Friday, June 01, 2007

Last Day on the River (A 3-WW/Poetry Thursday Poem)

Bone’s 3-WW had me thinking about canoeing trips (his three words this week are: summer, leave and stroke. I can’t think about “stroke” without thinking of paddling). Then, when reading Gautami’s blog, I discovered that the Poetry Thursday prompt for the week is “River.” So putting the two together, and being in a melancholy mood and feeling the need to get away, as I’m overworked at this point, I got to thinking about the last day of a wilderness trip in northern Canada. The photo is from such a trip. The picture wasn’t taken on the last morning when the weather was yucky and we paddled through two feet high waves.

The last day on the river

The weather matches our melancholy
as we approach the trestle
on this last morning.
Shivering cold from a mist of rain
we fight the wind and waves,
digging the paddles deeper into the water.
With each stroke we come closer
to the landing underneath the rails
where we leave the carefree days of summer behind
and head home.


  1. And you incorporated your beloved trains as well. Nice.

    Just thought I'd Sage book collection has grown by one (to a total of two). I purchased that Eric Hoffer book.

  2. Glad you made it for PT but you put your permalink at the wrong place.

    I was thinking how could you miss 'river' theme?

    You do write fine poetry. Amongst other things..:D

    And I love leaving the (horrendous) summer behind!

  3. Murf: that's Eric Hoffer, "The True Believer?" I don't remember discussing the "longshoreman philosopher" here, but maybe I did

    Bone, I really like all seasons, leaving summer behind is only sad when you have to go back to work

    Gautami, if I lived in Delhi, I'd love leaving summers behind too, you should do like the Brits and head north to the hills for summer!

  4. That's a good one, Sage. The photo is beautiful as well.

  5. That's the one. It was either here or as a comment at my blog where you mentioned the book made an impact on you. Why a book about groups of people and why they do the things they do left such a mark on you intrigued me. Now that I think about it, I hope it was this one and not one of Craig Childs' books. I forgot..I did also order The Secret Knowledge of Water as well. I guess that brings my library of Sage books up to three.

  6. Michele sent me back, Sage. I really do love that photo; the blue of the sky and water are wonderful!

  7. It looks all so tranquil... not to mention peaceful as well...
    As we have just gone into winter here in Sydney, I would love to be there!
    Here from Michele's today...

  8. Beautiful! I'm really enjoying the water myself -- Taking kayaking lessons right now, and loving them. Used to canoe a lot when I was younger. Thanks for sharing!

    Michele sent me!

  9. Melancholy feeling in your words as well as your mood.

    Your photo, though, is so peaceful. I could sit there for hours just lost in my surroundings.