Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Summer Reading Challenge

Just what the world needs now, another reading challenge.

Here’s what ya’ll gotta do:

1. Commit to read three books by Yankees that take place north of the Mason/Dixon Line during the summer (Summer is defined by the sun in the northern hemisphere: June 21-September 21).
2. Inform Ed of your commitment to join his challenge to Maggie’s Southern Reading Challenge
3. You don’t need to announce your books in advance for we all know Yankees can’t always be trusted to finish what they start
4. Write a book review for each book read, but there is no reason to let anyone know ‘cause most of us don’t care.
Sage will publish his first book review tomorrow (Tim O’Brien’s July, July)


  1. Me thinks I'm in trouble now. :)

  2. Me thinks Sage is in trouble with the northern half of the country right now.

  3. Like I don't have enough to read already. I'll pass, but I'm looking forward to your review.

    Michele sent me,


  4. Oh Ed, you're not in trouble, but I got a good laugh out of your challenge to the Southern SRC and decided to take the joke to the next level. By the way, I have a lot of non-fiction Southern books I could suggest.

    Murf, living as a non-Baptist down south and a non-Mormon in Utah, I'm use to going up against the odds

    Mr. Althouse, you'll have to come back and read it--I've just about finished the review--it's not O'Brien's best work

  5. And I have reading romance novels during my break. Supposed they qualified?!

  6. Maybe I finally read Capote - the biography of a southern boy who ruled NYC, and cover both sides of the Mason-Dixon line

  7. Gautami, I don't know if there's anything romantic about yankee books (I might as well go ahead and really offend them!)

    Diane, that right efficent of you--killing two birds with a stone!

  8. sage - well, as you have noted before, I live to multi-task!