Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top Ten Indulgences

  1. Yes, it’s that time of the year. The trees have dropped their leaves and they now wait by the street where, once the grass is good and dead, the city will come around and pick ‘em up. You may notice below that raking leaves isn’t one of my top ten indulgences… It probably makes Murf’s list, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make Ed’s list…

    My Top Ten Indulgences

This meme has been going around. Both Kevin and Jadedprimadonna have posted their list, so I thought I might give it a try too.

1. Chocolate Oatmeal No-bake Cookies. I can make ‘em myself or by them at a local cookie bakery.

2. A good soak in a Hot Springs. Sorry, hot tubs just don’t do it; I’ve been spoiled by spending too much time out west and whenever I return for a visit, I have to find a spring to soak in. Favorite hot springs: a. the spring just south of Muir Beach, north of San Francisco, right on the surf. b. Lava hot springs in Idaho. c. The springs in the Black Canyon, south of Boulder Dam on the Arizona Side… This bring up the question, what am I doing here?

3. Puzzles. There is something about completing a puzzle and working on puzzles is one time my mind seems totally free. Currently putting together a puzzle of the top 30 must see cities of the world.

4. Sitting by a roaring fire and either chatting or reading a book. This can be in the living room or out in the wild.

5. Backpacking and camping by myself. I occasionally like to go out solo, to spend the evening and morning in silence, taking in the changes of the hours, during this time I often journal and read the Psalms, and it becomes a spiritual retreat.

6. A good massage, ‘nuff said

7. A variety of good quality beers and liquors from which to choose. Right now the fridge has the following: several bottles of Arcadia IPA and Starboard Stout, a couple of Bells Porters, and a bottle of Lion Lager (from Sri Lanka). In the liquor cabinet, I make sure that I have at least one bottle of each of the following: George Dickel, Flor de Cana (7 yr old rum for Nicaragua), and Glenfiddich. And to nip any comments from Murf in the bud, I’m currently drinking ice tea.

8. Ice cream from either Mootown (a nearby dairy) or Plainwell (a nearby place—in the other direction, where they make their own ice cream).

9. A familiar book of poetry

10. An afternoon nap, in the hammock if the weather is warm and the mosquitoes are also napping.


  1. I have never seen the point of raking leaves. Our neighbors spent most of last weekend cleaning their yard. One week later it needs it again.

    LOVE the list.
    1. Not a big cookie fan, but I love the smell of fresh baked. Made some tonight!

    2. Hot spring soak- very nice and after yesterday's workout would be welcome!

    3.HUGE puzzle fan and it looks like my youngest loves it too.

    4. Indoor-outdoor fire, does not matter. I really do prefer outdoor.

    5. Love both, and enjoy alone time...but I'm not brave enough to go by myself. Too many weirdos out there.

    6. Yep, 'nuff said...refer to #2

    7. Not a beer fan, but love a good wine...add the curled up by the fire and very nice

    8. We have a place here called Trowbridges. It's been around forever and still has the old soda shop feel. Used to go there between classes with Jem and enjoy a good malt or cone. Cheap, yummy, good atmosphere.

    9. I really have to be in the mood for poetry.

    10. Always good for a nap.

    Wow, sorry. Got carried away with the response. LOL. That's what a 3 day weekend will do...

  2. That is a wonderful list, and not much different from the one I would make. May I add a hot spring for you? Tabacon, in Costa Rica. Add some cocktails made with their local liquor, and it doesn't get much better.

  3. Hmmm Hot Springs...the nearest around here is in WV methinks...a good 3 hour drive too. Pooh!

  4. Having someone else do your yardwork didn't make it in the Top Ten Indulgences?!? I spent Saturday morning making my curb look like yours and if I had some poor shmuck doing it, it would definitely be in the Top 5.

  5. Wow Kontan, good list too!

    Diane, that hot spring sounds nice, the ones I spoke of, only Lava Hot Springs is developed (the old miner's hospital there is a neat B&B)

    Yeah, but most of the springs in the East are really warm springs--and they are rare compared to the west

    Yes Murf, but I did help the hired hands do the work, that's a lot of leaves when you consider the pile is that large across the entire front yard!

  6. I can picture you being about as much help as Bob Vila was to the people actually doing the work on 'This Old House'. ;-)

  7. We love puzzles, too. I'm putting one out tonight, a nice fall scene like the one in your pic (very nice, btw). I figure if we can't look out the window and see the beauty of fall, we can find it on our kitchen counter.

  8. I mowed the leaves this past weekend in the backyard under the maples. That is all that I will do back there for the year. The oak out front still has its leaves so I'll let them blow on over to the lawn nazi's yard or mow them if it isn't too cold by then.

    I have occasionally done some puzzles here and there but haven't in awhile. Too many small pieces around a 17 month old. What do you do with the completed puzzles?

  9. Murf, you underestimate me, but that's okay

    Scarlet, maybe our next puzzle with be a tropical paradise

    Appalachianist: yeah--that's with my post on Ham radio

    Ed, when done, break the puzzle apart and put it back into the box and put it on the shelf and after a few years, donate it to good will or the church's rummage sale

  10. Was there a leaf blower involved or was this pile created by just rakes and some manpower?

  11. I've GOT to try a hot springs soak. That sounds amazing!

    And I love a roaring fire too... especially a campfire where I am roasting marshmellows! I've never tried camping by myself, but on a totally different note, I love walking around in a foreign city by myself. I like the challenge of trying to communicate in another language and trying to find where I should go next... not to mention finding things totally by accident when I'm "lost."

    Thanks for the compliments on my daughter. I can't believe she's that grown up now. =o)

  12. Great list Sage. I think I'll do this one too.

  13. I want to dive into that pile of leaves!

  14. Ditto 2,3,4,6,8,10! I have never been in a hot spring, and a hot tub is still great for me, but I would sure love to do that some time. I might never get out!

  15. yes Murf, a leaf blower assisted rakes and a tarp (you can't blow that many leaves all the way to the street, at least not without a torando

    Karen, YES, FUN.

    Joe, I'll go check it out.

    Yoga gal--my daughter loves jumping in the leaves

    Kenju--No poetry or chocolate oatmeal cookies? :)

  16. I think I did a Five Guilty Pleasures post a long time ago. Whoppers malted milk balls were on there. I drink 'em by the carton.

    Love those no-bake cookies, too, though.

    And I'd never really thought about a puzzle, but you're right, there's something mind-clearing about piecing one together.

  17. Hey Sage. My list is now up on my blog. Hope ya enjoy!

  18. Hi, sage. Great list. Much of it I could identify with myself.

  19. Great list. I've only been to one hot spring - it was near Mammoth Lakes, CA. Maybe you've been there during one of your trips out west.

  20. Reminds me of Hot Springs, Arkansas! A friend of mine who is terrified of marriage was asked to take a trip there by his girlfriend. He accepted. After he hung up the phone, he called her back to say "We are not going to get married there!" I had to laugh!!!

  21. Sage, just realized I gave credit to Sarch and not you. Sorry about that. I corrected the error on my blog. Credit is given to you. Sorry about that.

  22. Are those no bake choc. oatmeal the ones with peanut butter and called Peanut Butter Delights around here? If so, I love those too and it is a good time of year to make a batch.

    I am so with you on a massage and I would be a good wine instead of a beer.

    How funny that you nipped Murf in the bud right in your post, I loved that! I think I need to try this meme too.