birthday and I can do whatever I please, etiquette or no etiquette! I’m celebrating another trip around the sun and move securely into my 50s (51 for those of you who must know). Happy birthday to me, but more importantly, I hope my birthday finds you all happy and enjoying life.
Now, those that forget my birthday—which is Wednesday—will feel doubly bad! Well, maybe not.


  1. Well, then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY!! See, I don't feel badly at all, Sage.....LOL

    As to the vote problem? I'd go to the dark side for a day and vote for the lesser evil, whomever you think that is. More LOL.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Personally, I don't think I could cast a vote for a Republican . . . I'd vote undecided, or for Hillary if that is who you support.

  3. Can't you just give Mit a pity vote? I thought it would be kind of cute for the mitten state to vote for Mit.

    I remembered your birthday. It's actually on my Outlook calendar and my reminder just popped up while I was typing this so on the off chance I forget tomorrow, happy birthday. Gonna treat yourself to working out behind a girl in a bouncy ponytail tomorrow?

  4. I GOT IN...just in time to with you an early Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy it!!

    BTW..."How old are you now??"

  5. The Michigan Primary is just plain...Weird.

    I had to laugh at "Giving money to fallen women" myself. I've develpoed a knack for listening to Garrison Keilors "Writers Alminac". I've disturbonly come to the conclusion, Sage, that some of the stuff I've written is classified as poetry. I stand to be caled hypocrit.

    Now the FBI, does that not figure?

    Happy Birth Day Sage!

    (Murf, good one, "Mitten state to vote for Mit". LOL)

  6. I haven't forgotten about tomorrow...yet.

    I would go to the dark side and vote for the lesser of the weasels. That way your vote counts for something.

    With any luck, Iowa will lose our first in the nation status four years from now and none of this will be an issue anymore.

  7. Well, Sage, I've decided not to vote here in the Michigan primary today because, as hubby said, "I have no intention of voting uncommitted just so some party hack can make my decision for me".

    And hell would freeze over before I'd vote for any rethugs.

    On a happier note...I'll be back tomorrow for your birthday party!! :o)

  8. Kenju, Thanks.

    Diane, I am so mad at our state (both parties) for this sham of a primary!

    Murf, one Mitt is enough--we don't need another

    Scarlet, simple math, how old I'll be tomorrow minus one--but you're just trying to get me to admit it, eh?

    App, from what I heard the NC legislature refused to jump on the early bandwagon and will still have the primary in the spring. Good for them!

    Ed, maybe MI would become first and I can find some candidates to buy me a cup of coffee! I got seven hours to decide if I'm going to vote and I'm not going over lunch because I'm here typing...

    Karen, yeah, we can celebrate the end of this so-called primary... It's snowing on this side of the state, a good reason not to venture out...

  9. Happy birthday!!!!!!

    I think you should vote in the Republican primary just so you can have your perfect primary record. Also, you can see what it feels like to take a walk on the dark side. You might enjoy it. You never know. ;o)

  10. Today is officially Wednesday so Happy Birthday!

  11. Kontan, Thanks

    Jaded, I did vote in the other primary (don't think bad of me Diane), and came home and took a shower and discovered that Romney still won

    Ed, thanks! It's just another work day

  12. ♫Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy, Happy, Birthday to Sage,
    Happy Birthday to you!♫

    Come over 'here' , I have a surprise for you! Also, maybe you can add an update on this post after your visit... you'll see what I mean!

    Also, please come back over to Namaste', I answered your remark.

  13. Boy, Karen's entry makes me regret accidentally deleting the previous blog and the picture that I "manipulated" for your 50th.

  14. I enjoyed- well not enjoyed- but I liked the way they had to sit around the table and just talk Tuesday night, the democratic nominees. Could you imagine Bush being able to even do that and be civilized, well spoken and mature? Martin had to explain to me exactly what was happening with the Dems. up there. I am excited to get to vote in my first primary coming up soon.

  15. I would never think bad of you! Hope you had a lovely birthday!

  16. Happy b-lated b-day! I'm slow at b-day wishes all the time :)

  17. Karen, thanks for the cake, I love it!

    Murf, I don't think I saved that either :(

    Deana, no one is sure what's happening with anyone up here... It's getting to the point that the last one out will have to turn off the lights

    Diane, thanks... I guess I got you fooled :)

    Thanks Mistress

  18. The Garrison Keillor thing was great. I laughed with you. The wiretapping blurb was interesting. I did a post this week, welcoming the tappers to my site! Enjoyed visiting with you - Jennifer