Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Snowfall

Happy New Year!
We were blessed with a fresh blanket of snow last night.

The view from the front yard looking west.

The view of the pasture out behind the house.

In addition to some cross country skiing, I took a run down the sled hill with a friend holding and using my camera. My daughter's sled is too small! Notice my new Stetson.

I'm beginning to lose control as well as my hat.

There goes the hat.

Wipeout! And a less than flattering photo of the top of my head...

May 2008 be good to you!


  1. OMG how beautiful! Well, not your sledding but the top pic is wow. The sledding is just funny. Looks like fun!

  2. It IS beautiful, but not for me. I am glad YOU enjoy it.....LOL

  3. I have fond memories of a sled. But I'm also reminded of an out of control saucer! Wishing you FUN and Happiness in 2008!!!

  4. That blogger head is...as one of my students would say..Mind Blowing!

    Seems like you are having a great time.

    Looking forward to read more of your MUSINGS in 2008!


  5. Gorgeous! And it looks like someone was having fun in the snow :)

    Happy New Year :)

  6. Good thing the sun wasn't shining, the glare would've ruined the photo. Kiding, just kidding. Glad the snow is yours!!

  7. I like the new Stetson.

    Just happened to notice that Desert Solitaire is on your bookshelf. I've got to believe that this is the nth time you've read that book by now. I've lost track of how many times I have read it.

  8. Happy New Years, Sage. Loks like you'll had a fun day. we've only gotten dusting of snows here.

  9. Kontan, yeah, my technique could be improved some!

    Kenju, the snow is great! but it's suppose to warm up and rain this weekend, I hope it's not all gone when it's over.

    Michael, we moved to the coast when I was nine--being near the water meant we got snow very infrequently--like every 3-5 years--so I missed out on the best sledding times

    Gautami, I'm not sure what to make out of the "mind blowing" comment, lol

    Mistress, I'm sure you're talking about the bald head and not the snow, right?

    Pat, what can I saw except there is no hint of gray in my hair or beard!

    Ed, it's a nice hat--the books on my shelf aren't ones I'm reading right now, but I should reread it, but then I'd get homesick for the West.

    App, I remember when those Southern Mts use to get lots of snow--Have a great New Year!

  10. 2007 Murf would have made a crack about the sledding pictures but 2008 Murf has resumed last year's resolution to be nicer to you. I wonder how long this will last.

  11. Looks like a great way to ring in the new year! Nice hat, too!

  12. Looking at those pictures, I suddenly had a vision of Clark Griswold. You weren't his stunt double in Christmas Vacation, were you?

    Happy New Year, Sage. Feel free to send some of that snow southward.

  13. Murf, I can't believe you passed up this opportunity--I just wonder when I might see "altered photos" of the above on the internet?

    Diane, thanks, this time I decided to go for the darker hat (my other one is a beige). No more being the good guy!

    Bone, I haven't told the story about how I nearly got fried plugging in all those lights? Maybe I'll have to make up the story and tell it...

  14. Hey, any sledding where you don't eat snow is a good thing! ;)

  15. Sage...great pics. Wish we could snow down here!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Hope you had a good New Year too!

    You're doing Tai Chi? I'm doing it too. It us very good. Very calming and relaxing. What style of Tai Chi are you doing?

  16. I love these action shots!

    That was me three days ago...tubing in Boston. What a blast!

    There's nothing like a good snowfall and a good hill to ride down afterwards...with or without your hat.

  17. Believe me, it was painful not to leave a smarty pants comment. Also sometimes, dear Sage, the original is better than any mock up could ever be. :-)

  18. Maggie, sledding is always good, so is snow!

    Joe, I haven't started yet--the class starts next Tuesday

    Scarlet, glad your back, if you ever have enough snow in Miami to sled, be sure to post pics!

    Diesel, Thanks.

    Murf, you're the master at the back-handed remarks!

  19. Those are great! :-)

    It's amazing because I have a ton of that white stuff outside right now, but I have to say I prefer the pics of it :)

  20. You're a better man than I am. More adventuresome too. lol

    Great pics.

    Have a wonderful, prosperous new year.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  21. Love the pics!

    Yer havin' too much fun!!


  22. Beautiful! But we haven't had any snow yet to enjoy.